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  1. Tivoliland is a dump. The park entrance makes it look like a prison, its the ultimate ghetto park. When I visited, it seemed every ride broke down. The Moser Move It type ride broke down every 5 minutes in weird places leaving people hanging upside down, the drop tower broke down leaving people at the top for about 5 minutes... and we were also evacuated from the Boomerang. The Pinfari had dodgy restraints, only locking outside of the station... The themeing was really weird, with random place plant pots. Unless you really want the credits, I'd avoid this park like the plague. This girl looks and was, very scared From the back row, watching the train being evacuated. Never laughed so much, until It was my turn.
  2. It didn't apear in any fairs in Germany after Flamingoland. It would *have* to last longer than a few months if it did, as the level of investment to make it travel again would be massive. Cranes, trailers, tractors (trucks), staff, etc. I believe Bullet did, not for long mind. And yes, it (magnum/3er looping) would run 5 trains - When it first left the fair scene, i *think* the park it went to converted 2 trains to having shoulder restraints, leaving 2 with lap bars (unused - but used at flamingo) and using the 5th train for spares. At flamingoland, the remains of the trains that had shoulder harness' could be seen around the ride area along with other bits and pieces. I personally have mixed feelings. Dreier Looping/Magnum Force and Thriller/Zonga are only with us thanks to the parks who bought them after their life travelling the fairs in germany, but they are in alot worse state since leaving. I have a signed copy (wieland not anton) of the Schwarzkopf brochure from the 80's that features Himalaya Bahn (now Apina Bahn) on the front and Dreier Looping/Magnum Force and Wiener Looping/Bullet in the centre. I can post pics of the brochure if people like? Sorry for going off topic slightly
  3. A few months? It was a travelling coaster for 12 years under the owner of Barth, who also owns Olympia Looping. Bullet or "Wiener Looping" was designed to travel, but didn't straight away. It went to Prater first, but had problems operating their due to nose i think, not sure if it ever opened at Prater. It went to the US, came back to Germany for modifcations and then it went to showman Goetzke who I think toured with it for 2 years. Lastly, Minebender isn't a clone of Dreier Looping/Magnum Force. It's taller, slightly longer, doesn't have a second lift, a mirror image of the original, has smaller trains and doesn't sit on a base frame - granted its near enough a clone, but not quite
  4. ^ It has. http://www.kleinpoppen.de/coaster/eng/dl.html Glad its saved, but it'll only ever be run the way it should be run at a German fair, and its sad to think it'll never run with 5 trains again
  5. There is also a comfort factor involved.... Yngve and myself shared a "car" (or whatever you call them) and on the last run when it started to rain, it was going too fast round the corners the laterals throw you into the side of the seat which is no taller than 6". This gets quite painful at high speeds considering how cramped the cars are and considering your only wearing a lapbelt which also digs into your body. 5 minutes of strong laterals really do take their toll and you do get beat up. On the 2nd Alpina coaster due to going too fast and collisions (yes, we hit each other on purpose) the plastic seat belt buckle fell apart. They are really not designed for the thrashing we gave them, most other users were using the brakes quite heavily as told to by the signage and staff. Still amazing though... but sadly smack back in the middle of nowhere... this was a stop off while travlling between parks, the rest of the day was spent travelling in a bus for hours upon end in the Austrian alps.
  6. Don looks like hes counting the nails in the wood Nice photos Yngve, I want to go back to those parks... do you have a video of Don, Olof or me on the slide???
  7. Re: PTC there was a death at Port Aventuras Stampida where the rider, due to airtime, fell out... Again, his restraint was too high... but he did not stand up. (Back to my original point, I believe that when a restraint is considered "down", it should not allow anyone to leave the train. Intamin and PTC trains you can easily get out of the train on their highest position.) ...the trains have since been modified with higher seat dividers and they now staple riders. Also, the ride ops don't allow anyone to ride if the lap bar cannot come down past 2 clicks of the restraint aswell as trims down the first drop.
  8. My view on the Intamin issues is that Intamin has a certain degree of responsability.... There are design flaws that allow mistakes to happen, the rides should be fool proof, but they are not. A few things.... - The train can be dispatched with the lap bars up. Compare this with the B&M lap bar where it *has* to come down so far before it registers on the ride system. We have all seen photos and even videos with the lap bars on Intamin rides that are too high. The ride system shouldn't allow it, but it does. Now many rides such as classic Schwarzkopf rides allow the train to be dispatched with the restraints up, so whats the difference? The fact that Intamin rides are pushing the boundries. The negative G's on these coasters are insane, no schwarzkopf ride compares (that i've ridden to date) in this department. Also, these (schwarzkopf) restraints could fail and you would probably stay in your seat due to the forces the loops pull. - Seatsbelts Not connected to the lap bar. If the lap bar did the "impossible" and fail, its going to fully open. Again, going back to OTSR type rides, on B&M's and other Intamins, this seatbelt connecting the seat to the restraint is going to save your bacon. The rider can loosen the seatbelt. Granted, it shouldn't matter as the restraint is there to keep you in, but as above.... if you can dispatch the train with the restraints up and the seatbelt doesn't connect to the lapbar, and the rider can loosen the seatbelt.... its a pretty bad. PTC have the same issues, and they too have had accidents. I really don't buy the story that Intamin are not to blame, as I think, to a certain degree, they are.
  9. Alton Towers have a strict no loose articles policy and will stop trains on the lfits, etc if they see people with cameras or mobile/cell phones
  10. For those that don't know, the Goose Fair is a traditional fair/carnival in the UK, held in the city of Nottingham, a tradition that goes back 711 years. Unlike most European fairs, it's a fairly short duration, traditionally just 4 days, with a 5th day added this year. Up to half a million are said to visit the fair, which attracts the UK's best rides... The atmosphere is fantastic and its a quite small site, so all the rides are tightly packed together and are really competeing for your custom. I visited on its opening night, which was Wednesday... and here is my video... It features a one of a kind KMG Move It 32, KMG Experiance and Afterburner (chance revolution), Reverchon Mice (both mid and larger version) and Rapids, Zamperla Power Surge, Fabbri Frisbee, Giant Wheel, Zamperla Tower Rides, Fabbri Boosters and much more http://www.yeah7.com/videos/goosefair.zip Enjoy Phil
  11. IIRC, the cable on Goliath picks the train up at the bottom of the lift, not in the station like on E:GF, there is a slight jolt on the train when it engages the cable sled. Kicker wheels move the train out the station and up onto the lift where it engages.
  12. ^^Rita gives loads of airtime... And its Galaxy Express 999 which has lapbars that inverts
  13. Hey Don I cannot believe they shut the turntable off to load/unload a rapids ride, thats lunacy! I'd be puling my hair out. As for closing all topscans, I agree with Don. You cannot close all world wide installations of a ride because of one accident, if thats the case, shouldn't all Intamin coasters be closed after the DCA accident?
  14. Seeing as everyone knows about Liseberg, I won't bother with a photos or any kind of report, but my video can be found below... Not as good as the Gröna Lund video, as I was still learning how to use my camera... Clickly
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