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  1. I think that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has the best food over all. I am a terribly picky eater, but everyone i've been there with loves the food from Ireland, especially the Corned Beef sandwiches. There candies and fudge are real good too. I always make a point to buy as many Chocolate covered strawberries from there that i can I also second (or third) the opinion on Cedar Points Elephant Ears. FANTASTIC! And The Dole Pinapple Whip from Disney World? Let me put it this way. I haven't had one since i was 6 years old, and i still think about them. Amazingly Scrumtious. -Falafel
  2. Awesome Trip Report! i love your avatar too. Japan used to have a whole park dedicated to your homeland, but sadly, i think it's closed now They are nuts about Anne of Green Gables (Akage no Anne) over there. Cheers, Falafel
  3. The Exorcist. While the music from Halloween is really good, i think Tubular Bells from the Exorcist wins hands down.
  4. ^ has good taste in music and geeky jokes V eats things off the floor that have been there longer than the 5 seconds
  5. ^ mmm. candy. and i LOVE your banner. i liked it when i thought it didn't say anything beside "I am anti "txt tlk"" now i Adore it. Two parks that i kept getting stuck on were SFDL (Six Flags Darien Lake) and SFA (Six Flags America) which, even though it is my closest park, i was constantly confusing with Six Flags Great America which is in Chicago. Good idea getting everyone to write this down, because it is real confusing at first. Cheers, Falafel
  6. ^^ oof. i can't imagine spending the 14 hour flight in that. Well, much longer flight since that won't cover the distance quite as quickly. I imagine it will help you pack light. For those of you on the east coast thinking about Japan, Dulles Int'l Airport (IAD) in the DC area is ANA's (All Nipon Airways) Hub and has direct flights to Narita nearly everyday i believe. They are a nice airline, and i was quite satisfied with the service. -Falafel
  7. I too hate this ride. The first and only time i went on one was an absolutely awful ordeal for me, and i've been bitter about it ever since. While i might enjoy it now, , I'm very wary of carnival rides, and probably won't ever go on it again.
  8. You poor things. I can't believe you did the zoo in that heat on Wednesday. Or the rest of DC for that matter. There seems to be an extreme lack of shade in the big touristy areas. Whilst visiting the giant furballs, you were literally right down the road from me. well, about 10 min bus ride. Wish i'd known! But i hope you guys had fun anyhow. Thanks for the flying turns update. i can't wait for that one! -Falafel
  9. ^^ good point! Excellent for close range combat. Whilst wireless mouses are excellent lobbing tools. You need good aim for the mouses though, as you don't get the power out of it that you can get with a corded one by swinging and letting go. So it's important to be able to hit your enemy in a vital area, such as the temple or crotch, the first time. Of course, we can all agree that none of this comes into play when it is just one girl assaulting herself with office materials due to incompetence in the forums. -F
  10. Wow. I just wanted to poke my head in and say i'm in for Japan. Also, i think i might useful to have around as i've found that i can indeed read AND comprehend things. And to Elissa-i find it more useful to just rip the keyboard out and smash your head with it. Less neck strain that way. Cheers, Fa "Tokyo's Taiko no Tatsujin Queen" Lafel
  11. I think all of their budget went into the music video part, so they only had enough film for one take of Matt' i really dig coasters' Dillon's intro. "Okay Matt, get up there and introduce the coaster, and try not to look like TOO much of a prat." Sadly, Matt Dillon's trapper keeper said it was Opposite Day. -Falafel
  12. SFDL must really blow then. SFA is like the most amazingly craptastic big/corporate park (to be fair, i haven't been in a couple years) We always thought it had this really weird dynamic going on, it's got some really good rides, but no one there is ever having any fun. Populated by gigantic women in wife beaters surronded by 8-12 kids all pulling on her shirt yelling "he hit me, she pinched me, i'm telling, i pooed in the fountain..." I do really enjoy Superman-hurts like a mofo in the rain though. -Fa "my eyes, Ze Goggles! Zey Do NOTHING!" lafel
  13. ^^ i dunno, at least those have some kind of natural scenery. There are some real nice landscapes from both states. (probably different driving through it) Personally, i second the choice of Kansas as hell, and Nominate Iowa as the most boring state to drive though. i got a postcard from a friend of mine when we were in middle school that said "You never realize just how flat Iowa is until you have to drive through it. Miles and Miles of nothing but corn, as far as the eye can see." BTW, wasn't there actually a coaster based topic to this thread once? -Falafel
  14. Good Lord. that write up of "new tenants" reads like the Officical Sprawl Shopping List. Blech. But however, i can see where they are going with it, and i'm sure everyone in the area will be very excited. it's about 5 1/2 hours away from DC, so still pretty far away, but still do-able, and hey, i'll have a least 700 hotel rooms to choose from if i want to stay the night! Also, someone was commenting about the name of the park-if you live in the area, you get to see the tourist board commercials for WV, "West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful!" So the name really makes perfect sense. -Fa"i always thought it was spelled CaCa"lafel
  15. oh EVERYBODY has inflatable sheep. you just have to know where to look. Not that i want to be known as the Inflatable sheep contact for N.America. But you def. can find them here. -Falafel
  16. TGI Thursdays is Hillarious. It reminds me of the Ohio Fried Chicken we found in England. -Falafel
  17. That, is Hillariously fantastic. Although...it doesn't appear to have a lift hill...so i don't think it counts as a credit. Anway. that's great, thanks for posting it!
  18. Costumes are always awesome. Halloween only comes once a year, so you totally gotta make up for it. also, everyone knows that any party worth it's salt is a party where you have to dress up in a costume. Why do you think Halloween events at parks are so popular? Because some marketing genius realized the perfecty alchemy that is is Coasters and Costumes.
  19. The one in the apron is Wage, for those of you keeping track. Our Wage, (much smaller of course) went with us to Japan, along with Wedgehead. We hoped to get pictures of them sightseeing around Japan, but they were pretty lazy and just stayed in bed watching Japanese TV.
  20. That's Icebat!!! He's an Uglydoll. And they are Freakin' Awesome.
  21. Okay guys, i leave for Japan in 3 days and still have 2 very important questions. 1) How do you ask for something plain in Japanese? My eating habits are amazingly on par (though slightly pickier) with Elissa (no joke) 2) what did you guys need to make sure you could use your laptop in Japan? also, any other tidbits you think i might need? Thanks for all the info and advice you've put up so far about your Japan trips, that's how i found this site in the first place. Cheers, Falafel!
  22. Holy Craps! BPB had a Virgina Reel? and they took it down?? i'm way bummed about this, and i didn't even now about it before hand! Does anyone know where or if there is still an operating one anywhere?
  23. Okay, so has anyone else noticed the "Anal Turn" photo from Blackpool? Page 4, in the Grand National Pics... it made me giggle anyhow -Falafel
  24. The funniest thing i can think of right now would be on my first trip to BGW ( i think i refuse to refer to is as Europe) My boyfriend and i are in line for the Tea cups, but we noticed none of them were really spinning real fast. So when the ride before us ends, we make for one that was still spinning a bit. We get in and start crankin' it. I'm laughing hysterically and halfway through i lose my grip and get flung down in the seat, we were going fast enough that i couldn't get up, and so fast that we didn't realize the ride had stopped! The guy was about to start it back up again with us still spinning. It might have been one of those you had to be there things, but it's still freakin' hillarious to us.
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