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  1. OOh, Emerald BEAT. i really thought you said "Emerald BEAST" there for a second. i was thinking that doesn't sound like the type of show just anyone can get into, new lobby or not. Nudge, Nudge, wink, wink, say no more.
  2. Hullo, to anyone who reads this. I found this site because i'm going to Japan in the summer and was looking up parks. I'm your friendly Falafel Girl. I live in DC, and work in a really cool toy store. I also happen to think Elissa and I were seperated at birth. it's really creepy. I'm the pickiest eater i know, EVER, and i was kinda worried about what i would eat in Japan, but she's given me hope with McDonalds and plain crepes! yah. so that's me. this place is great, especially because it has Taiko drum emoticons!
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