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  1. ^ your avatar reminded me! ... the 'blue screen of death' hahahaha That's in the arcade you come into just off of Tennessee Tornado, i saw it and started cracking up, and asked Dave for my camera (he had it zipped into his pocket because of the looping coaster) Me: Dave! give me my camera! Dave: No, you'll only use it to make fun of PC's Me: No, Dave. Not PC's- Windows. There is a Difference... HAHA! Windows Sucks! heehehee blue screen of death!
  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh clever detective.... Dollywood is seriously an amazing park, i can't speak highly enough of it. perhaps, when i am a LAAAADY Carpenter, i will go back and work there! I love how the horse has a Lovely Curly Mane in the poster Great TR Dave. you are cracking me up! Nice job with the watermark btw!
  3. *wipes tears away * christ on a bike it's true. no one cracks up Dave and Falafel like Dave and Falafel. I thought i was gonna be a goner for sure with that old lady in the sky-trammy-thingy. Dave forgot to mention that the house we wanted to buy to put on shark based puppet shows is in fact a full size re-creation of the Barbie Dream Home. Only i hope not a straight up recreation, because i'm pretty sure that That one was a three story house with only one bathroom that only had a sink and tub in it anyhow. Of course, as someone pointed out, why would a person with no genitals need a toilet?
  4. You are the height of just too muchery, Chuck! you crack me up. Thanks for the awesome report. i have to admit to an overwhelming desire to look at your car now.... -F'laf
  5. I hear there's not much worse than a tank full of morey eels drunk on a case of schlitz. Not only are they angry and violent, then they get moody, and make you come back to their cave to listen to their Morrissey albums. This is of course only hearsay for me, i'm recovering in the burn ward after the bees with flame throwers, they're small flame throwers, but quite accurate, especially when wielded by pissed off bees (which i have on good authority were also drunk off their little bee asses on Schlitz Malt liquor......or was it Colt 45...???)
  7. i thought it was uncomfortable even with a lack of manhood. i was excited too, because, well, it had bats in the name, but it was challenging to get into, not comfy and short too also, no actual bats on the whole dang ride!
  8. i think i nearly peed myself with the re-telling of a clockwork lobster. but wait, why does Chuck get MY kwanzaa gift? it's because of my awesome zing, wasn't it? it's against my religion to walk away from a set up like that. i can't help it, i stand by my actions. that's okay anyhow,in the spirit of kwanzaa, i will share. (just make sure you get Chuck the larger size of orange crocs, as he presumably has bigger feet than i do )
  9. aww. don't worry Barry. that's the last time you'll hear anyone screaming about getting wet in your presence.
  10. what no one seems to have mentioned about the log flume is the fantastic dramatic plunge music that played over a loud speaker. it was like log flume meets new style american game show. Is that your final answer? bum-bum-bah-BUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. No, no. it doesn't work like that. Sheezamageeza is an exclamation, not an adjective. something can't BE sheezamageeza. though, in case you're curious, it is okay to shorten it and say Sheezmageeze. This was my first universal park, and i want to thank Chuck again for telling me what the hell was going on in English in all of these rides. "Konnichiwa. Ron Howard desu. Backto Draft-o!" you did however fail to mention the awesomeness of the Maple popcorn. ahem....SHEEZAMAGEEZA that was some good popcorn!!!
  12. If you guys think the japanese always line up orderly, obviously you didn't try to get your picture taken with a costumed character. It's every man for himself aboard that ship! and lord help you if you're behind a pack of crazy dalmatians!! p.s. ^ Nice banner Peter! sheezamageeza i LOVED that ride!
  13. you know what goes awesome with sausage and egg pizza? Everyones seasonal favorite... CURRY PUMPKIN PIZZA!!! also, it looks like Chuck and I ran into a spot of trouble in Tokyo Train station...And Sharks ate our faces!!!! okay, well, maybe they're just hanging out on our heads. still intimidating though. and then a shark ate our face. Angry Dragons for everybody!! also available but not pictured...pumpkin calzone and yakisoba calzone.
  14. possibly the best caption and/or phrase ever. Very nicely done Chuck.
  15. Meat Cow, Meat Cow, squishy yummy Meat Cow... Lagunasia was really one of favorite parks on the trip. i would love to go back again, only i have no clue where it is!!! or how to get there if i did know! i really wish we had a lovely little park like this round these parts. It was a great amalgam of water and amusement park. Magical Powder, was, as we established, full of crack, and Aqua Wind was my favorite coaster of the trip!! it made me giggle every time i road it, which was quite a few times. they're shooting dark ride was the best of the trip, FIRE FIRE!!!! and can't forget me being waterproof and Dave getting peed on by the water gates. heeheehee and of course, it was the park that gave us MEATCOW!!! so it's awesome just for that reason. Meaty meaty meat cow! the green bit is the squeedly-splouch!
  16. let us not forget the wine cask sparkly glittering ride of enchanting glittery sparklyness! and the only non-polar themed ice house with the bed that burned lou's backside! Parque Espana is also where Peter and I found our awesome japanese t-shirts. Premium Scientific Optimism! $20 Culture!!
  17. this was my first universal park, and i didn't really go in with any expectations, but it really was a fantastic park. The addition of The Beatles to a roller coaster might be just about the most brilliant idea of the century. Especially a coaster with so much "gling!" Everything there was really awesome....mmmm, maple popcorn....but i think my favorite of the day was Jaws in Japanese, that just cracked me up.(oh, and the curry flavored pumpkin pizza (with fried chicken!) in the new england section) Many thanks to Chuck for giving me the lowdown about what the hell was happening in english.
  18. "Welcome to Tivoli! Where you will be eaten by carnivorous bees! blah-blah-blah-blah-blah TIVOLI!!!!!!!"
  19. Hope you guys made it into korea okay! Have a freakin' great time! Thanks for everything you guys did, that was seriously one hella trip. it's kinda lonely in japan now.
  20. Hey, if anyone is in the DC area, i have some really good coupons for Six Flags America, you could use them this sat. if someone came to pick them up. they are $20 off coupons. anyhow, just thought i'd put it out there. Have fun!! Really bummed i can't make it
  21. Great Pics! I haven't been to a Disney Park in many moons, so i have a question- How many rides are sponsored like Gadgets Go Coaster? I was kinda surprised by that, but i guess I shouldn't be. When i think Rescue Rangers, my mind of course immediately leaps to Paper towels.... -Falafel
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