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  1. I have not fully followed these Magic Mountain Updates and I don't plan on reading all 59 pages. So I just wanted to know whats going on with Flashback and X. I have been out of the "know" on Magic Mountain for awhile and I heard X has been closed for awhile. Anyone care on filling me in? Thanks
  2. I think that is a great buy for the park. It may not be for the average thrill seeker but you have to remember, it's a buisness and needs to invest in things that make money. What make's money? Families! Lets go in depth a bit. A mom, dad and two younger kids visit the park. That's four admission tickets. Little kids get hungry and thirsty. There goes mom and dad to buy overly priced food and drinks. Kids ride the kiddie rides, three new rides this year. "Wow" mom and dad think. Kids love the addition of more rides. Daddy and mommy like that the kids are happy. This encourages them to revisit at a later time. Lets see... Family of 2 adults & 2 Kids 4 Admission Tickets 4 Food Items 4 Beverage Items Possible Revisit Cost to company: Couple thousand dollars on 3 second hand rides. Pro's- Bigger family revisits spending more money on tickets, food items, possible souveniers. Park only paid a couple thousand dollars on three kiddie rides and maintenance costs aren't as high as a thrill ride. Now lets look at the thrill seeker view. Company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on one thrill ride. A teenager see's new ride advertised on MTV. He calls his friend and says, "Dude!! New ride!! Lets go!!" Dude is like, "I only have $20", and the other guy is like, "Dude!! That will get you in"!! Ok... so the next day two teenagers go to the park and pay admission. They go ride the new expensive thrill ride over and over again. Then they leave. Nothing else... Now lets review. The company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new thrill ride. Teenagers pay admission. Most buy nothing more. Then they leave. Might be awhile before that thrill ride pays its self off. Pro's- Umm... New thrill ride to advertise on tv!!! Cons- Really expensive, brings in routy teenagers (not saying all are but in a buisness standpoint they are looked at as routy.) Teenagers don't spend as much money at parks as families usually. Many don't often revisit. The ride maintanence cost are usually high for a bigger thrill ride. So... The park did good in buying these rides. 3 New kiddie rides to bring in the families and encourage them to revisit. New bumper cars for the whole family. A new thrill ride that is decent enough to advertise as a new ride on a commercial. All at a second hand ride price . IMO smart move! Sorry for being a smart ass. I need to go back to school =(. * I would also like to add that I am too a teenager and love thrill rides. I just wanted my five minutes in the mind of an amusement park owner .
  3. I agree with gman62 about this thread turning into a heated battle ground than a discussion. I read the whole thread and everyones opinion is legitimate. This topic was started so you may state your opinion on the letter sent to Cedar Fair but has been turned into a heated discussion on bad use of grammar. After being a member on this website for close to two years, I have never seen a thread in which people try so hard to get their opinion out. I'm not saying this thread is so terrible, it's just that many TPR members are getting quite heated in there opinion. I totally agree with Robb about the bad use of grammar on this site by "some" of the younger members. This is "Robb's" site and he is free to have it managed and used in his own interest. He doesn't enjoy bad use of grammar on this site so he stated it right from the begining but since then everyone has started there heated discussion on bad grammar and some people blaming other people for targeting the younger members. You have to remember this site is like a little community and I think we all are getting a little bit out of hand. The author of this thread has not posted since he posted the thread. Im pretty sure after reading all of this he will think twice on how to handle a letter. Don't you think? You are stated to your opinion on this website. Everyone has stated theres and this is mine. I'm not at all trying to upset anyone so I hope no one takes this personaly. I would also like to add that I am too 16 years old and as most members on this site, I try my best to properly write my topics and posts. As for the letter... All I'm going to say is that I don't agree on how he went about it. I think he tried to get a little more information than a company should give out. This is for people who need help with their grammar- http://www.spellcheck.net/ Copy & Paste and it spell checks in a second! http://dictionary.reference.com/ An online dictionary!
  4. I have been following this park too. IMO it looks like a decent family park. My local amusement park that just moved sold there log flume ride to Wild West World. So when you ride it, just know it came form El Paso TX lol. It was a decent log ride and it should make a nice addition to Wild West World. Oh yea, our Sky Glider ride is for sale for $90,000 if anyones interested lol.
  5. I was browsing on Zamperla's website and on the front page they were advertising there new ride Super Spin. http://www.zamperla.it/scheda_prodotto.asp?ID=532 After seeing the pictures and watching the video I'm pretty impressed. It looks like a decent mild thrill ride. IMO it looks like a good ride that can be placed in family amusements parks that need a thrill ride that doesn't take too much away from the family ride category. Such a park is my local one Western Playland. The only downside I see is the low hourly capacity which is 360 per hour. What are your opinions on this new ride? * I also forgot to add that if you go to the last picture in the photo gallery, you can see that his ride has a nice lighting package.
  6. When I was like 9, I saw the Greezed Lightning and I was like LAME!! Only 1 loop... I acted like a bad ass back then and I was like, that's a ride for sissy's. I rode it and it blew me away. I loved that coaster and I hated that they took it out. I now love Schwartzkoph shuttle loop coasters!!
  7. All I can say is WOW! I have seen many Cedar Point pics but those are the greatest I have ever seen! I give you props for taking such great pictures... I'm still in awww!!! ***Best Photo TR I have ever seen!!!***
  8. ^I read on another thread a while back, (not too sure how accurate it is) but Dollywood is supposedly expanding so the whole park is a circle (correct me if I'm wrong). But since there expanding there should be plenty of room. As for the type of coaster, a mine train would be a great. I know they used to have the Thunder Express.
  9. Does anybody think a medium family wooden coaster would go great at Dollywood. They passed up the oppurtunity to buy the Zippin Pippin but that is undrstandable. I understand why Dollywood didn't buy it as in it costing millions to make room for it and I also see buying such an old coaster and putting it in a park such as Dollywood where its attendance is so high would be a problem. I would think it would be a maintanence nightmare. And also, Zippin Pippin would have a low capacity and that would also be terrible for a place like Dollywood. Anyway, I think Dollywood could greatly benifit from a medium family coaster because if you look at there coaster lineup- Mystery Mine- Thrill Coaster Thunderhead- Thrill Coaster Tennessee Tornadoe- Thrill Coaster Veggie Coaster- Kiddie Coaster They have coasters for Thrill riders and kids, they dont have a tame coaster without inversions that the whole family can ride. If they bought a new, medium sized wooden family coaster, I think it would go along with the country theme and go along with Dollywood's reputation as being a family park. I have been to Dollywood many times and in my opinion is one of the best theme parks in the country. But after reading the thread where Dollywood passed up the oppurtunity to purchase the Zippin Pippin, it made me think how good a family coaster would go at Dollywood. As they expand I would love to see a family coaster installed. Can I get your opinions on my thoughts?
  10. They can always sell X or Tatsu for his pay raise. I don't think he'll mind. The way I see, Shapiro isn't really doing much good to the Six Flags chain. I think Six flags is ultimatly doomed. Maybe not in the near future but I see it happening down the road if major changes don't take place.
  11. You all may think Im weird but I enjoy riding the Cobra Coasters from Wisdom. I haven't been on many kiddie coasters but there is a amusement center down here in El Paso with a Cobra Coaster and I enjoy it. I like the versions with all the spirals, not the basic lift and drop models. EDIT: I almost forgot to add the 2 kiddie coasters at PGA. Runaway Reptar or whatever it's called and the Taxi Jam. I thought those were pretty cool. Even though Runaway Reptar was cramped and kinda intense. But great ride!
  12. Oh ok. I have just heard people say that Chance doesnt make it like KMG does. I guess there the same ride but Chance is the distributor in the U.S. Thanks
  13. Everybody knows that some parks operate there rides at a decent family speed so the whole family can ride. But which parks have you been too that let their rides operate all out. My local amusement has older rides like the paratrooper, yo,yo, scrambler, himalaya, etc and they run them pretty slow. I understand why because they are older model rides and they are more of a family park. When I went to PGA, back in the day when it was a better park, I remember them going all out on some of their rides. Tell us which parks you have been to that let their rides operate all out and which rides they were. *No park I have been to have operated rides like carnivlas do. lol
  14. What is the difference if any between these two rides? I know Chance produces the Revolution in the U.S and KMG produces them out of the U.S. I have heard that KMG Afterburners give more of an insane ride than the Chance model. Is that true or does it just depend on how parks/carnivals operate them? I started wondering about this when I saw it on flatrides.com.
  15. I am very sad to hear about what happened. I just heard about it 15 minutes ago on the news. Steve has always been my favorite animal activist. I work here at the El Paso zoo and Steve was the reason why I started volunteering and working here. As of now Steve Irwins wife does not know about Steves death. I feel sorry for Steves family, friends and fans. *In loving memory of Steve Irwin*
  16. When you yell "NINETY DEGREES!" when you go through a 90 degree banked turn. lol
  17. I thing PGA will be needing some work. My name is pgathriller and that was when I loved PGA. They removed Greazed Lightnin and the Stealth which were my two favorite coasters at the park. Then they remove 2 great Huss rides (Triple Play, Orbit) which were my favorite flats. What have they added? A water park and the Survivor ride. The water park is pretty good in IMO but PGA has a real weak coaster and flat ride variety. Im hoping Cedar Fair tries to improve there lineup of rides. I don't know where they can add a new roller coaster without removing one. I would be happy enough if they added a couple of decent flats. I still enjoy Invertigo, Top Gun and Vortex. I once thought they should tear down Grizzly and add a new roller coaster but I realized it's a great family roller coaster and it should stay. So all in all if Cedar Fair adds atleast 2 decent flats I will be happy. I mean as for flats this is all they have- Delerium- A great ride Beserker- LAME- do they still have it? Stunt Tower- My favorite drop tower Flying Eagles- Not much care for this ride Centrifuge- A decent ride I wouldn't mind seeing a Huss Top Spin installed. I think Survivor the ride was a good addition just because it's a good family ride but it doesn't make up for all they took out. I don't know why they removed the 2 Huss rides. PGA IMO has turned more into a family park over the years which is good in a way but they don't really have much for thrill ride seekers. So after writing my opinion, I'm really interested in what other people are hoping happens to PGA. EDIT: I just read this topic- http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27573 PGA should buy one of these! lol. Would that be realistic?
  18. I have always pictured HUSS as the main thrill ride manufacturer but I can't believe they are ones who came up with Topple Tower. Topple Towers are so LAME! They SUCK! I rode the one at Dollywood and I waited 45 minutes for a terrible ride. I was expecting to get wet, I ended up getting wet by that stupid beaver right between my eyes. It was so slow. I dont usually complain about rides, except some of Vekoma's coasters, but Topple Towers are terrible! I still see HUSS as the #1 thrill ride supplier. EDIT- I think HUSS is better but I completely forgot that Chance has the best carnival rides around. Sky Divers, Turbos, Trabants, Zippers, Yo-Yo's and countless others. Im gonna list some of the rides. CHANCE Sky Diver- One word- AWESOME! I love these things to bad there out of production. Zippers- Pure puke machine. Turbo's- Never been on one but heard they were awesome and out of control. Chaos- Love this ride but not as much as your plain Huss enterprise. Pharaohs Furt- Love this thing when it has a good program. Yo-Yo- Can't stand these. This is the only ride that has ever gotten me sick. Trabants- These things are pretty cool. Inverter- Like these somewhat. Chance I see is your main Carnival ride supplier. Huss is more for park rides in my opinion.
  19. How do you make a car have a spin out? Is it like doing a pit manuver to another car?
  20. I just realized I don't know what TGE is. Yes I know I'm stupid. So what is TGE?
  21. Thanks alot for all the help! I am going to start with the Rainbow at TGE because it was sold between 1988 and 1990 so if it was installed at the beggining of the 1990's, it might be it.
  22. I, with other people are tryng to locate a Huss Rainbow ride that used to be at a park called Magic Landing. This park has been closed for over 10 years. You can help by listing all of the rainbow rides you know of and any info u have about them like, year of installment, if it's portable or ground mounted, and if you know where it came from. Just anything you know. We think it was sold to a carnival in Juarez but I'm sure the Rainbow was ground mounted and it would be a pain to be putting up and tearing down a ground mounted rainbow every other week. So please help with any info you have. Thanks! My list of already known Rainbows- Rainbow- Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
  23. So who makes the best flyers? I have only been on the flying eagles at PGA a long time ago and i dont think i snapped them. Well then again I had no idea what snapping was. My local amusement park (Western Playland) just bought flyers from Larson but they look completely different from the Flying Eagles version. The tubs are smaller and look really light. Can you snap smaller tubs easier than the bigger heavier ones?
  24. The sign says like nothing in this world. Well, theres a Sheikra in this world so could it still be a Sheikra 2? Maybe its not a coaster like sheikra?
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