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  1. This reminds me of an incident that happened at an amusement park I went to. A girl I would say about 18 line jumped and the girl behind her grabbed her by the hair, dragged her to the side of the Himalaya building and repeatedly banged her head on the wall. Park officials took swift action and were able to stop it. It was pretty scary though seeing this at an amusement park. It wasn't the parks fault for what happened but seeing something like that at an amusement park freaks me out.
  2. I've been to 7 of the six flags parks. I voted my favorite as Great Adventure because I like the quality of their roller coasters. During my visits the staff are always friendly and the park is always clean.
  3. Thanks everybody for your feedback. I decided to call Petsmart and they said it only cost $99 for 8 weeks of classes. I'm gonna give this shot because Sariah is just to hyper and has way too short attention span for myself to train her. Hopefully that works. Thanks again!
  4. Hey Guys!! I bought a 4 month old german shepherd puppy about a week ago. I have never trained a dog before and I was wondering if anybody would be able to give me some advice on how to train her. Any help is appreciated. I just want to teach her the basics like Sit, Stay etc. I also have one problem with her. Whenever she see me or my sisters she jumps up to us and starts barking and nipping us. She does it in a playful way but I need to break her of that habit. Any advice? Thanks! "Sariah" My New German Shepherd
  5. Shoot the Chute rides are pretty fun IMO. In 2000 Western Playland took out their outdated Crazy Mouse coaster for a 50 foot Shoot the Chutes ride and it was a huge hit. For a park that has mild attendane and hot summers it was a perfect attraction for the park. They're were never lines longer than 15 minutes with a 2 boat operation. Western playland was themed for families and this went perfect for that theme. Although it may not be thrilling to us coaster junkies, parks add attractions that will bring people in and this ride did just that. I love the one at Western Playland. It's called Tsunami and although it's only 50 feet and has a single drop it's still a great ride. The Tsunami is currently being rebuilt at the new Western Playland location in New Mexico. The Tsunami will be the parks only water ride for now as the water slides are still at the old locaion and the log flume was sold to Wild West World. I anticipate that the Tsunami will do great in New Mexico because of how hot it gets. On another note my favorite Shoot the Chutes ride is the one at PGA. I love those double drops. It gives a nice pop of airtime before you get drenched.
  6. Actually more confirmed than a rumor but Western Playland is planning a new wooden roller coaster that owns the one at Cliffs! Hopefully by 09'!
  7. ^ LMAO!! Me and my friends were sitting in our tub waiting for the ride to start when the ride op. passed by and he was smiling so intensly he looked like the guy on the viagra commercial that smiles. It was so hilarious!!
  8. Its funny that this is the main fair and on the other side of the city there is a parking lot carnival with 6 rides with a Zipper as their main ride. lol
  9. ***NEW PICS UP*** Photo Trip Report Carnival 4-9-07 I've been a forum member for over 2 years and this is the first phot trip report I have done. I'll tell you a bit about the carnival and let the pictures tell the rest. Carnival Was From Crabtree Amusements based out of San Antonio Texas Rides at the carnival- Crazy Mouse Kamikaze Mega Jumper Hi-Roller Drop Zone Paratrooper Scrambler Tilt-A-Whirl Zero Gravity (Round Up) Ferris Wheel Bumper Cars Many different kiddie rides I didn't go to the carnival last year but I did see it. Rides I saw last year but not this year was the- Inverter (Chance) Yo-Yo Zipper So me and two of my friends decided to go. In my opinion this carnival was a great deal. You paid $8 for an unlimited ride pass. The crowds were fairly light due to some gusty winds. When we got there the carnival had just opened. We purchased our wrist bands and headed straight towards the Kamikaze. I really enjoyed this ride but I swear it was a peice of shit. It took so many swings to finally go all around. The whole ride took you 360 degrees just twice in the 7 minute ride cycle. We then decided to go try the Hi Roller. When we got there it was closed. This was the ride I was most looking foward to riding and it was closed. You just have to love carnivals where your favorite ride is broken. =( Next we decided to try the Drop Zone. It was closed too. Thats two major rides closed already. We were bummed but decided to play some games. One of my most favorite things at carnivals are the carnies that try to get you to play the games. They'll do just about anything to get your money. I spent $3 on a smash the beer bottle game. You had to smash 2 beer bottles with 2 balls to win a prize. I got lucky and hit both so I won a huge stuffed Nemo. That was the only game I played. We then noticed Drop Zone was up and running so we gave that ride a shot. I really enjoy A.R.M Drop rides. You never know when it's going to drop. I'm glad my two local amusement parks "Western Playland" and "Cliff's" each purchased one last year. Next was the only credit they had. A rough Crazy Mouse. This thing was so brutal. Every turn you would slam into the side that had no padding. They also had this bunny hoppy towards the end that you go through backwards at high speeds. It HURT!! The ride operators told us not to wear the seat belts because they didn't work. That made me feel a lot better. Next up was the bumper cars. I have to admit that these were the best bumper cars I have ever been on. They literaly gave us a 10 minute ride cycle. These cars were fast, and head ons were allowed. You can just imagine three 17 year old guys on this thing. It was awesome. We got off and heard one of the mechanics say that the Hi-Roller was ready to run. We got excited and hauled ass to the ride. While it was testing the ride op. told us the ride has been down for 2 weeks. He asked if we wanted him to set it to top speed because he said he's been itching to run the ride the past two weeks and we said hell yea. He allowed just us on the ride and told everyone else he was still testing. This ride was insane!!! This has officialy been made my new favorite carnival ride. We got off after maybe a 4 minute ride cycle sick and dizzy. We then decided to go ride something tame so we tried the Mega Bounce. It's a somewhat new ride from A.R.M. This ride sucks and it hurts! I am 6'1 and the OTSR's are hard as a rock. They cut into my shoulder blades. This ride is highly uncomfortable IMO. We ended up breaking it because our arm stopped going up and down when we went backwards and stayed that way the rest of the day. I'm never riding this thing again! We then decided to ride the Scrambler, Paratrooper, Tilt-A-Whirl and Round Up all in a row. I will never do that again. I really love these rides but I got so sick last night when I got home because of these rides. Each ride had about a 6 minute ride cycle. The Paratrooper didn't go backwards but was really fast! The Round was just your typical Round Up. The Scrambler was nothing special but me and my friends crammed into one and I was on the outer seat and got squisehed nasty. The Tilt-A-Whirl was really fast and I was getting freaked out because the caps that are screwed on to the front of the tubs kept coming off mid ride. The operator would just place them back on after every ride. Is that safe? We then ate the 7/11 across the street because the prices were crazy at the carnival. I bought a Big Gulp, a bag of mucnhos, and a bag of chips ahoy for $2.50 compared to a $5 medium soda at the carnival. Just randomness: Us three rode the Spin The Apple ride from "Sellner". That ride is awesome. It's not just a kiddie ride . We tried to ride the Rockin Tug but the Op. was huge and had the deepest voice I have ever heard and got pissed at us for wanting to ride. It was pretty funny. They also had a baby tiger exhibit with baby tigers in poor health. I work at the zoo here in El Paso and I occasionaly work with the tigers and I know how a healthy tiger looks. The ones at the carvial looked like they had a skin infection and looked dehydrated. Well that's about it. I know that's a lot but now you can go through the pictures. I will be going to the carnival again on Friday so if you want specific pics just let me know. Enjoy the pics! Another Round Up Pic Lonesome Scrambler Kamikaze Painful Mega Bounce Another Ferris Wheel Shot Shot From Ferris Wheel Tilt-A-Whirl Drop Zone May Be Blurry But This Pic Is Dedicated To "USROADTRIPPER" Ferris Wheel Opened Wide Another Shot Of The Crazy Mouse Crazy Mouse From Hell Hi Roller While Being Worked On Insane Rusted Paratrooper Zero Gravity (Round Up) The Ferris Wheel My Idiot Friends On The Paratrooper 5 Kiddie Rides And A Roller Coaster In One Shot! (Notice How Empty It Was) Cat Exhibit Garfield Broken Down Crazy Mouse (Those Mice Are Evil!) Tilt-A-Whirl With A Ride Op on Viagra LMAO!! Wierd Ride From Zamperla No Carnival Is Complete Without A Painted Set Of Boobs Rockin Tug We Weren't Able To Ride
  10. Hey guys. I have had my Animal Crossing DS game for some time now and I just recently started playing it again. I have a new town and I have already finished working for Nook. Now I want to do the WI-Fi stuff but I'm totally lost. Do you need to buy something special for the DS to do this. What I need hep with is how to get a friend code. How do you do that? I also want to know what the Nintendo WFC is. Basially I am new to this Wi-Fi stuff so can you please tell me how to work it on Animal Crossing. Oh, and can you explain what you can do when you start doing the Wi-Fi stuff.Thanks a whole lot. Im pretty sure this is easy but Im getting really frusrated right now. Thanks!!!
  11. Hey Ken. I like reading your updates. I was wondering 2 things. How are Conneaut's bumper cars and what happened to the round-up that it closed for the last of the season. Thanks
  12. I work at the El Paso Zoo where they have the carasaul. They offered me a job at the Oasis Bowling lanes where they have the 3 wisdom rides. I didnt take the job but I was able to operate the rides for 2 weeks for the fun of it. And since I know the owner of Western Playland I was able operate the Yo-Yo and Drop Zone rides.
  13. They just passed a law that raises minimum raise from $5.15 to $6.85 an hour but amusment park employees are excluded. From- http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070103/NEWS24/701030436/-1/NEWS Taft OKs minimum-wage exceptions Home health, amusement park, some agricultural workers left out COLUMBUS - Despite calls from Democrats for a veto, Gov. Bob Taft yesterday signed a law exempting some workers from the newly increased minimum wage approved by voters on Nov. 7. Ohio's wage was increased from the federal minimum of $5.15 to $6.85 as of Monday with annual cost-of-living adjustments promised thereafter. But Democrats accused Republicans of using the usually routine process of translating a constitutional amendment into law to write out some workers, including home health-care workers, amusement park employees, and agricultural workers at small operations. *It must suck to be an amusement park worker in Ohio. I don't think that's fair.
  14. I just read that Wild West World is 30 days ahead of schedule for it's May 5th opening. This is fantastic! http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/news/local/16364999.htm?source=rss&channel=kansas_local
  15. A response to Jive- I think it depends on what you classify your rides as. To me, a family ride can be a simple carasaul. As for upper scale family rides I would go for something like a HUSS Topple Tower. Some people even classify some thrill rides as family rides such as the HUSS Troika. A spinning mouse coaster can also fall under as a family ride. So right now I think it would be to hard to figure out what type of ride there getting as it can be almost anything.
  16. Thanks everyone for helping me out. I enjoyed reading your post "papas". Since I have started the thread I have started operating rides at different places. Here's a list. Wisdom Cobra Coaster Wisdom Mini Himalaya Wisdom Tornadoe Hi-Lite Rides Carasaul ARM Drop Zone Chance Yo-Yo The last 2 rides I have not actually operated with actual people on them. I really enjoy working with the people. I think that's the best part. Shockingly I have not had 1 person complain or get upset.
  17. Any new additions to any park is a good addition. Hopefully they will be larger scale family rides.
  18. Nice photo trip report. Is Storm Runner as good as most people say it is? I have never been to Hershey Park but looking at pictures and reading reviews about Storm Runner, it sounds pretty good.
  19. I have a stupid question. How do they paint a roller coaster? Do they just get on a crane and spray a layer a paint over the old one or is there like a special process to the whole thing?
  20. That launched coaster looks really cool. Judging from the launch track and the height of the tower, it must have a fairly fast launch to reach up that high. It probably pulls some serious G's. It would be cool if they made a WTF park. It would have all the weird not so normal rides we sometimes tend to find on rcdb when were bored.
  21. ^ Oh thanks. Seems like nothing but problems for X since it opened. I guess Flashback still remains dead. Not like any of us really care. Well atleast not me. I think they should fix up Flashback and open it again. They can make a movie called Coaster Corpse. It can be a horror movie. It's dark, the coaster is rusted, faded out paint, noisy lift hill, crazy teenage operator on his cell phone. The camera is focused on the train full of passengers. As the teenage kid is on his phone the coaster goes haywire and starts ejecting people and causing head trauma and whiplash. When the train comes back the ride op turns around and notices all the blood and starts screaming. Then the coaster eats him. The coaster gets revenge on the employees for the neglected TLC. All the coasters want are regular maintenance to stay healthy and operating and protection from the crowds so they don't get vandalized in their first year of operation (cough cough Tatsu cough cough). This is what the coasters do when the ride operators at Magic Mountain are on their cell phone not paying attention to the ride. This is true. I've seen it happen on Tatsu... Im being serious Nah just kidding Im sorry for the stupid post. Its 3 in the morning and Im tired but I can't get off this site. lol. Im not bashing at Magic Mountain. I love the place but when the material is there I guess it's ok to use it. Has anyone seen the pics of Marker on the Tatsu supports and on the station?
  22. Stuff I hate - Ucles you have never seen in your life come down to visit for a week and think their superior over you because they live in Seatle and we live in El Paso. - Steve Nash - When people bother you when you are just lieing on your bed thinking of things. - How people take stuff up the ass and never let it out. - Did I mention Steve Nash - People trying to take away your president position. - Stuck up people. - I think I forgot to say Steve Nash
  23. Grizzly was my first "bigger" roller coaster. I was like nine years old. I loved the thing to death. At the age of "9" I was ready to fight anyone on Grizzly being the best roller coaster ever. Well 7 years, 72 roller coasters later... I'll back down from that fight. But remembering being 9 years old and Grizzly being my first big coaster and loving it, I think they should keep it (which they have) for the younger riders getting ready for their bigger coaster thrills. Don't you agree it's a perfect first big coaster for kids. To tell you the truth, if it wasn't for Grizzly, I probably wouldn't be into roller coasters. The coaster sucks for all of us coaster fanatics that have been on rides like El Toro, Voyage and others. We know what thrills are and Grizzly doesn't have any. But for the sake of the kids... *Although the thrill seeker in me is just dieing for that thing to burn and for them to build a new GCI Twister like Thunderhead at Dollywood * But the kid in me would be really sad to see the thing go. Wait... are they even thinking of removing it from PGA? EDIT: I rode the Grizzly 7 times in a row without getting off because the ride was a walk on basis. But getting ready to ride the eigth time, they said I couldn't ride anymore because of a "consecutive rider rule" as they called it. I came later and got in line and when i got on they made me get off. I still don't know what was up with that. I also have a story about the Grizzly. The first time I rode it my mom came on with me. We sat in the back. On the first drop this guy sitting in the car in front of her spit and it landed right on her glasses. She got off and complained to the ride operator and they called security and they kicked him out of the park. It was pretty cool. lol
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