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  1. No, they went with 4-seat trains. Actually, the new RMC trains for Outlaw Run are 2-seat trains -12 cars for 24 passengers - similar to a 12 seat Millennium Flyer train.(according to the press release and rcdb.com).
  2. I recently ran across this on YouTube - the Jan. 1, 1982 Rosebowl Parade Coaster Float. I had seen the original live when I was 13 and was sad we weren't recording this with our VCR (cutting edge technology back then). Much to my delight, they played some highlights from years past and someone recorded it with their I-Phone, and they did a decent job doing so - this brought back a happy childhood memory for me. As I recall, they said shortly after this video clip ends that Magic Mountain had helped them with the design. It's stuck at the beginning for a few brief seconds: Enjoy! 1982 Rosebowl Parade Coaster
  3. Except that it's the name of the one in Galveston already. Am I the only one not at all scared of Star Flyers? I thought the 360ft one in Vienna was rather relaxing and I'm one who doesn't like heights much. Fine, then we'll name it the "Bigger Texas Star Flyer" And count me in the "these rides scare the poop out of me". I've only ridden the one at SFSL twice and it scares the hell outta me. I can do the coasters, giant wheels and the gyro drops, hell even the Texas Chute out, but I think the thing about these rides is you're so high up on those tiny looking chains like I said before. For some of us, it's just very unnerving. Even more terrifying is the descent as it always seems that you're not going to stop spinning and plow into the que house on the way down...I swear when you're riding it feels and looks like the one at SFSL doesn't stop spinning until you're about 25 feet above it. Such a simple ride, such a thrill for a lot of folks. If the rumors hold true, I'll be looking forward to riding the new one at SFOT.
  4. --but where would they install their X-Flight coaster clone in a few years? In all seriousness, I will miss the Texas Chute Out, I first rode it in 1978, it was so cool being able to stand up in the baskets back then. I rode with my Auntie Lynn and my cousin Chad, who was about 6 at the time. When we started our decent, his knees buckled, and he squealed with delight and a bit of terror. I was able to take what is now my final ride last August. If they do indeed replace it with the ridiculously tall Star Flyer, that will be a good comparable ride. Though in all honesty, Star Flyers scare the absolute hell out of me, but I still ride them. I think its because you're up in the air supported by those very fragile looking chains, thought I know they are safe. I think the most obviously appropriate name of it will be the "Texas Star Flyer". Otherwise, they loose an attraction with "Texas" in it's name, giggle. As for Flashback, I *really* hope their not going to send it to my "home" Six Flags, SFSL. We already have a boomerang in Missouri and I don't think we need another on the other side of the state.
  5. Some of you may be familiar with my scratch built models I build from my TPR Thread, YouTube channel or website. I use the K'nex micro coaster motors, cogs, chain and rods on my working models, everything else is scratch built. I have a permanent display of some of my models at Science City, a science center in Kansas City, Missouri that includes the first five roller coasters at Worlds of Fun and one rotating/changing model on display in the showcase model window. The reason I am posting this is to pose a question to the many members here at TPR to get some feedback. We (my self and the Union Station Staff - where Science City is located and is a part of) are in the preliminary stages of planning either an amusement park physics/roller coaster/model roller coaster weekend at Science City. I am a member of their volunteer staff, I make no money whatsoever, just to be clear. While I realize that many of the TPR members are located outside of the U.S., I was wondering if there is any interest from any of the members who might be near or in the Kansas City area (or outside of it!) who would be interested in bringing one or more of their working model coasters or amusement rideto Science City one weekend in January, 2013? I'm kind of envisioning it as a model coaster/amusement convention of sorts. A few facts: Keep in mind please, this is all tentative, nothing is set in stone yet! One weekend in January TBD. The hours for Science City that weekend would be 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday and 12 noon - 5 p.m. Sunday. There would also possibly be other activities that weekend that are related. I'm possibly doing a workshop on building my flat track style of models (for free). Maybe someone out there would like to do another on some other type of model building? Also a program on the physics of real life rides in our Science on a Sphere and other demos related to amusement park/roller coaster physics. Your model should be a working one. No static models please. It should be of a roller coaster or other amusement ride that you have scratch built using K'nex, Coaster Dynamics or scratch built. The exception to this would be if anyone has any of the standard production CoasterDynamix working models, and of course custom CD model are encouraged as well. We'd also consider any of the HO scale built working models from kits. There would be no charge to set up a model coaster (or other working) ride display. It would be an opportunity to display your work to the visitors to Science City that weekend and to tell folks about your model - what inspired it, how long you've been modeling, etc. Set up would be on a Friday evening after Science City closes at 5 p.m. - probably til 8 or 9 that evening - possibly longer if needed. We may be able to let folks set up early on Saturday morning if there is a need, but we'd need to have the models up and ready for when Science City opens that weekend Saturday at 9:30 a.m. You would not be able to take your model down until 5 p.m. on Sunday when Science City closes. Union Station/Science City would promote the event in advance on their websites, and blast emails to members and possibly through other media. Weekends are the busiest time during the winter. There is not real way to gauge what the turnout would be, but I anticipate on the low end between 500 - 1,000 folks at day. Sometimes the turnout for special events is much higher than anticipated. Weather, what else is going on that weekend, all factor into attendance. I can't guarantee how big the crowds may or may not be. I of course am hoping for a large turnout, but who knows. You probably would have time to go check out the rest of Science City for free as an exhibitor sometime during the weekend - just not everyone at once. We'd more than likely do it in staggered shifts. You would be responsible for the transport, setup, manning of your ride (you could bring another person, possibly more depending on how large your display is) and tear down of your model/area as well as your own expenses related to travel to the KC area (meals, hotel, etc.). Science City is a non-profit organization and Science Center. The "payment" for participating would be the impressed visitors. I can tell you from personal experience, people go NUTS over working custom built model roller coasters, in fact many have never even heard of or seen a working model roller coaster or ride before. They will ask you all sorts of questions, and the compliments flow all day long. This happens every day that I work at my exhibit. The same I think would be true for any other type of working ride as well. If it moves, people are mesmerized! You can bring as many models as you wish, the more the better - however if we have lots of interest, we may have to limit the number - which I hope is the case. I will have between 2 - 5 working models depending on how many I have built beforehand and what the participation rate is. So, let me know if you think you would be interested in participating and what type of model you would bring and how big it is (feet X feet or m X m). This is open to anyone, anywhere who is willing and able to travel to Kansas City that weekend. It'd be great if you just post here in this thread, so I don't have to check email or my website - just keep it all in one place. We're not sure what we're calling the weekend. I originally envisioned a Model Coaster Con I, but who knows. Maybe Model Rides Weekend or something. Also, any input or ideas you'd like to share would be great as well! I'll keep you all posted as I get feedback and the planning moves forward. Thanks for your input! It would also give fellow builders a chance to meet one another, and perhaps we could do an activity that weekend - there is a (whore) credit (a Python Pit, but hey, it'll be open, and it gets me through the winters here) in the area. Union Station is in the Crown Center area of KC, which is one of the main tourist areas with lots to do and see. And of course even if you don't participate, you can visit that weekend as see what we end up having that weekend. Peace, KC
  6. You're on the right track, baby. Very nicely done. Usually I don't buy all the hype for real life or imaginary coasters, but you did an excellent job on the coaster as well as the campaign. Great job. Peace.
  7. The Blue Streak, Conneaut Lake Park, after wanting to ride it for at least 2 decades. I also got in Waldameer earlier the same day. I got 3 rides in before it went down, though they were working to get it back up in about a half and hour, but I had to jet to get back to my friends house in Ohio. Worth the trip IMO though.
  8. K e n n y w o o d! It's been almost 20 years. I'm also hitting Conneaut (first visit) and Waldameer (also first visit). I'm jazzed. July can't get here fast enough.
  9. Wow. Epic. Really looking forward to seeing this completed eventually and then being able to download it. CS is also one of my favorite steel loopers, it's a lot like something the Master Schwarzkopf would have built - full of airtime and just one single loop for effect.
  10. I'm going to call the Topper Track a steel coaster. This one is tricky, I know RCDB is calling it a wooden coaster, but there is no wood anywhere that the wheels roll - on a wooden coaster, there is wood under the steel plates where the wheels roll. The rails on this are rectangular hallow steel, not laminated wood. The rails are what define if a coaster is wood or steel, not the support structure. The rails are supported by by wood (and that is laminated). If Thunderation's round hallow steel rails had a wooden structure - if you replaced all the steel cross ties and supports that currently connect the rails to it's support structure - it would still be a steel coaster. Hallow steel track - regardless of it's shape - is still hallow steel track. On a separate note, I'm going to say I'm voting with the the "this will be an inversion" camp. I'm not certain if it will be a zero g roll, but it sure looks like it based on the support structure next to the ledgers currently in place. If the track were going to be placed on the right side of the steel ledgers, you're going to get a face full of bents coming around this area. If the track goes on the left side of the ledgers it's going to invert here. With this we'll know as soon as the track is in place. Regardless, I'm thrilled this is being installed in my home state, and it looks to be one of the most interesting new coasters in quite a while. The most important thing is we all will have a new one of a kind coaster to ride (until someone else builds a brand new up from the ground Topper Track Coaster.) I shudder to think though about the is this a steel coaster or wood coaster comments that will be forth coming... Peace.
  11. Well, I took a break from Project 35 this month to focus on a new model for the 2012 Maker Faire in Kansas City. Maker Faire showcases items that people make, from fiber arts to robots (Google Maker Faire, it's kind of cool!) It's a model I've wanted to create and build a long time now - a dragon/medieval themed coaster. It features an 85 degree drop, 73.5 feet of track (my longest ever, beats the Orient Express model by a foot or so) and a dungeon tunnel under the castle. So, here is Dragon's Flight, enjoy: Here's the castle, er station. Oh, Castle Station, that's it. Double corkscrew with double interlocking loops over a moat and the entry bridge. This inversion between the double loops leading to the double corkscrews is what I call the Dragon's Tail. Kind of like a half of a Vekoma butterfly, but more rounded (and hopefully smoother!) Major undulating helix at the end. Overall view of Dragon's Flight.
  12. My first ever "teaser": Coming this Sunday evening to my TPR Thread (and YouTube and website), the tallest, steepest, fastest, loopiest and longest model roller coaster ever built by me. Dragon's Flight I'm building this for Maker Faire this weekend at Union Station. Then it will go on display through mid-winter (ish) next to my other model coasters on display there. Kind of a "featured" model for the Worlds of Motion side of the exhibit. Told ya it was steep. Definitely loopy.
  13. If you ever go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, they have one too, it's called the Swiss Jolly Ball (snicker) and very similar to the other one above:
  14. ^ what they said. I think this may be the most anticipated coasters for next season. I love NTAG, so it'll be interesting to see what Rocky Mountain does with their first original design from the ground up - and any coaster with an underground tunnel get's points in my book. Other than The Voyage, I can't recall off the top of my head the last woodie with an underground tunnel... And Horray, I only live 3 hours away.
  15. Okay, so I have my first snafu post. No I didn't realize that the ride had already opened. I'm usually careful about checking dates on posts. I'll blame this one on lack of sleep. Peace.
  16. Upon closer inspection of the picture previously (twice) posted from GCI's Facebook page, I don't think they're quite ready to test the other side of the track yet....see inside the red rectangle. Looks to be some temporary cross track supports, or some new fangled Chinese block system Yeah, this type of block system, might cause a problem.
  17. American Thunder (FKA Evil Knevel) at Six Flags St. Louis, 5 hours ago. It's such an underrated ride, probably my #3 woodie.
  18. I just found this new YouTube video (real good coaster porn, OMG) over at another board I lurk at. RD, prepare yourself (and any other folks who practice Schwarzkopf as their religion, Blessed be Anton's name)... the "Crystal Beach Cyclone" of our youth (well some of us - you know who we are *cough* RD *cough*: The Big Bend. The first extended jumbo jet/speed racer ever! (and the best as my old foggy memory recalls): Peace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me4jWLzq4ig
  19. 17/20. I missed the three I guessed on. It simply means I'm old as most of these I saw in the 80's and 90's when they were new shows or specials. A few I've seen on YouTube. That and I have no life outside of coasters and parks.
  20. Argh, and to think I rode the Canyon Blaster back in March. Yes I would count it as Arrow Corkscrew coaster. I was thinking along the lines of Arrow's Standard Corkscrew design that this coaster is, but an Arrow Corkscrew coaster also means any of the Arrows with inversions...it was the model name, for example the Orient Express at WOF was an Arrow Corkscrew coaster - according to an advertisment from Arrow talking about the Orient Express, but I digress. I have never seen any pics of this coaster at the AL Fairgrounds, so I hope you will share.
  21. I do believe that is correct. This coaster was then moved to the Alabama State Fairground for 4 years 82 - 86 as the Corkscrew and then to it's current home, Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH where it still thrills (and bashes) riders today as the "Canobie Corkscrew". I rode this on it's opening day at Canobie back in 1991 (I think, I know it was after 1990 when I was living in New England - it's not 1987 as stated on RCDB) it was kind of a neat moment, though I had been on other standard Arrow Corkscrews by then, but as kid in 1975, I wanted to ride it in Bollingbrook, but didn't get to. I have heard that Marriott's (now Six Flags Great America) which opened the Turn of the Century the following year had originally wanted to call it the Chicago Loop, but that Old Chicago beat them to it. Can anyone confirm this?
  22. Wow. This model took forever to get landscaped. So without further ado, I present the first model coaster of Project 35: The Roller Coasters of Marriott's Great America, 1977 (Santa Clara, CA): Turn of the Century. I really wish I could have ridden this one before it's conversion to Demon. Enjoy. Also, are you all enjoying this (now) second annual "retro" throw back each year? Peace! Side view. This model is tied for 1st place at 18 feet long along with my Shock Wave (SFOT) model. Yep, that's the Marriott's star logo on the lead car. The entrance. Now don't wish you were small enough to ride this or any of my models. If you shrunk down that small and rode, it would kill you from the the forces. Fact. See how fast it's going? It would totally kill you. Screw the Euthanasia Coaster. Miniaturize yourself and die. This would kill you too if you were miniatureized. There are no harnesses on this model and as the train is stopped, you'd fall to your death. If the fall didn't kill you the next choo choo would. This is the spiral stairway to Heaven. You're dead, because you just had to ride the little model roller coaster. But we know most of us on TPR are are going straight to hell. Details. And don't comment, 'oh you forgot this or forgot that', or I will shrink you down so you can ride. One last look at the model. Especially if you're miniaturized.
  23. Nice to see your finished coaster. Great job. I agree with what QueerRudie said above. It's too bad you weren't able to keep the second corkscrew, but I understand if it didn't have enough momentum, you have to make changes. Looking forward to the video. This is one of the top K'nex coasters out there, IMO.
  24. Love it. I really like the record breaking loop being at the end instead of first, very original. Looks very smooth and the forces all seem to be within limits. Nice job.
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