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  1. So tomorrow is the Grand Opening day for Summer Adventures at Fair Park. I am going to go later this year when I hit SFOT and SFFT. Anyone planning on going? They've also added two more coaster credits, a Windstorm and for all the credit whores, a Wacky Worm for a total of 3 now. They held an opening for their new Top O' Texas christening, and I have to give them a thumbs up. It's cool when parks do cool things for new attractions, though I will say the first few minutes had me flashing back to the demo of Space Spiral at Cedar Point. (for whatever reason I can't seem to embed the YouTube player at the moment...) There is a park map and the final lineup of attractions here: http://www.fairparkfun.com/ This is not Six Flags, and I don't think that they are trying to be, but it is in it's own right kind of unique with some cool things to do and I'm looking forward to visiting next month. I did not realize they had a permanent, albeit short log flume at the fairgrounds too. I think their admission is reasonable and that it's cool you'll be able to ride some of the permanent State Fair of Texas rides outside of the Fair.
  2. So, my 'burning' question: How dark was the tunnel drop and how was the air time on that drop? Congrats to everyone who got to ride today!
  3. Did you check your spam folder? TPR member, JeffyJosephNorCal found his email in the spam folder. I did, it wasn't there. Don't lose hope yet! I believe they haven't send out emails yet for the other two days. In the PDF they included it said for each day you will get a confirmation email, I've signed up for all three and haven't received the other two yet. Exactly! I'm sending good thoughts your way. To those who are confirmed so far, I'm glad you didn't have to wait until Monday. Congratulations and of course all of us here will be expecting to hear about your first impressions of the ride. When Prowler opened at Worlds of Fun, I was a bit underwhelmed at first, but after the season was a way in, the ride loosened up and it shot to my #2 favorite woodie spot.
  4. Oh my gosh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending good thoughts your way to everyone who signed up and wants to be a part of the promotional shot. What an opportunity. I'm excited for you guys and waiting to see your replies. Good luck!
  5. That will be the best view on any Zyklon in the world (at least of all that I can think of). There really aren't that many of this specific model of coaster left and it's nice that Santa's Village is preserving one. It should be a great fit for the park and it's target audience. Will be making my first visit when I go visit family this summer.
  6. I ran across this a few days ago and thought surely someone would post it, but since they haven't I will. It kind of starts slow and it's in what I believe to be Dutch and French as those are the two prevalent languages in Belgium, but it is worth being watched all the way through. Note to U.S. parks: THIS is how you open a new attraction. Can you imagine since this is what they did for a 50 foot tall family roller coaster with what is arguably the best theming for a coaster in its class what they would have done for a major roller coaster? I shudder. I'm most impressed, are you?
  7. And, I happen to think it is one of the nicer looking Morgan's with those massive supports throughout. It gives it a unique look. Now, I'm not dissing your opinion, cause I don't agree with what others find pleasing all of the time either. But like was said earlier, basically the park opened in 1988 and Steel Eel was installed in 1999, so they had to fit it in with the existing park, walkways and structures. To me it looks like it was with the park when it opened when I first visited. Peace!
  8. The Big Bend at Six Flags Over Texas. I rode it every year from 1972 through 1978. I wished we'd gone back in 1979 it's last year. Man, what a ride.
  9. I believe this is the hill in question. Talk about 90 degrees taken to the extreme! I can't "name" my source, but I have it on VERY good authority that the wave hill will give a different type of airtime and it should be intense. So I'd say lots from what I understand. I will now reveal that this coaster has my personal signature of approval: Yep this coaster is officially sealed with my approval. Just so ya know I'm not pulling a fast one. But you wouldn't really think that about me now would ya?
  10. um, try the ENTIRE train having loads of airtime on that first drop. Every 80 degree drop or more coaster I've been on is a butt lifter no matter what seat you sit in. Granted, it will be more intense in the back half. But I expect airtime will be had in every seat all over it's entire illegal journey (giggle).
  11. Yep, really glad I bought a season pass this year. Just over a month to go and it'll be open. Looks very fast.
  12. Here, go check this out on CD's Facebook page. There's another picture on their FB page as well. I don't know anymore about it that what you'll be able to read. Sure you could make your own too. I don't know if I'd use a dive train, maybe get an inverted train and cut the 4 seats down to 2 and then build a way to connect them over the wheel assembly using bass or balsa wood or even plastic. Peace! CD Wing Coaster from their Facebook Page
  13. Average high temperature in March is 59 degrees in southern Missouri. Yes, there are colder days, and yes we can have snow as late as April occasionally. (The following sentence is said in my best Missouri southern drawl) And those who know, know Missourah is part of the South.
  14. Okay, I was a bit worried that the park was way overpriced for what is was going to offer. They have updated the attractions page, and they have added quite a few fair type flat rides (about half adult, half children's rides) , to go along with the Texas Star Ferris Wheel, Texas Skyway Sky Gondola and the Top o' Texas Tower and log flume. See the updated listing of rides here. Of interest to credit whores everywhere is the Jungle Twist. It looked like this was possibly a spinning coaster, and it is, abeit a smaller one, but that's okay. I found a video of it: By the looks of things, most of the newly announced flat rides are being leased from various carvnival operators, as most look like rides that have appeared at the Texas State Fair (and their midway is an "independant" one; no one operator operates all of the rides, but many operators bring in a few rides). So I am planning on checking it out this year when I'm down visiting family. The $29.95 pay one price ticket doesn't seem outlandish now. I'll pay that for what they are offering. Hmn, next year maybe if it's a success they can build an all new replica of the Comet roller coaster that operated for years at the fairgrounds and though was only 70 feet tall, kicked your butt with some insane airtime!
  15. Oh hell no. NO Six Flags and NO Apollo. They are both equally scary. It would ruin the Sea World and Busch Garden's brand. Ick. Yuck. And Six Flags contributed to the demise of one Sea World park (indirectly by selling it to Cedar Fair?) I was afraid of something like this when they sold Anheiser Busch back a bit ago.
  16. Testing in February????? I'm guessing it won't start testing in the winter. Has the park given any hints about the projected opening date, beyond "Spring"? Yep. The monthly average temperature in southern Missouri (Branson is only about 12 miles from the Arkansas state line) is 49. Towards the end of February it's not unheard of to hit in the 70's often (even up in northern Missouri as well.) SDC is the first of the 3 major theme parks in MO to open each year. This year they open March 15th.
  17. I followed the link and no one really directly answered the question, touched on it a bit (and I read all additional 7 pages of comments before posting). This was the first O.D. Hopkins coaster ever built in 1985. My "source" back in the late 1980's was my regional rep for ACE and when discussing this coaster once, she stated that indeed, the train was not completing the circuit during it's initial testing. First at the top of the double up after the first loop it failed to clear the top of the lift over and over, stopping in the anti-rollbacks. So they raised the track to raise the exit of the loop. There was also some question about the forces on the exit of the first loop so it killed two birds with one stone per se. So, they do that, test the train and then it failed to clear the second loop, so they "shrunk" the size of it and then the train was able to complete the circuit consistently. This is one of the more unique steel coasters out there. It feels a bit like a wooden coaster and the loops are very forceful, especially the second smaller loop. All of the O.D. Hopkins loopers that I have ridden (Texas Tornado, Desert Storm and Dragon) are all funky to some extent and the loops are very forceful. The second loop on Desert Storm can really do a number on you, it's almost a perfect circle entering and the it does a funky psuedo corkscrew exit (similar to the fourth loop on the Schwarzkopf portable Thriller) it always throws you sideways on the exit. I would say that my regional rep was pretty reliable, and I know that she got to know the management of Wonderland at the time. If anyone knows anything else different, by all means, please chime in.
  18. In 74 days, Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City.* * Counted from Jan. 1st. That is IF all goes as planned with the coaster according to their PR department, but at this time they are hoping to have it running on Opening Day, March 15th, of course subject to change.
  19. 48" according to the fact sheet at http://silverdollarcity2013.com/details/fact-sheet
  20. Okay, it's the Zyklon. Drat and I was hoping for the Galaxi. Oh well. I'm over it. It will still be a nice addition to the park!
  21. That one according to rumors is going from Magic Springs to their sister park, Elitch Gardens in Denver. So the next big one is the Galaxi, then the Zyklon. Peace!
  22. I'm going to venture in and say it's the Galaxi from Riverview. They did say on their Facebook page concerning the 2013 addition "it's going to be big". So I don't think it will be another kiddie coaster based on this statement. I'm doubting it's the Afterburner, as it's not really what you'd call family friendly. The Zyklon is a possibility, but I'll stick with my guess. I will definitely be going by this year when we go up to Chicagoland to visit family as I will have five of my Great Nephews in tow. So here's hoping for the Galaxi. They aren't as common as they once were so it would be nice to see one relocated. Peace.
  23. Actually, you uploaded a coaster, but it's a blue, yellow and red B & M sit down. While it's a great coaster as well, and not cookie cutter either, it's not THE one that we are all awaiting with baited breathe! Peace!
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