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  1. Montana Suiza at Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo . http://rcdb.com/1449.htm?p=1865 This picture is not in the RCDB, but it is on the web. Those who know me will know where to look.
  2. I would love to look around at this coaster more, will you please upload it to the TPR Exchange? Thanks! Peace.
  3. Well folks, Project 35: The Roller Coasters of Great America (CA) finally continues. And with it I present to you a first for me; a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop: The Tidal Wave. (someone please hand Rudy a towel, sheesh!) This one was a challenge to build. How to launch a fairly heavy model train and how to stop it? The answer? Rubber Bands (and memories of my Hot Wheels car launcher back in the day) launch AND stop the train. The station brake is held up and closed by rubber bands too. It's probably easier if you watch the video, there's a clip towards the end that shows the inner workings. Enjoy. Here's the porn, er video: The Station...everything has to start somewhere. The launch. Well okay it would be a total blur, so I set it on the launch track so you can visualize. The loop by day... and the loop by night, for all of you vampires out there. I know there are bloodsuckers lurking at TPR. I did a "lighting" package on this one. No, it's not totally accurate, but hey the lights on the launch blink. So there. And the view by day, ha gotcha blood suckers!
  4. I gave you a 4.5 - you totally captured the style and feel of a Japanese Jet Coaster. I liked it a lot.
  5. "Roller Coaster" aka "Nightmare" Joyland Park, Wichita, KS. I only know this because I grew up there and worked at the park. I'll be surprised if this is not it. Looks like the far turnaround. And there's hardly mistaking that paint job.
  6. To me it looks like a cross between Excalibur at Six Flags Astro World and the Cyclone at Williams Grove. It's definitely different and unique. Hope you'll continue this and then post it to the exchange. Peace!
  7. Finally making it to Conneaut Lake and Waldameer. And getting back for my second visit to Kennywood after first visiting 22 years ago. I had so much fun, I'm planning on hitting all the same parks again next year on my way to western NY and Toronto (all new credits for me too!).
  8. There IS a higher power! This (almost) makes me happier than getting Prowler!
  9. The question is answered about Giraffica (copied from the Holiblog at holidayworld.com): "Will Giraffica still be accessible from the Thanksgiving section? We have always looked forward to riding Pilgrim's Plunge on our "dry" day at the park. Submitted by Todd on 23 October 2012 - 7:37am. Yes, it will still be accessible from the Thanksgiving section. Submitted by HoliBlog on 23 October 2012 - 1:13pm." So that's good news and should make everyone happy.
  10. Am I the only one who is sad that they removed Flashback before they brought the tower down? The could have engineered it to hit Flashback right between the lifts. Or better yet, blown up Flashback about 10 seconds before they brought the Chute Out down on top of it. All maliciousness aside, it is sad, I rode Texas Chute Out the first time the year it opened.
  11. As we are signed up to get Google Fiber (go ahead, Google it and be envious ) next fall, I'd say I'll probably go to digital downloads. Currently I have only bought DVD's and that's probably how I'll go til we get Fiber!
  12. It is # 7 on the layout here: Outlaw Run Layout,after the funky looking wave turn in the photo above. This is the speed bump before the turn to the right that leads into the double barrel roll.
  13. I forgot to let everyone know about the event this Saturday, October 13, 2012 at the Screams of the Past exhibit at Union Station. We're Celebrating our first year at Science City/Union Station. I can hardly believe it's been a year already. The cool thing about this event is that we will debut a historic video about the first five roller coasters at Worlds of Fun, featuring historic footage from a few friends here at TPR - Shane Huish and Robb Alvey, among others. We will also have a special collection of over 100 black and white photos from the first 30 years of the park, including many coaster pics (of course) as well as concept art, construction and publicity slicks! These will only be on display this weekend! Here are all the details, and of course this event is free. Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Screams of the Past! Attend the World Premier of "Screams of the Past: The First Five Roller Coaster at Worlds of Fun - The Video" Screams of the Past Exhibit, next to the Entrance of Science City at Union Station, Kansas City Saturday, October 13, 2012 10 a.m. Please arrive between 9:45 a.m. and 10 a.m. There will be a brief presentation about the exhibits first year followed by the debut of this new 9 minute historic video showcasing the first five roller coasters at the park, including on ride footage! Then witness the "big reveal" of some recently discovered roller coaster parts/artifacts on long-term loan from one of the original coasters at the park and see all of the new enhancements to the models and quite a few all new items on display in the exhibit for its second year, including a special display honoring the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the park with a couple of rare artifacts from the parks construction! Also see a collection of over 100 black and white photographs of the coasters and park only on display October 13 -16th, "Worlds of Black and White". We'll have food too! Enjoy fresh fruits, doughnuts and beverages at the reception following the video. Hope to see you there! KC
  14. After seeing the enlarged pictures (and thanks to whomever fixed the thumbnails!) I can honestly say with a small tear in my eye, I'm proud to be from Missouri for the first time in my life. This may very well end up being the most intense coaster for your buck ever. Short, but mightly. Damn. I look forward to riding it.
  15. It will be the best views ever, once I get to Hong Kong someday and actually visit Ocean Park and ride them!
  16. Welcome to TPR! September will be a decent time to come to do the parks in California and Florida, though some parks will have shorter operating days. As for Minneapolis, Valleyfair is open on the weekends (and some Friday nights, with limited hours), and Nickelodeon Universe is usually open daily at the Mall of America. Six Flags Great America and Cedar Point are also open only on weekends during this time too, so keep that in consideration. Also It's a fairly long haul between Valley Fair and Six Flags Great America (642 km and about 7 hours in good traffic) and then another 540 km and a little over six hours to Cedar Point in good traffic. Keep in mind travel times don't include any stops for breaks or refueling. Also Chicago area traffic and be a nightmare (and usually is). Great America is a fairly large park with lots to do and Cedar Point is just a huge park. You could in theory do Six Flags in a day (though 2 days would be better if you can), you'll definately want to spend 2 or 3 days (Fri. Sat and Sun) at Cedar Point if you come in September. That being said, if you don't like ques, you'll probably hate all the parks as most have their Halloween events during this time of the year, (starting mid-September) all are very popular and can see some of the largest crowds for the year. My advice? Pick a different time to come. Mid to late July to early August is a better time in my experience. Especially at Cedar Point. Go their last week of weekday operation and it is virtually a ghost town compared to other times of the year. It'll still be busy, but not like it is any other time of the year. It's usually the hottest time of the year (late summer here in the US). Keep in mind, most US Schools start back up in mid to late August, so crowds die down a bit. However, this leads to some parks having shorter operating hours, but with the lighter crowds, it's a good trade off. Also, many parks only operate 7 days a week until mid-August, then revert to weekend only operation, so CHECK the operating dates for the parks you want to visit online first. Some parks only operate Sunday through Wednesday their last week of 7 day a week operation. It varies greatly by park. Hope this helps. And yes, I've been to all the parks several times (worked at Cedar Point for a season) and I travel pretty regularly, and I'm over 40 (lol), so I know (mostly) what I'm talking about. Good luck with your trip.
  17. Congratulations, this is good news for the LV area. Which park is in Washington state? Peace!
  18. Personally, I like the corkscrews. I think you were giving a nod to the original Corkscrew at KBF which was the first modern era looping coaster in 1975, that featured, yes, 2 corkscrews. Makes sense to me. I think it's an original idea as no dive coaster has build a corkscrew yet, but who's to say they couldn't engineer a double corkscrew into a dive machine some day? I've seen lots of crazy things in my life time that I didn't think were possible (beyond 90 degree drops for example).
  19. Seems as though the train at Legoland Malaysia had a VERY minor derailment with no one hurt, which is always good news. However, from the news account they tried everything to keep this picture out of the news, making it a bigger deal than it was. I would guess that this happened during some sort of preview or possibly media days as the park officially opens tomorrow on September 15th. www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/13/legoland-malaysia-securit_n_1881107.html
  20. You are a sadist. Hey at least someone is getting a roller coaster for Worlds of Fun's 40th Anniversary. Looks like SDC has the best new attraction being built in MO this year. (based on WOF's rumored, not yet announced new attractions) Perhaps I'm jaded, but this year with the exception of the two new coasters at SFMM and SFFT seems to be a non-coaster savy year for the chain. I know it's not all about coasters, and the other new attractions are great that are going into the other parks and will have appeal, but it just seems like an underwhelming year for Six Flags. And it seems the same for the Cedar Fair chain as well, with the exception of Gate Keeper. Anyone else get that feeling? Like it's a low budget year for most parks, every one gets something new, but not a lot of '"OMFG I have to ride that next year and will drive 1,200 miles to do so" ? And the Six Flags Chairman, President and CEO Jim Reid Anderson (does he really need 3 titles and 3 names - I get he has a common name, but how many Jim Anderson's are the top banana at Six Flags?) was too funny to watch when he was talking about Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis. You would think this was a record breaking, worlds first one-of-a-kind coaster. Reminds me of a certain political speech someone gave the other day
  21. Henh. The Sky Screamer at SFSL absolutely terrifies me. I'd almost wager that I'll probably top anyone's reaction. I'll ride this next year, and probably leave the park in an ambulance. Heights scare the hell out of me, but I love coasters. Ferris wheels and these seemingly "mild" rides screw with me worse than anything else. I think for me this will be more terrifying than Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom when I finally take it on. I base than on my experience of riding Drop Zone at King's Island VS. riding Sky Screamer at SFSL. Sky Screamer was a 100 times scarier for me. And I know I'm not alone. I get wobbly knee's on the Oil Derrick, which was the most terrifying thing for me at the park, until they just announced this.
  22. A note about the Tutorial Series. This model was supposed to be the one I used for the Part 5: Building the Working Lift. I filmed the building of this coasters lift, only to discover the battery had died, so no footage. D'Oh. Guess I'll have to build a new model next month and get that dang tutorial finally posted. So here's my latest model, Spiral Coaster. It's the first in a series of unrealized concept coasters. Over the years I've found pictures and plans here and there of unrealized coasters. The Spiral Coaster was a concept model in an Intamin AG advertisement that appeared in Amusement Business back in the 80's. I had forgotten about it til I saw it in Shane's Amusement Attic a while back. The one thing that stands out about this model is the opposing corkscrews that are layed out "inline", the train entering a left corkscrew, does a 90 degree turn and then does a right corkscrew. There are many coasters that do left then right corkscrews, but not this quickly back to back, with the exception of Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm. This is the inspiration for the model. (Credit Shane's Amusement Attic - if you don't now about this thread, shame on you!) Here is the finished model before landscaping and scenery were added. And now with the landscaping and scenery. The entrance, que and station. As you can tell by looking at the uncovered que, this originally was going to be installed at both a Cedar Fair and Six Flags park. Looking down the inversions as the train enters the right corkscrew. The mess of track beside, around and under the que house. Overview. Side view.
  23. Nooooo! Couldn't they have at least given it a different name? So a Boomerang coaster on each side of the state. What's next a Gateway Arch in Kansas City?
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