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  1. Personally, I like the format you're using. This is a different way of telling the story of your park and I really like this way. That's my 2 cents worth. Peace.
  2. Now this is an original idea, I like it. Gives us design challenged folks a look at how it is done. As for a name for your park, how about a little word play? Indiana Bend or Indiana Bend Adventures? Looking forward to the evolution of your park. Nice job so far! Peace.
  3. I hope this will be available for download in the future, I really am digging the "Anton" coasters!
  4. Even though there's a wink, it would NOT surprise me to see this open at Cowabunga Bay. We still haven't had an announcement (have we?) about this years new attraction? Yeah, I know, the rumor mill, but Shane started it!
  5. Robb is correct. That is the Raging Wolf Bobs, at Geauga Lake, before they painted it white. I forget when the finally did paint it, but it was after it was open a season (or two?). Sadly, I never got to ride that one, I only went once back in 1998 for their Halloween event, and they had some ride through hay ride near the area so it was closed. But I did ride the Big Dipper (wow, what great ejector air time!), Double Loop and Mind Eraser. But I got the Dipper credit, which was more important. I first saw pictures of it in Gary Kyriazi book, "The Great American Amusement Park", a book I'm sure Shane has read (or owns!). For the late 70's and many years it was the holy scripture for amusement park geeks before the internet. I learned about many parks I had never heard of before through that book, and have now visited almost all of them!
  6. Wow, nice coaster. Keep up the designing and you'll be giving B & M a run for their money. There were a few minor pumps here and there, and the camelback seemed a bit awkward after the corkscrew (in shape that is, not placement). I loved the over bank into the corkscrew and your forces were all in acceptable levels, and I'm always a sucker for steep first drop. Keep it up! Peace.
  7. Search for 'Do a barrel roll' (without quotes) on Google.com and see what happens. Guess that's what they think it is! LOL, okay, yes folks do this, it's kinda cute. About this whole "barrel roll'', here's my 2 cents, I think it's really closer in execution to a Stengel dive, just more elongated. Barrel Roll? No. Overbank and back? Yes. You read it here first, coined by me. Levi is probably going to cause me to finally get up to Toronto for the first time, though I've been meaning to go for quite a while now.
  8. I like it. Nice design, and I have to respectfully disagree, so far all megalites have been the same layout, but who's to say some day they won't come out with a custom one? Peace.
  9. "Oh, look it's the Zambezi Zinger, it was my favorite!" while there is a HUGE 2 X 3 foot sign a couple of feet over the model stating that it is the Schussboomer at the Screams of the Past Exhibit at Union Station. See attached picture, and the model is framed in with a black border too, lol. While we're at it, god love 'em, 90 percent of folks just don't read signage (even simple signage), anywhere, especially in an exhibit. Ya know, they might actually learn something. Now I give all the kids a free pass, but the adults, tsk tsk. If you'd look just above, you'll see that this model is indeed NOT the Zambezi Zinger...
  10. I second this. I'd love to explore it more. Peace!
  11. Awesome. Love the surprise in the second drop. They need to do that in real life. Diabolical and smooth on that element. I REALLY like this coaster. Great job. I downloaded here at TPR and couldn't get the file to open, so went to the other place and didn't have a problem, so you might look into that (now, it *may* be me, but you should look into it just in case so others can download here at the Exchange.) Peace, KC
  12. Absolutely not. To this day, regardless of how they ride, Arrow Coasters are visually stunning. The only really visually stunning Schwarzkopf loopers were Shockwave and Mind Bender. Great footage, as always. Shockwave is to this day my favorite looping coaster, and it was also my first. It looks so simple compared to modern day loopers, but in 1978 it was cutting edge. Man, I'm old, lol.
  13. And all I ever wanted to do was be a park operator (I'd settle for a water park, but I really want to take over Worlds of Fun!). We were switched at birth! You're living my dream, I want it back, lol. Great super 8 of the Beast. Okay, how many people were S T A N D I N G on the first drop at :25?! I can see the guy in the front and they guy behind him for sure are standing, looks like a few more in the back. At 1:20, where it swings up into what today is a long flat stretch before the second chain lift, there used to be another dip? Wow, something I didn't know. I didn't ride Beast until 1988 during the 10th Annivesary. It was a great ride with all the brakes and modifications back then, even the year before last, but was there any air on that hill at 1:20? With those old buzz single position lap bars, I'm inclined to think the old boy had a pop in the track back in the day. Keep the super 8 coming! Please (right everyone? This is e p i c !) Thanks!
  14. Sweet, obviously like your very understanding spouse! I love the name, and that is one sweet CD model. Video Link? Peace!
  15. As a former ride operator, and Orient Express geek extraordinaire, the answer is NO. The train immediately went from the first loop into the block brake and then into the second loop, which took less than 15 seconds. You can see from this over sized post card aerial view that there wasn't a whole lot of track between the first and second loop. I worked there one of the last years they regularly ran 3 trains on the ride on busy days - it was quite a nerve wrecking experience...the ride was 2 minutes long - it was 120 seconds - you had to dispatch a train every 40 seconds or you'd end up having to do an E-stop as there was room for ONE train in the break run outside the station. The computer would stop the train behind it in that block section before the drop into the second loop if the track outside the station was occupied. It took exactly 40 seconds for the train to leave the station and clear the lift. For 3 train operation it took a crew consisting of a que main entrance greeter (to weed out the kids to small to ride so we didn't have a huge seen at the que house on busy days) a seat assigner at the que house entrance, 4 pedal pushers (there were no "automated" restraints back in the day and we certainly didn't check restraints back then either - no one did at any park!) 3 unloaders to get folks out quickly ("Push your harness up and step to left this way quickly please!", a driver (what you youngin's call panel or operator now), a manager and a floater to fill in where needed. My daytime crew I worked on never had an E-Stop happen any of the days I worked there. You just knew not to let it happen no matter what, cause if it did happen the maintenance crew had to come and reset the ride (the release for that brake was actually at ground level under the block break area - off limits to us - just the brake button, we could walk under the structure back then WHILE the ride was operating - and safety helmet, what safety helmet? - to retrieve lost items, though we usually did this late at night). Keep in mind this was done by mainly 16, 17 and 18 year olds. There was no time for any playing what so ever and if you messed up, you got the "death penalty" - removed from the Express crew forever - it was one of the most revered ride operator positions in the park back in the day. Okay back to the topic. Love the Attic, as always, Shane. Ever seen this post card before? They did a whole series of 8 X 10 post cards at one point of all the major rides. I think this is the only one I have, I'll have to double check. Peace! The awesome Orient Express, about 1985...note the trams on the service road next to the coaster that used to take you to the original main entrance in the Americana Section.
  16. Okay, just downloaded and I have to say the first inversion caught me by surprise and was sweet - AND in the green. I myself just got NL a few months ago, so I'm still learning how to navigate it myself, but for the most part I thought it was smooth and a great layout. I reduced it to two trains though, that'd drive folks nuts to sit at the top of the lift for that long. The only rough looking part was the exit of the second inversion, but all in all, great ride, nice work, I really enjoyed it.
  17. To add another thing wrong with the picture... Verbolten will go through the woods and THEN over the river.... Plus what the other guy said about the inverted track. I get that the Thanksgiving song is "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go...." but while we're being proper enthusiasts pointing out what's wrong
  18. Nappa Auto Parts "Marc" silicone spray. It's what I use on my models. Give it a try and best of luck to you!
  19. Being from Kansas City, we have a Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM), in fact there are only 3 in the U.S. One in Omaha, and the other is in Des Moines, Iowa. I too was skeptical until I read who was behind the development. NFM was built out in Kansas City, Kansas basically in the middle of no where as one of the anchors for the Legends shopping center in 2002. The store has great prices (half our furniture has come from there) and the Village West development now has the Sporting Kansas City Soccer arena, the Nascar Kansas Speedway, Great Wolf Lodge and tons of restaurants, and the semi pro baseball team. Also, Schlitterbahn is located a very short distance from there. Warren Buffet took over NFM (Mrs. B, the founder passed away after the turn of the century at over 100 years old, and was still working in the store, though not as often as she had). NFM is probably the next psuedo Ikea, at least in the US. They have legendary customer service and it is always crowded. The sell much more than name brand furniture, including electoronics, TV's, appliances(got my Samsung HE washer there last year at about 30 percent less than I found it anywhere else!), flooring, decor, etc. The store is massive and two levels (about the size of a two level modern day super Walmart). Very modern and well kept. Mr. Buffet has the money to do this. I'm not sure exactly what they have in mind park wise, but I'm no longer skeptical. This does have a real chance of happening along some scale. I don't think they'll go all out with a theme park that's 400 hundred acres, but whatever it is, it WILL be well done - perhaps an indoor park? Peace, KC
  20. Downloaded. This would be a great ride. Like your use of the PA turn around and that 90 degree bank into the final helix. Sweetness all around. Great job.
  21. Hmmmn. I thought I had posted a youtube video link about my upcoming projects, but I don't see it. How's the saying go, of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most? LOL. It happens when you reach my age! Okay. Well, here is a teaser for you. First up is a picture of a train I built using Coaster Dynamix Statix for the car bodies. It's for "Project Kansas" coming in December. It will feature this train and a fellow TPR forum members No Limit track design. Find out who and which coaster in just over a month or so. Here's a link to a teaser video about my upcoming projects, now that Project 31 is (mostly) out of the way and at it's permanent home. KCForce's Upcoming Model Project Teasers. Enjoy. Peace. This is what you get when you combine Coaster Dynamix Intamin Statix with my style of wheel system.
  22. It's been a slow coaster year with me working on my exhibit at Union Station. Sad I know. Next year more parks! Worlds of Fun Six Flags St. Louis Magic Springs - first visit
  23. Okay, if only CW had based their Leviathan on yours instead of the other way around. Very impressive!
  24. Well, the exhibit is officially open. I came home and slept 10 hours last night, I was wiped out. There was nice turnout for the dedication and ribbon cutting. I'd estimate there were about a total of 500 folks through out the day that saw the new exhibit. I didn't get a ton of pictures, as I was busy, but here are some of the opening day. Thanks to all my friends, family and visitors who came out to see the new exhibit. Enjoy! View of the crowd just after the ribbon cutting. More folks visiting the exhibit. Inside the exhibit. Coaster Post Cards. The always popular Orient Express model.
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