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  1. Yes, but you have to remember one small point. Griffon's train will go 10 across. So if you sit on the outside of the train, with the seat so far from the track there will be an X like feel to it. So Griffon will still have that over Sheikra.
  2. If Sheikra goes floorless, will the trains be 8 across or 10 across?
  3. O.K. We all know the loop has been removed. What do you guys think will take its place? A tunnel? An airtime hill maybe? Share your thoughts.
  4. I personally don't think sheikra will go floorless. Everyone realizes Sheikra is just fine the way it is. Besides that would close the ride down for a long time and piss off the customers. So yeah, leave Sheikra the way it is.
  5. The only skycoaster really worth the money is the 100 meter high skycoaster is Kissimmee. That one is awesome. Rest are just O.K.
  6. Busch should be ashamed of themselves by tearing down one of the all time classics in coaster history. I am really going to miss this ride. This ride even inflicted a little pain, which in my opinion is a good thing. Also, Sheikra had better not be getting floorless trains. I really enjoy the luxury of sitting up front and being able to put my feet on the floor. No I don't know what will be taking Python's place. I don't care. Thank you!!
  7. My favorite would definetely be hyper ( Nitro is my favorite B&M) followed by dive machine. Definetely not inverts, they suck, and I hope B&M makes no more of those. Thank you!!
  8. The fact that screamscape wrote this article doesn't prove anything. The guy from screamscape probably got this information from a very unreliable source. They are probably going to leave Sheikra the way it is.
  9. I know this isn't a ride, but try doing the AJ Hackett bungy jump off the 200 foot platform in a GALE! The platform was shaking and I thought it might collapse. I guess that's why they make you sign waivers beforehand.
  10. Gravity Works Skyscraper no question. I don't care where it's located. All other rides suck compared to that.
  11. True the rides on top of the Strat are a little scary, but has anyone done the AJ Hackett bungy near Circus Circus? That is TERRIFYING my friends. You have to sign waivers before you go and if the wind is strong the platform shakes! That makes the Strat tower rides seem weak!
  12. I think Maverick is just a fill in ride, just like Wicked Twister was. I personally think Cedar Point's next coaster will be a 500 - 600 footer. They just need the right technology to come up with it.
  13. The man is right, Scorpion is very intense. That's why I prefer rides like Apollo's Chariot, very few Gs and great floater, yet forceless air.
  14. Absolutely. That's why i would prefer something like Kraken to Kumba or Montu. On those rides I feel like I came out of a minor car accident.
  15. Superman:The Escape's car never ever reached 400 feet. Maybe 350. It we are talking strict height definitions and since I consider Superman a coaster than it was sort of the first gigacoaster.
  16. Superman:The Escape's car never ever reached 400 feet. Maybe 350. It we are talking strict height definitions and since I consider Superman a coaster than it was sort of the first gigacoaster.
  17. Boys don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Griffon is going to be bad or anything like that. It could have been better. The reason why I said the floorless trains are pointless on this ride is on the seats Sheikra have you can't touch the floor anyway. Plus those trains are more expensive being floorless. Also why no tunnels? Come on people that's a digression from Sheikra. they should have put a tunnel with snow inside.
  18. Boys, Busch Gardens Williamsburg tries very hard to take Tampa's designs and make it much better. This time I think they fell short. First of all having floorless trains was pointless. There should have been two tunnels and a third drop, not another inversion. I like the airtime hills, but two immelmans? what's the point? Anyway I may ride it I may not. time will tell.
  19. On the contrary I was just there Sunday a week ago. B & M does ruin their coasters with the inversions. But I do live in the Tampa Bay Area. I still will maintain the colors suck and B & M never use rides to their full potential. There needs to be a third drop!! Thank YOU !!!!!!!!!!
  20. Boys the only way and I mean the only way this ride will be better than Sheikra is with a third drop. That's the problem with B & M. Too many inversions ruin their rides. No I don't want a diving loop or flatspin. And yes the colors are terrible Thank you.
  21. I don't care what anybody says. There is no way this ride will be better than Sheikra. L=Just look at the video. What an ugly looking ride!!!!
  22. Only two. Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. If anyone has heard of this, please reply. GRANDMA WELCOME HOO OOOOME!
  23. A B@M Flyer? Impossible!! It's going to be a dive machine, a little bit higher than Sheikra and YOU KNOW it!! No need for any more guessing games. There's only one thing that's not certain! Whether or not the coaster will be floorless or not. Anyway this name is alright, typical of Busch Gardens interesting name, but no one knows what the hell it is.
  24. Of course the Heide Park Teracoaster that was advertised a few years back. Oh well, TTD took its place, kind of, sort of. Any of you crazy folks remember THAT ONE?
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