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  1. I don't understand all of you. You get so excited over something you're never going to ride and you know it. Anyway, I hopw we get a similar Morgan Gigacoaster in the U.S. one of these days. Looks like an enjoyable, relaxing ride.
  2. The Skyscraper definetely, no question about it. With other rides (coasters included)you only get maximum intensity for a few seconds. On skyscraper you get it for a couple of minutes. Plus the unpredictability of position leads this as my favorite ride of any kind (coasters included).
  3. The Kissimmee Skycoaster has the best drop of any ride in the world. All others pale in comparison.
  4. A friend of mine, i am not going to mention his name told me there could be a ride similar to the skyjump in New Zealand. He said there would be 320 feet of freefall, then the brakes would start to kick in and you would be slowly lowered to the ground. I hope he's right. I don't want another amusement type thrill ride up there, nor do I want the fishhook. Hopefully they will build this and nothing else to absolutely petrify the guests!!!!
  5. Forget coasters or flat rides. I want a skyjump or bungee jump where you can actually jump off the tower!
  6. Elissa, Why won't you ride the Stratosphere Tower rides? They are not that bad. You should try them. The Kissimmee Skycoaster is scarier than any of those rides. The real terror contraption in Vegas is the AJ Hackett Bungy platform near Circus Circus. I nearly threw up the first time on there because of my acrophobia.
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