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  1. You're right Elissa, I forgot about the theming. I guess they're going to do the track first, then the aquarium and everything else.
  2. At the current rate of construction, with the trach almost done and all I see no reason why the ride could not start testing around Christmas Eve and open eaarly in January.
  3. This ride looks absolutely beautiful. There is no need for many inversions on a ride like this. The more you lie facing the ground the better. This may turn out to be the best coaster in Florida!!!
  4. B & M inverts are the most overrated coasters to me. Sure theyy have some cool aspects to them but you don't get much of a view. The hypercoasters, Sheikra, Millennium Force, and Top Thrill Dragster flat out SMOKE inverts.
  5. Why does everyone make a big deal about 500 feet? That's not that high, even the Washington Monument is higher than that. Besides the higest bungy jump in the world is royal gorge bridge at 1100 feet. So tell me something. Why would I want to ride a 500 foot coaster when I could bungy from over twice that height and have 100 times the thrill?
  6. Kings's Island or another park should build a gigacoaster similar to Millennium Force(320 feet high or so). We haven't seen one since 2000.
  7. All these gimmick rides over the last couple of years! Build another giga coaster like Millennium Force somewhere. Pleease!!!!! You know, elevator cable lift around 300-370 feet high. That would be great!!
  8. I think this will definetely be B&M's best coaster ever, yes, better than Nitro or Sheikra. This coaster may even be better than the king of hypers, Superman:Ride of Steel at SFNE. I mean look at that layout. Can you think of any hyper with a better layout than that? I sure as hell can't!
  9. Awwwww, I want a Vekoma Boomerang. A real large one with a lot of curves and inversions. That would be great. If you are reading this Cypress Gardens, put one in. PLEASE!!!!!
  10. My favorites are in this order 1. Top Thrill Dragster 2. Millennium Force 3. Superman: Ride Of Steel (SFNE) 4. Boulder Dash 5. Nitro 6. Increbible Hulk 7. Big Bad Wolf 8. Sheikra 9. Dragon Coaster (Rye Playland) 10. Apollo's Chariot Thank you
  11. The Rock N Roller Coaster is pretty smooth, also Hangman at Wild Adventures isn't bad. No Vekoma is as painful as the old Viper at SFGAv. Oh my God was that something!
  12. I think they should have closed down the ride at Kentucky Kingdom but not all the other Drop Zones. People are so paranoid!
  13. One thing that pisses me off is all the freefall towers are closed now because of this fluky accident. They should open up soon or else there are going to be a lot of angry people ou there such as I. What the hell is it with these parks?
  14. These would be my top 7 most frightening rides. 7. Top Thrill Dragster- Nothing like accelerating to 120 mph in 3.9 seconds and going up 42 stories. 6. Big Shot- The world's highest thrill ride with tremendous airtime at the top. 5. Zamperla Turbo Force- A psychotic ferris wheel with erratic spinning of the gondola and whip effect. 4. Slingshot at Old Town- Sitting in that ball waiting to be capitulated 365 feet in the blink of an eye makes the old heart palpitate. 3. Gravity Works Skyscraper- Nothing like spinning on the light ride carriage at 70 mph and 165 feet flopping all of the place both forward and backward- with only seatbelt straps to boot! 2. X Scream- Sitting in that front row on that tiny little track 866 feet above terra firma makes you wonder what if the brakes don't work?!!!!! 1. Kissimmee Skycoaster- Ah yes, the number 1 most terrifying ride on earth. It takes on up in a harness, no seat , no restrants, nothing, 300 feet and the first 130 feet of the incredible drop are taken head first!!! Definetely not for the weak!!!!!!!!
  15. I thought The Shining was absolutely hilarious, Pet Sematary was frightening and I really enjoyed the first Evil Dead movie for its graphic effects.
  16. Superman: Ride Of Steel has tremendous airtime, Nitro has pretty good airtime, Apollo's Chariot has some airtime, although not too much. For a woodie I think boulder Dash has the best and most consistent airtime. That ride is just fabulous!
  17. In my opinion I don't think the Busch Gardens parks or Sea World need any more coasters. I like the rides that they have but if they continue to build more it would not be fair to the animals. The more stuff you have in these parks the more noise the animals have to hear day in and day out. I just don't think it's just for them.
  18. Mercyful Fate/ King Diamond! Anyone else know who I'm talking about?
  19. Death metal is the best form of music there is today ( Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Vader, My Dying Bride, etc) that there is today. TV stations should be playing that instead of the reality soap opera crap they show.
  20. Is it me or does the 90 degree part on the drop seem to go down a little deeper than Sheikra? I just noticed this looking at the picture.
  21. Dude, I'm not sadistic, let's not get carried away. What I mean is, a lot of of people, here and in Europe are wimps. You go to South America. They make young boys stick their hands in bullet ants, yes, this is no joke and hold them there for twenty minutes!! While here people are afraid to donate a little blood. And yes I think it is a good challenge not to have people make sounds on a certain ride. If they don't like it they can ride skyscraper rides elsewhere.
  22. You know personally I think the idea is kind of cool. It gives people more of a challenge. When you are forced to remain silent the fear level will be even higher. Besides when I am on a ride and annoying little girls are next to me screaming I wish they would SHUT UP!!!!!!! It's just like crying when you get hurt. I don't like people who cry when they get hurt. It's ridiculous.
  23. Griffon looks just too damn similar to Sheikra that's all. I think if you have ridden sheikra, you've ridden griffon.
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