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  1. last one!! YAY!! last pic, our dinner...we call Kaw Man Kai...it's rice with chicken above...i recommend you to try, if you have a chance to visit Thailand lol... thanks for reading!! It was raining. so, we waited under this area a little bit before we went home. Log Flume Tracks Log Flume Construction Area Mega Dance Station Top Spin platform They're painting Top Spin...and soon they will operate...Yay!!! Kids Area Water Park Mega Dance this is log flume construction area. those concretes are for Zamperla Pony Express and next to it, is African Adventure(new addition since last year) sorry, couldn't capture all lay out T_T I went on observation tower to get more shot...especially...the construction area
  2. ...sorry, too many photos T_T Poor Loop the Loop. It's still standing there...but not operating...waiting for its part T_T they have entertaining staff now...which is good!! did they just copy from Universal Studio and TDS??? this ride is totally pointless. but it's good for cooling you down from the hot weather outside...lol... Indoor rides Aladin or Huss Rainbow, they didnt operate today. Empty line for drop tower Swing Ship got a new paint job since last year Condor, another new addition from last year
  3. ... My best friend... Helix of hell!! it's the roughest part of the ride -*- Did i mention that the line was almost empty all day?? Another Lift Hill Shot Weeee!! Lift Hill Shot The Station I spyed SLC What did they do??? Zamperla Balloon Race, new for Siam Park City Me, after my 2nd ride...still can walk It made me a little dizzy Next ride was Enterprise
  4. I went to Siam Park City today, with my friends. I arrived there about 10.30 am. The first thing i noticed, they build more ticket boots and new uniform for staffs. It was a little bit crowded (well, from what i saw from the entrance). But that wasn't my problem because i got the Year Pass ticket. Anyways, the improvement they did, was 1) They opened all 6 new rides(if you remember the last time i went) plus another 2 new rides which are Zamperla Ballon Race and Enterprise. Both of them were painted very colorful. 2) Staffs look friendlier than last time i visited. But still, there are many things they have to improved...especially about the sign. there are more foreigners now that went there. but all the sign they put were Thai. i could count the English sign...lol... Anyways, They are contructing another 7 rides, most of them are flat ride. Mega Dance and Top Spin are next rides which are gonna operate soon. Alright Folks, i talked to much already. move on to photos almost empty queue line. it was like that in every ride, because most people came for water park and it's too hot to be outside T_T I think, it was more rough than last year. it shook my head. ouch!! First ride of the day!! Boomerang...tortured machine -*- My friends....not much to say lol...i forced them to come with me hahahaha Little crowded My year pass ticket (i couldn't make ti clearer) Entrance Another Information Center Fourth Ticket Boot another new sign New sign Third Ticket Boot (i saw it opened in the morning) Information Center Second Ticket Boot First Ticket Boot
  5. no, it's not gonna be a booster bike....i've seen those track since 2005 and they're still undercontruction...haha...and no i dont think theme park regulations in thailand r strict. you still can bring camera on the coaster.
  6. those log flume cars are not the old one. they're new.....probably second hand from other country though. and those construction side u saw, that's where they will put new log flume i think Siam Park will put all of those flat ride within this year-2009. i've been to Siam Park many times last year but i never been to those animal island. it looks a bit scary hahahaha
  7. that ride is very old. it's about 22 years old. and this park had a bankrupt for a long time, they couldnt update any ride in the park until last year. i heard that they're gonna detroy this ride and order a new one from Germany.
  8. the lastest news said one woman has died already and another girl has a serious injured on her brain. Here are some photo i got.
  9. if you remember those picture that Dubaidave took while he was visiting Thailand, that's the one. this incident happned at 12.30 today. the first car dropped from a big hill, something stuck on its wheels so it went derailed but it still went on to that bunny hill. then the next car came down and crashed to the first car. the news said 2 people r serious injured and another 5 people r minor injured. this ride will remain closed for investigation the log flume ride call Indiana Log
  10. team Pluto!! if i were Pluto, i wouldn't stand there to let that kid kick my a$$ twice. i would chase him to death. because i will get fired anyways.
  11. actually,they also order kiddie coaster from Jerudong Park. think they're gonna install it by next year,i guess. that's what i see in the new map of the park.
  12. i like your sound on toboggan of death. lol sounds like little kid about to get hit. was it rough? it looks rough to me.
  13. they should destroy it, and order a new coaster. they just made a new map of the park and i can see that they're already bought more flat rides from Jerudong Park. i hope they will build more roller coaster though
  14. second part of photo TR. being crazy in taxi,on the way back home double deck merry-go-round the thing that pull the train on lift hill Break...this kind of breake is totally uncool lift hill the train really needs to repaint also the track the train, i heard that they're gonna re-operate soon after they get repair part from Japan. it's over 25 years, i think oldest roller coaster in the park. i think they should destroy it. double in-line twist Yay!! I'm still alive!?! she was sick after the SLC second train....never seen they use it see? it was on Sat. but the train was totally empty
  15. Yesterday, i had day off. So i called my friend to go to Siam Park, They just operate 2 new rollercoaters (second hand though)i think i got ERT on both roller coaster, not many people wanna ride them, i dont know why. when i arrived there, it was noon and saw many cars in parking lot. So i guess there will be a lot of people in the park, but when i got in the park i didnt see many of them (they were probably in water park which i didnt go).my first ride was Boomerang. it's wasnt that rough as i thought, well, it was fun though. second ride was SLC, which they're called Vortex. first time i rode it, i sat at the front seat. it was ok, a bit rough. but second time i took the last seat, it was totally rough. it ruined all the fun.i dont know if i was over acting or something but it was really rough. then we went to ride another flat ride. we took about 2 hours and a half on the park. mostly, it was fun except that it was very hot. the weather made me sweat all the trip. OK, enjoy the photo i can't believe, Santa is still stand there. first ride of the day ready to go on Boomerang no thanks, you will make me throw up need to ride this later, because it was totally hot and it has A/C Flyin Carpet, second handed ride from Jurudong Park, Brunei Tower Drop, another second handed ride from Jerudong Park. they will operate by Oct. Boring Tagada, we will come for you later Look! It's Vekoma SLC 787m Extended in-line twist with Thai nation flag told u, it was kind of ERT to me. can u see how many people behind me. ready to go, i didnt know that it's gonna be that rough on the last seat.
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