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  1. Coaster enthusiasts that live in the New York/Jersey area coming to Sea World for Mako is a waste of time. It is basically a clone of Nitro.
  2. No, this coaster will be LOUSY!! The layout is total crap plus the fact that the seats spin will make park guests very dizzy. Which means Cobra's Curse will be their last ride of the day. Busch Gardens should have taken Lion And Tiger Gwazi, merged them together, retracked it and made a very large airtime filled hybrid coaster. Instead they gave us a ride which will be at best a letdown and at worst a liability. Very poor decision by park management.
  3. I don't like the way Mako is being advertised. It says the coaster will be unrivaled. Don't get me wrong Mako is a good addition to Sea World Orlando and will probably be the best coaster there. But to say with all the hypers out there that it will be "unrivaled" is totally false and arrogant.
  4. What a waste of money and space this new coaster will be! They should have retracked Gwazi instead or put in a new animal exhibit. With this new coaster you might as well be riding teacups, that's how queasy Cobra's Curse is probably going to make riders with the spinning. Without doubt it will be the worst coaster at any Busch park!
  5. The frisbees are fun, but Gravity Works Skyscraper was and is the greatest amusement ride ever created in the history of the human race.
  6. In my humble opinion Fury 325 will be better than Intimidator 305 but not as good as Millennium. On Millennium you have those wonderful tunnels with the lake nearby and the overbanked turns. Intimidator 305 has the drop and the curve at the bottom but that's it. The second half with the "twisties" is not enjoyable at all due to those rotten restraints.What was intamin thinking? Fury 325 won't have that problem, it is a beautiful coaster, but no tunnels unfortunately. As far as Carowinds Intimidaor, it's pretty good, but the airtime is very minor due to the trim brakes.
  7. You would have to be out of your mind to think Fury 325 will be a better ride experience than MF. There's only one word for why: scenery. what will you be looking at riding Fury? Highways. On Millennium you have the view of the beautiful lake to your left. Another problem is there are no tunnels on Fury. Millennium has two large ones.
  8. Sorry Acheht. Actually that last post was a joke. I think the ride will be pretty good. Maybe not Superman/Bizarro but good.
  9. I really doubt if this new Cyclone will be as good as the one they tore down by looking at the layout. Would you not agree?
  10. If Carowinds gets this thing, please Cedar Fair go for 350 feet at least with loads of airtime. There are far too many gimmicky attractions out there and stop making Millennium Force your trophy you are afraid to exceed. Thank you.
  11. I prefer my own park which is the Tampa one, but one thing I don't understand is why everyone rates Kumba so high. I mean it's pretty good, but Hulk,Kraken, and even Sheikra blow it out of the water. Yes, I would take Apollo's Chariot easily over Kumba even though I prefer Nitro. While I am somewhat excited about Falcon's Fury I do think its bark will be worse than its bite and it might even be a letdown. I mean why is it that Drop Zone at Kings Island has a higher top speed even though it is a bit shorter? Probably because Falcon will have less drop time and will break higher up. What a shame.
  12. Personally, I hope this ride never gets built. This looks like the cheapest, most unoriginal way to break 500 feet. Just look at the thing. There will be no airtime and no large drop. Plus they should have sick buckets waiting at the bottom. Sorry Mr. Kitchen, you had an excellent idea with the skycoaster, but the polercoaster looks like a real clunker.
  13. The Gravity Works Skyscraper is the world's best thrill ride, including all coasters.
  14. One thing I really hate is when two different parks give their ride the same name when the layouts are completely different. The worst in this matter is Six Flags. Why the hell did they call their California hyper Goliath and the Georgia hyper as well as the Montreal junior hyper Goliath as well? Come on for Christ sake get a little original. Or at least call the junior hyper David or something.
  15. Contrary to what others may think I don't believe this ride will be THAT good. Oh sure there will be plenty of airtime but the airtime on this ride will be mild. On the 305 version, I think what little airtime there is will be more intense because you will be going much faster.
  16. I suppose this coaster is about the status we could have expected. Here's why: This is not Cedar Point. The quality of the ride is likely to correlate with the quality of the park. I mean, what 's at Kings Dominion? You have three or four woodies of average proportions, a very uncomfortable stand up coaster, an outdated Arrow looper, a good, but not great launch coaster ( Volcano) and a subpar floorless coaster. So I guess a mediocre giga makes sense.
  17. I really wish people could be more honest. I mean look at what we were predicting. Then they came up short. Sure this ride may have some fun aspects, I'm not saying it won't. But there is NO WAY this coaster will be as good as millie. I'm sorry. BTW TTD in my opinion in the greatest steel coaster ever created and intamin went down in quality with kingda ka too.
  18. Another thing I hate sharp curves close to the ground on a ride which is probably why I like MF better than S ROS SFNE. Boy I'll tell you. I never thought I would be disappointed in a giga coaster, but this does it. I mean in time you are supposed to move forward. Improve on things. Not only did they make the ride shorter in height and length, they took away the overbanked turns and tunnels. This coaster looks DEPRESSING! It really does!
  19. Why in the HELL did they make the ride shorter than MF? What a stupid business move! They should have made this ride taller and longer! Does not look too intimidating after all. It could have been at least 325 feet! And no tunnel. I was thinking about going to KD next year. Now I just don't know.
  20. I want to ask all of you something. Would you rather have a B & M flyer (given how good Manta is supposed to be) or a new gigacoaster? Just a thought since it appears not everyone likes MF.
  21. You guys believe it will be shorter than Millennium Force judging by your layout. I think it will be a little taller.
  22. I think it is terrible that they are closing down the hospitality house. It is bad enough how expensive the theme parks have gotten. The parks just want your money, they overprice everything. I hope people protest this move in earnest! At Busch Gardens free beer should ALWAYS be available.
  23. I was talking with a sea world employee over the phone. She said it is possible Manta might open in March!
  24. People are saying Manta doesn't have that much to it but if you think about it neither does Tatsu.
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