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  1. And yes, portable coasters do count! I have 2 portable credits under my belt.
  2. SKOL VIKINGS! Oops, we laid an egg yesterday against the Bucs. Course the Packers lost, so all is well in Vikingland. Paul "Minnesota fan" Miller
  3. -Where do you go to college? I attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Go Gophers!). -What are you studying? I am studying civil engineering, so I know way too much about the scientific side of coasters. -What made you go there? Well, it was either here, Wisconsin, or North Dakota State. The wind NEVER stops blowing in Fargo, because the Badgers never stop sucking! (ducks out of the way) Seriously, we have a great CE program, as well as being a Minnesota homeboy.
  4. College senior, in civil engineering... Transportation Policy, Planning, and Deployment Steel and Reinforced Concrete Design Project Management Hydrologic Design
  5. Tuesday, September 6, was Opening Day at the University of Minnesota. As an Admissions Ambassador, I helped out with many of the Opening Day activities, including Housing's information booth on the Mall, Convocation, the official greeting for first-year students, and the first Ambassador meeting in our new digs in Jones Hall. Then it's party time! Paul "Already up to his neck in homework" Miller After it's all over, time to visit the Big Ten for $1.50 pitchers of Bud Light! Yay! Ambassadors More Ambassadors First Ambassador meeting at our new digs! Pic isn't very good, but here's the academic procession onto the stage. Stately Northrop Auditorium, site of Convocation Fellow Ambassadors Dusty and Colleen The mighty Information Tent, set up for opening day The beautiful Northrop Mall, the heart of the U of M campus
  6. Avalanche is NOT, repeat NOT, a kiddie coaster. In fact, it's one of the wildest coasters anywhere. Having not ridden enough of them to make a Top-10, this is still one of the best around. Paul
  7. I'm watching the pictures of the devastation along the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, and the Indonesian tsunami is the only reasonably accurate comparison. The destruction is just shocking. Thoughts and prayers go out to all affected, and particularly to those who couldn't escape hell on earth. Paul
  8. Oops! Thanks, Derek, for straightening out the names. I was never formally introduced to all the other people in the group, so I was flying by the seat of my pants as far as other names went. Fixed now. Paul "Thanks!" Miller
  9. FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2005 THE STRIP WISCONSIN DELLS, WISCONSIN I have been reading Theme Park Review since roughly this time last year, when I accidentally stumbled upon it during a slow, rainy day at work for a previous employer. When I was in California in March for Knott’s Winter Coaster Solace and West Coast Bash, I stood in the Xcelerator line behind the world-famous couple. And when I read that the Alveys would be coming as close as the Dells of the Wisconsin River, how could an avid TPR reader (as well as up-and-coming coater enthusiast) like myself not jump at the chance to meet, greet, wine, dine, and ride coasters with the Alveys? Okay, maybe not the wine and dine part, but you get the idea. Rolling into Wisconsin Dells after the tedious drive of 3 ½ hours from northwest of Minneapolis, I pulled into a gas station and gave Robb a call. He said that they were filming on Hades, and to meet at the front of the park. I then wheeled over to Mount Olympus. The way they were parking cars was totally befuddling. They were running all the cars into one row. Which is fine, except when you realize that they are going to fill this row to the VERY FAR END OF THE PARKING LOT. I only managed to get ¾ of the way down the row, which made for a very long walk. Also, I noticed a troubling lack of dispatches from the big steel-frame monster known as Hades. Knowing the park, I knew damn well I wasn’t going to stay up by the north gate and make an unnecessary trip up that hill for someone. While the SoCalers on the trip might be in climbing shape from climbing a certain mountain north of LA, I am not. So, I walked around to where I could see the train on Hades making the first drop out of the station. Lo and behold, there were Robb and Elissa in the front row, awaiting train dispatch and ready to film. The train FINALLY rolled out of the station, and I went back down the hill to make a few other rides on the other coasters here. Roughly half an hour after I entered the park, I finally met up with the entourage, which was splitting up. Elissa and Derek went to have their mis-adventures on Dive to Atlantis (ask them about it), and the rest of us went to film from the bronc-saddle seat on Cyclops. Reuniting, we find our hero, Elissa, SOAKED! Apparently, the ride attendants decided that instead of two people in the log (which they had been doing the whole time they had been open), four people would go into this particular log. And when the log went down the last drop, copious amounts of water were unceremoniously dumped on the occupants of said log. Elissa and Derek were both drenched, as well as the camera Elissa had brought. Robb remarked something to the effect of the Dells are hazardous to a camera’s health. The crew split up at this point, with Elissa, Robb, Andrew, and myself going out to the parking lot to get footage and talk for a bit, and everyone else going to get credits on the kiddie coaster and Pegasus. We then went over to Riverview. I had not been here before. The clientele at this place was significantly different than what we had seen over at Mt. Olympus. I will not comment, but I think after Robb gets done captioning the photos, the idea will be clear. The most diplomatic way to put the park is “ghetto.” Robb, Elissa, Joey, and Fred were sent around three times on the Wacky Worm, and Andrew was sent around twice on the Orient Express-themed Dragon Wagon. The four of us who hadn’t ridden Galaxi yet rode it. This was the first (and so far only) coaster where I felt the need to duck under anything. Another indicator of the park’s ghettoness was when the cars needed to be manually pushed from the unloading platform to the loading end. The cars also needed to be given some, ahem, encouragement to get out of the station to the bottom of the lift hill. It was interesting, and that’s all I’m going to say. After this somewhat mortifying experience, the next few minutes yielded some of the most hilarious moments ever captured by a carousing coaster crew from California. Someone asked how fast the Sellner spinning dragons spun. Since they had a few tickets left over, Robb and Jew-boy hopped aboard to find out. As soon as the brake was released, that dragon spun, and spun, and spun. It was hilarious to hear Robb yelling in agony whenever the opening faced us. “Wha………wha…………wha…..” Lunchtime! According to Derek's PDA, there was a Pizza Hut on the corner of Wisconsin Dells Parkway and Hwy. 13, the road in off Exit 87. Well, a few minutes of wandering around on I-90/94 later, we find that there is no Pizza Hut, and most of us ended up at the biggest McDonalds I had ever seen. The inside was themed like a Northwoods lodge. Over lunch, I explained some of how I am becoming a coaster enthusiast, Robb’s periodic trips to the Twin Cities, and Southern California theme parks. After lunch, we headed over to Timber Falls Adventure Park. Wristbands were purchased, and rides were taken. After the first ride, the TPR Invaders were absolutely dumbfounded. They were reduced to laughing, simple smiles, and babbling. They weren’t sure how Avalanche could possibly be that intense, how fun it was, and just the overall level of insanity. Since it was a quiet afternoon, we pretty much sat wherever we wanted. As far as the coaster itself, it had “seasoned” quite a bit since I rode it June 10. There was a lot more side-to-side shuffling than before, as well as more squeaking. It’s still absolutely NUTS. Back to Mt. Olympus to find that the line for Hades had not shrunk since park opening. It was to the bottom of the stairs. So the crew went to Cyclops for more riding and filming. After Cyclops, some of the gang went back to the hotel to change and get ready for some waterpark action, while Robb, Fred, Joey, and myself went up to Zeus to ride. Fred then went over to the hotel while Robb, the other guy, and me went out to the top parking lot, for different reasons. Robb and Joey were there to get footage, while I was there to get my car, as, unfortunately, it was time for me to head back to the Twin Cities. I gave Robb and Joey a ride back to the hotel end of the park, where we officially bid adieu. I also suggested that if they could, that they should come to the Minnesota State Fair, just for the whole atmosphere. Speaking of the Minnesota State Fair, if TPR ever wants to have a Flatride Challenge, I am officially suggesting Opening Night of the Minnesota State Fair with the Gang of Four (Jerry Dorf, Cameron and Loren Willis, and myself) because A) it’s not that busy, B) the flatride lineup kicks serious @$$, and C) we know the operators of a few large pieces. Sound good? Paul “The MNSF opens in 10 days!” Miller PS: I have high-res originals of all of the below photos. If you want any of them, let me know. PPS: You'll have to start at the bottom and scroll up if you want the photos in chronological order. This is the first time I've posted multiple photos in a thread, so bear with me. Thanks! After 3.5 hours on I-94, this is a great sign to see "Damn, this camera has to get me through Sunday!" Hades, smile! You're on Candid Camera! A photo of two photographers taking pictures of each other taking a picture. Try saying that three times fast. All that cheese in Wisconsin must have affected his sanity... Finally, a good shot of the Hades train "Damn, Elissa sure is having fun" Loaded into the Big Green Torture Chamber... "HELP!!!!" Robb looks like he's been kicked by a donkey... More Avalanche madness However, when it's all over, it sure is nice to be back on home turf.
  10. FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2005 VALLEYFAIR FAMILY AMUSEMENT PARK SHAKOPEE, MINNESOTA The final Friday in July has become the unofficial date for Valleyfair Coaster Craze, my home park’s annual enthusiast event. So what better way to prep for it the night before than to go to the bar and celebrate a friend’s birthday by getting quite drunk? Ah, can’t get much better than that. I awoke shortly after 6:30 AM to find that my buddies, whose apartment I had stayed at for the night, were giving me grief about sleeping sitting upright. A quick stop at the campus Burger King and a fast drive against the horrendous Twin Cities rush hour traffic later, and I was in a familiar place: outside the front gates at Valleyfair. Morning ERT was on Steel Venom, Wild Thing from 8 until the park open at 10, with RipTide and Corkscrew joining the festivities at 9 AM. My perennial partner in crime, Jerry Dorf, was there at the open, along with Tim Dahl, another Minnesota enthusiast, and occupied the very back seat. My other compatriots, Cameron and Loren Willis, showed up at the Venom after the first cycle. There is nothing quite like breaking a hangover (albeit a relatively small one, but still a hangover) with the front seat on Steel Venom. I managed to get 3 rides in various parts of the train before a vicious power-riding headache/eyeache set in. I then set off for the back of the park with Cameron, Loren, and Mark Fletcher, the manager at ComoTown. A stop at RipTide showed that it was being run in the wet cycle. Having heard a story about a RipTide wet cycle from Jerry and Tim, we decided to pass. Besides, none of us had anywhere dry to stash our wallets, phones, etc. Anyway, we then made a few runs on Wild Thing. The train was noticeably rougher than normal, and this was attributed to the early time and lack of cycles. The jury remained out on Wild Thing. Next in the ERT was Corkscrew, the Arrow looper that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this season. We all rolled to our default spots for our run. OK, so I went to my default spot, which is the very front. Long legs are a pain to get into anywhere other than the seat with the nose cone. I think I could pull off eating a banana on this Arrow looper (a la Donald Sutherland in Space Cowboys). Lots smoother than its bigger sister on the mountain, Viper. Back to Wild Thing for another run, and then a pause on the way out for “The Star Spangled Banner.” Power Tower is adorned at the top with large American flags, so it was a very nice sight. After the anthem, and a slight holdup from 9:50-10:00, the seven of us made our way towards the back of the park. Going by Mad Mouse presented an opportunity to get another credit. You see, I had never ridden the Mouse, as the line had always been astronomical. SO… I found that this mouse wasn’t as nuts as either the Exterminator at Kennywood or the Crazy Mouse portable at the Minnesota State Fair. A good family coaster, but not one that is going to knock socks off. Excalibur awaited at the back of the park. This guy is truly a hidden gem. Very well done trains, nice pops of airtime, and plenty of speed. It is also known as the Thunder Canyon Spin Dry, as soaked patrons from Thunder Canyon’s exit queue go straight into Excalibur’s entry queue. Since I have NEVER seen more than a 1-train wait on this, 2-3 cycles are the norm. Back to the front of the park, where we watched Cam use his Ripcord season pass endorsement. After watching a squirrel scare the living daylights out of the girl in the booth (message for details), six of us opted to try the go-karts. In order to provide for a proper start for the go-kart race, the six of us went slowly out of pit row, grouped up 3 across and 2 deep, and started at the shadow in the tunnel. Since I had the pole position, my kart was an absolute dog. It had NO go. I was dead last of us 6 when we were waved back to the pits. Lunchtime! Valleyfair does know how to do fried chicken right (sorry KFC). Crispy breading with a great flavor. Must have gotten a few tips from Mrs. Knott. Also, Valleyfair had made a 25th birthday cake for Corkscrew, and Cameron got the piece with the train. Apparently, his iron count was running low. After that was the prize drawing. Prizes included lots of T-shirts, a few pullovers, pins from CP, a blanket, and some Nalgene bottles. However, the most coveted prizes, which were tucked into some of the shirts, bottles, and jackets, were… D R U M R O L L P L E A S E . . . GOLDEN TICKETS. No, these were not the Wonka Golden Tickets. These were Enthusiast Golden Tickets. The Golden Tickets are exit lane passes to Jr. Gemini at Cedar Point that allow one person per ticket to ride Jr. Gemini WITHOUT ACCOMPANYING A KID. You read that correctly. Tickets to ride Jr. Gemini without a kid in tow. Printed on bright yellow paper. Coincidence? I think not. After lunch, most people who had been there all morning went elsewhere. Your fearless hero went back to the U of M campus to help out as an Admissions Ambassador, giving tours to prospective engineering students. Returning to Valleyfair around 9 PM for the night session of ERT, there were still a LOT of cars in the lot. However, there was lots of parking close by the gate. After finding Cam and the gang, we headed for High Roller, which was a rare 2-train operation. The trims were still in business, and the little double-dip right before the station is the only powerful kick of air on the whole coaster. We remained there for the start of night ERT. Trims stayed on the few rides we rode there. Over to Wild Thing for what everyone was hoping for: a brakeless ride. Last year, during evening ERT, the brakes were turned completely off. This year, all of us there were hoping for the same thing. Maintenance had pulled one of the trains, so it was only a 1-train operation. The brakes were definitely tuned down, but they weren’t completely off. You could see this by the full train overshooting the main brakes. The brakes varied during the ERT. However, even on the last train, the brakes were never completely disabled. That last point did not bother me at all, but a couple of people thought quite poorly of the event. One gentleman, wearing a Hydra shirt, was bellyaching about how the queue was not cleared so that the ERT could start EXACTLY at 10 PM, among many other things. He was going to Guest Relations to complain. For those of us within earshot of this man’s tirade, it was all we could do not to harshly shut him up. Personally, I’m grateful that VF went through the trouble of being open for 3 extra hours, and won’t be bitching unless it gets REALLY bad. I had a great time at Coaster Craze, and I hope it gets firmly entrenched into the enthusiast calendar. Paul “STOP WHINING!” Miller
  11. Half German, 1/8 Irish and French, and 1/4 Chinese. The Chinese in me is the most visible part, in my facial complexion. I have been told in Hawaii (that's where my Chinese relatives are from) that I look like a local, which is funny, considering I'm a born and raised Minnesotan. Also, I'm 6'4", which is unusual for an Oriental. Paul "DUCK!!!!!" Miller
  12. 82. All the fantastically written trip reports on this forum. 83. The mods (OK, Robb and Elissa) being willing to put a swift end to any flame wars that might start up around here. I really like a place where everyone at least gives each other the time of day.
  13. Our unofficial Valleyfair/MNSF "crew" incudes Cameron and Loren , Jerry, and myself. I don't have a photo of the four of us, but I'll get one soon enough.
  14. From a perspective of a thirsty and broke college student, I really can't afford much of the microbrews that are mentioned in this thread. So, I will do the best I can with what I got... 3. MILLER GENUINE DRAFT. Since my last name is Miller, it is Miller Time. 2. COORS LIGHT. Not bad once the taste buds are toast. 1. GRAIN BELT PREMIUM. Brewed in New Ulm, MN, has beome the Midwest's college beer because of A) it's availability and B) it's relative inexpensiveness. Paul "Cheers!" Miller
  15. Where are you going to be staying in the Dells? Noah's Ark can be absolutely NUTS if the weather is nice. I was there June 24th (half off with college ID), the weather was hot, and the place was a nuthouse by noon. If you're going to Noah's Ark, it is imperative that you be there and ready to go at the 9 AM park open. And where is that one Carrabba's located relative to the Dells? Paul "Wis Dells is kind of a semi-home park" Miller
  16. I saw said questionable advertisements today a little after 1:00 PM CDT, and I use IE. Links to very questionable websites were jammed into the RC Video Games, similar to above.
  17. You are correct, Robb. Those markers simply state the elevation at that point. A GPS crew probably went out with the points and elevations programmed into their receiver. An afternoon, a bundle of stakes, and a roll of ribbon later, voila! That is pretty much what I do for MnDOT (Minnesota Dept of Transportation) over the summer. I agree that it would be a shame if Orient Express got axed. That hill gets steeper and steeper as the afternoon progresses. Paul "My quads got a good workout at WCB!" Miller
  18. That "Numa Numa" song the fat guy dances to is called "Dragostea Din Tei", Haiducii vs. Gabri Ponte (spelling?). Robb, I have the song, so if you want, I can email it to you.
  19. My 1992 Olds 98 sedan has 172,000 miles on it. Considering it's such a big car with only a 6-cylinder engine, it still gets 24-25 MPG on the freeway with a fully loaded car. Not too bad
  20. I nominate one that isn't on the list, the Top Scan by Mondial. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/the_rock401/detail?.dir=ded2&.dnm=9cd0.jpg&.src=ph This monster is, without question, the best flat ride out there. 1) The ride is absolutely off-the-wall in itself, and 2) Since it's an independent traveling ride, it's run like a bat out of hell, because they want you to come spend your $$ and get a quality ride out of the deal. It will be at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul at the end of August. Try riding it when it's a slow night and you know the operators.
  21. JUNE 10, 2005 MT. OLYMPUS WATER AND THEME PARK AND TIMBER FALLS WISCONSIN DELLS, WISCONSIN Being that I am a member of RideWorld, I was able to join the Midwest Coaster Conquest crew in Wisconsin Dells on Friday, June 10. I departed work at 10 AM in the Twin Cities, drove through some heavy showers on I-94 in western Wisconsin, and made the three-hour journey from Golden Valley down to the Dells. However, the closer I got to the Dells, the worse the weather looked. The first clue was noticed when I stopped at a rest area just past Black River Falls. The radar indicated a large blob of rain moving towards the Dells. After going past the Tomah split, the sky ahead grew more foreboding. Half an hour north of the Dells, the rain finally came. I pulled into the parking lot at Mount Olympus shortly after 2 PM in a pouring rain. I parked next to my other RideWorld coaster friend, Jerry Dorf. Jerry was not on the tour, but had come down earlier that morning to see the gang. He filled me in on the activities of the morning during the rain delay. The thunderstorm stopped around 2:30, and by 2:45 all the coasters were back in business. I purchased my unlimited use pass (4-hour passes are now a thing of the past), and we entered a deserted park. The sun came out, and with it came incredibly high humidity (dew points in the 60s). Prior to becoming a coaster-enthusiast-in-training, I had thought that Noah’s Ark Waterpark was the only reason any self-respecting college student would even get off the freeway at Wisconsin Dells. However, the combination of Hades, the purchase of Family Land Waterpark by the owners of Big Chief’s Carts and Coasters, and the merger of the two into Mount Olympus now make that a true destination worthy of the critical theme park mind. The first place Jerry and I went was Hades, the wooden coaster that has set coaster message boards ablaze for the past year. The jury will not take six days to get a verdict on Hades, unlike a certain trial out in Santa Monica, California. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion. Pre-lifthill, Hades is better than a lot of wooden coasters. The drop and tunnel is all about speed. It is impossible to know just how much banking is in the tunnel without some sort of vertical reference point, so you can definitely tell that you go through a steep banked curve, but you can’t tell if it’s 90+ degrees. Also, reverse of what many would think, Hades delivers more airtime in the front of the train than in the back. Keep in mind that this is while the coaster is relatively “green”. This time next year, Hades will be an absolute monster. After a couple of rides on Hades, we then tried out the other selections in the park. First was Zeus, an old CCI creation. Zeus looks good from the road, delivers lots of airtime, but this coaster has not aged particularly well. During some of the airtime, which was plentiful, the train ran on the upstops. Hard. I also didn’t like the back row in these cars, as my knees took a battering. My rides on Zeus are like High Roller at Valleyfair, better from the back row due to more legroom. Next was the infamous back row of Cyclops. Wisconsin state law requires that all riders in the back car to be over the age of 18. For good reason. Perhaps it was because Jerry had most of the seatbelt on his side of the seat, or maybe because of the relatively loose lapbar, but this was incredibly ridiculous. Nearly completely thrown out of the car. I can see why you must be 18 to sit in the back. Rest of the coaster is relatively tame compared with the back row. We cycled through those three coasters for the next hour. We then found our way to the relatively tame coaster of the bunch, Pegasus. Jerry and I rode separate, for good reason. That coaster is all about laterals, and we would have beaten the daylights out of each other. Like I said, relatively tame. We also met some of the people on the Midwest Coaster Conquest, as well as the RideWorld chiefs, Chris and Natalee Godsey. After riding the daylights out of the coasters at Mount Olympus until about 4:30, the crew met at Timber Falls at 5 to get specs of ERT. As it turned out, there would be no ERT. However, the park would be open until 10. After paying a special group rate, the Trekkers partook in a round of miniature golf on one of Timber Falls’ three mini-golf courses. I hadn’t mini-golfed in a long time, and I forgot how fun/frustrating mini golf can be. Mini-golf completed, we descended upon the 12-person train on Avalanche. This coaster doesn’t look like much. Boy, are you in for an attitude adjustment. This is a WILD coaster, with ridiculous airtime, just enough of a rough ride to keep you hooked, and a very agreeable re-ride policy. While this coaster is deliriously full of airtime, it’s a tough one to power-ride. Very intense, and quickly became a favorite of everyone. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this ride as well. Avalanche is going to hit the top-10 list of most enthusiasts who pass through the Dells. The CoasterTrek armada left for Illinois at 7:30, and Jerry and I stayed to ride Avalanche a few more times before I departed for Madison and my accommodations for the night. The Dells coasters seem thoroughly underrated in the realm of the coaster world. This was discussed by some at Timber Falls, and we agreed that the reason for this is that not many enthusiasts get up here, as compared with Florida or SoCal. Anyway, if you are not bothered by the obscenity of the “Strip”, the Dells is a great place for coaster enthusiasts to get their fix. En route to Madison on I-94, I was forced off the freeway twice by rain so heavy I couldn’t see 100 feet in front of me, and I did not care to get my car smashed in. I did get to Madison and back intact, while staying with my residents (OK, ex-residents now) the night in Madison. All that walking and the heat meant that I was sore and exhausted upon arrival in Madison, and I slept the sleep of the dead. PAUL’S BOLD PREDICTIONS 1) Within a few years, Hades will be having tracking issues in the tunnel, simply because so much speed is carried through the tunnel that the lumber can’t handle the load. GhostRider and SOB all carry lots of speed through 2) There isn’t enough cheese in Wisconsin to go with all of the whining the ACErs will create when CoasterCon rolls into town at the end of next week from Six Flags Chicago. The trains are short, there is one train on each coaster, and the park is very, very hilly. I lost a few pounds climbing stairs, and I am in good walking shape.
  22. Nice TRs. Glad to see you're having fun going from park to park. I will be meeting up with you guys in Wisconsin Dells on Friday. Keep having fun!
  23. I promise you, folks, that this will NOT be a bloated epic like the three-parter about Solace and West Coast Bash. Just short and sweet. I was a community advisor (or RA at other colleges), and a few of my residents and I went to Valleyfair last Sunday. The 1 day the sun shines out of the past 25 (I'm not kidding, May sucked here in Minnesota), I get a slight sunburn. Go figure. Wild Thing is running in prime form, even though it just opened last week. Still rides very smooth. Riptide is a carbon-copy of the one at KBF, both in appearance and cycling. Corkscrew was running surprisingly well. As noted in said WCB TR, I have to ride the front row in Arrow trains, simply because I cannot fit anywhere else on the train. Did not get beat up (unlike Viper). High Roller is, well, High Roller. Heavily trimmed, has major potential. Excalibur is running fairly well. Not quite as rough as it was at Coaster Craze last year. Steel Venom was down most of the day, but restarted shortly before departure, and I got my first ride on it. Crazy floater airtime coming down from the spike the first time. Despite the nice day, the park was ERT-like all day. No more than a two-train wait for anything other than my last ride on Corkscrew, when it was 3 trains. For whatever reason, Corkscrew was the busiest ride in the park near departure, after 3 PM.
  24. I know there are Pepsi can discounts to Valleyfair, but I don't know how far into June they go. Usually they are always good in May, but cut off around mid-June. At least that's the way it has been in previous years.
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