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  1. Local food, you ask? Well, there's a bunch of good local restaurants in Eden Prairie. The Lion's Tap is known for their world-famous hamburgers, and they're only about 10 minutes from Valleyfair. I highly recommend the Lion's Tap. If hamburgers aren't your thing, Davanni's is a little ways up Flying Cloud Drive. Great pizza and hoagies. For a good, quick milkshake, Culver's is on Highway 169 and Canterbury Road. If you have any more questions about the Twin Cities, message me and let me know.
  2. I live in the Twin Cities, and can help you out with a lot of your plans. Valleyfair on a June Friday night is depends on a lot of factors. If you're going on either June 3 or June 10, then there will be a lot of high school commencements going on around the Twin Cities metro, and it shouldn't be too bad. Also, it is very weather-dependent. If the weather is warm, it could be quite busy. If there are signs of rain or if it's cold, then you will probably be able to call your shot. I made my first visit to Noah's Ark last year during their College Days (present a valid college ID and get half off entry), and I was floored by how big the place was. I was also shivering, as it was 61 degrees and overcast on the morning of June 25th. I agree with Rugged One's idea of going down to Arnold's Park from the Twin Cities. I would jump out of the Dells into Shakopee the first day, then head to Arnold's next. VF is near the highway that you take out of the Twin Cities down to Lake Okoboji.
  3. I have gone to WDW. However, I was about 7 at the time, so I don't remember much.
  4. I was riding the KBF Space Needle (or whatever it's called) at Solace, and I was talking with a guy who lived in Huntington Beach. He said that he was born and raised there, and despite the fact that California takes a lot of crap from people, he likes it there. I guess there is a lot of hometown I know firsthand, because I'm from Minnesota, and we take all kinds of crap about our weather. But I still live here, don't I?
  5. After seeing this round of pictures, I am seriously considering going down to the Dells Memorial weekend just for that. Holy crap!
  6. Here are a few that popped into my head: Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players Flashlight- George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic Problem Child- AC/DC
  7. I've been to a few waterparks in my time. Some of the highlights: Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls, MN. Not much of a waterpark, but their freefall slide is enclosed and goes underground for a bit, so that's kinda cool. Noah's Ark Waterpark, Wisconsin Dells, WI: HUGE! The only reason any self-respecting college student would even get off the freeway at Wisky Dells. At least, prior to Hades. Tons of slides, lots of variety, and during a week in June, a half-price offer for college students w/ID. Best waterpark I've been to, hands down. Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Kapolei, HI: Newer park, but they use a LOT of chlorine, and the rough concrete on bare feet is not a good combo.
  8. I would say some of the trackage on Ninja@SFMM could use a paint job.
  9. The worst part about Psychlone, IMHO, is not the rough ride, although that sucks pretty badly. It is the incessant squealing of the trims. If I were to suggest one thing to ride it with, it's EARPLUGS!
  10. Hmmm. The Superblock (4 big res halls at the U of M) had a peculiar odor wafting through it tonight...
  11. Now I know this isn't quite contest material, but I'd figure I'd post a link to the video I scratched together of the 2004 Minnesota State Fair. Let me know what you think of it. Filesize is 20.7 MB. http://s17.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2RBVAHFN658XN36V1PAG8LS12R This link will expire in the wee hours of April 26. Paul
  12. Hades, for the reaosn being that it's the one of the bunch that I will be riding this year.
  13. http://www.twincitiesgasprices.com Follow Minneapolis-St. Paul gas prices here
  14. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1225&start=30
  15. This is uber-cool! My birthday (24 June 1984) US: "Reflex" - Duran Duran UK: "Two Tribes" - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  16. Community advisor (residential assistant to most other schools) at Frontier Hall at the University of Minnesota. Through May, anyway. After that, I'm studying civil engineering, so I'll hopefully be working for some government entity this summer.
  17. Never gotten a ticket, although I have had the crap scared out of me more than once. Note to anyone driving through Wisconsin: WISP (Wisconsin State Patrol) is militant on the freeways of that state. More than half of my residents are from Wisconsin, and several have nasty stories about cops in Wisconsin. Also, if you fight a ticket, a DA can represent the cop in court, so the cop doesn't have to be there.
  18. Whatever the author was smoking when they put this list together, I want some of it.
  19. Let us not forget Kennywood. The best park food I've eaten is at Kennywood. Excellent quality food, a fair price, and good service. This was in July of 2001, so things may have changed. Notice how I accented park. The Minnesota State Fair has all parks beaten for selection, quality, and price. If you ever want to see what 45 different kinds of food on a stick look like, come visit.
  20. I'll be there at noon Central. Paul "get the erasers" M
  21. Make sure you hit Kennywood, which is south of Pittsburgh. It has some great coasters, and the traditional park feel (and the Polish sausages) is great.
  22. Holy crap. Now that's a deal. If they flew to MSP I'd be all over that
  23. I was reading the 2005 trip plan thread, and I noticed taht Robb and crew were planning to come to Planet Cheese (aka Wisconsin) sometime in August. I was wondering when the Alvey entourage will be in the Dells. If the timing is right, I can find an excuse to run down there and meet you guys. Paul "is always leery about venturing into Cheeseland" Miller
  24. Not a whole lot in the way of traveling. Wisconsin Dells will be as far as I go (or at least I'm planning). However, I have a Valleyfair pass, so who knows? WOF or CP if I feel impulsive enough. As for when, either on June 10 to meet up with Chris Godsey's Midwest Coaster Trek, or Labor Day weekend, along with the Minnesota State Fair. Robb, when will you be in Wisconsin Dells? I might make an excuse to head down there. Paul
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