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  1. Elissa, I think a lack of ERT on Friday night has a bigger effect on people coming in from out of town for Solace than the Mountain getting a big new coaster reday to go. While it isn't the primary reason I won't be at Solace (a little jaunt to Florida last weekend has something to do with it), that is certainly a major factor. Paul "Might be on the Mountain Sunday" Miller
  2. Orlando, LA, DC, and Chicago I completely agree with. However, my Twin Cities are rapidly sinking to the depths of these 12 cities. Paul "And I worked with MnDOT last year" Miller
  3. Yeah, talk about forum CPR... I enjoy waterparks. Too bad there aren't any decent ones within a reasonable drive of here (3 1/2 hours to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells does not count). But as far as the best one I've been to: Noah's Ark. 'Nuff said. Too bad it's in the Dells. Paul
  4. You should have a photo TR of you going to whatever your banking establishment is. I know most banks don't take a ding if you're an account holder.
  5. Robb was saying something about the power supply being moved over to the new Hurricane Harbor funnel attraction. However, I'm not sure where I heard him say it, whether it was here in the forums or when we were talking in Wisconsin Dells. Paul "Didn't have a problem with Revolution's OTSRs" Miller
  6. I religiously watched the very first Survivor, and I haven't watched an episode since.
  7. I enjoy the Olympics. I'm with Soren in that I always enjoy watching the opening ceremony and the lighting of the torch. Cathy Freeman lighting the cauldron in Sydney was my favorite cauldron lighting. However, for these Olympics, I will be in Florida on the weekend of the opening ceremony. So I'm setting my VCR and hopefully the ceremony will be there when I get back Paul "Tivo anyone? "
  8. Has Knott's announced any hotel deals for Friday night, or was that a special thing for Silver Bullet's first event? Last year they had a Friday night ERT and dinner for those who got the hotel package. Also, are you renting a car?
  9. Selling large hunks of empty acreage around some parks could be a big, big mistake. If residential properties are developed on that land that was previously buffer, you're introducing Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) issues who want the park to stop running loud coasters before sunrise and after sunset, and who will raise hell about any installation that makes things busier by their house, despite the fact that the park was there 35 years before you were. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit here, but that isn't far from the truth. That said, several of his ideas make sense. Spending money on improving the physical condition of the parks (i.e. paving, paint, etc) can help a great deal. Paul "Knows a thing or two about loudmouth NIMBYs" Miller
  10. My problem is that I can't fit into the kiddie coasters. I have a hard enough time fitting into an airline seat Paul "6'4" and enough change to get a cup of coffee" Miller
  11. I'm sure all the college students here have been sucked into the black hole of time wasting that is Facebook. But for those who aren't college students, or for those who are that are way out of the loop, Facebook is "an online directory that connects people through social networks at schools." I have decided that it would be cool if I could find all the collegiate members of TPR on Facebook. If you don't know who I am or where I go to school, (I don't think I've ever actually said where I got to school, but I've dropped a lot of hints) shoot me a PM and I'll give you the details. Paul "Help!" Miller
  12. JT3K, the reason we are flying into Orlando is that it is significantly cheaper for two of the three of us to fly there instead of Tampa. A full day at the FSF because the three of us going are all fair, flat ride, and traveling show fans. Growing up on the Minnesota State Fair, it's not hard to like fairs. At last look, the full-year pass was $58, which compares well with the roughly $50 one-day pass. If we're there multiple days, it pays for itself.
  13. Braces are no fun, IIRC. The first two days they were on, they hurt like crazy. But like all things, you get used to them.
  14. It took a bit of convincing, but I finally made up my mind. Here's our itinerary... THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9: Arrive Orlando 12:45 PM Drive to Tampa Florida State Fair POP armband night FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Florida State Fair all day SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11 Busch Gardens Tampa all day SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12 Busch Gardens Tampa in the morning Return to Orlando Old Town/Orlando stuff rest of day MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13 Return to Minneapolis/St. Paul Any other ideas for this kind of trip?
  15. I can see keeping Elitch's, solely because the nearest competition of substance (Sorry, but Cliff's in Albquerque isn't major competition) is Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, eight hours to the east.
  16. I'm 6'4" and enough change to get a cup of coffee, and the only thing I've been denied boarding on was the Riptide at KBF, believe it or not. Mind you, this was the third time of the day I'd gone on it, and the previous 2 were problem-free. I'm very close on Xcel and Steel Venom, and have to sit in the front row on Viper, Boomerang, and Corkscrew. Paul "Being tall has it's advantages" Miller
  17. I'm actually half-German, though I get my facial complexion from my mom, who is half Chinese. On Christmas Eve, we go to my dad's mom's for the big Christmas soup. It's a big beef, dumpling, and vegetable soup that takes all day to prepare. Since my grandfather died, I've done the bulk of the cutting. It's wonderful soup. Then it's presents, then usually a Western or a card game or something. About 10:00, it's time to head to midnight Mass (OK, 11:00). It's about a half-hour drive back to our home church. In past years, midnight Mass was the highlight of the whole season. It's an old German Catholic country church built in 1892, and the last song sung before the start of the Mass was "Silent Night" in German. But now we're in a new, sterile church that's three times as large as the old one. Oh well. Christmas morning it's presents at home, then to my aunt's house with my mom's side. About 25 people all running around, yelling and screaming. Turkey and all the trimmings, and more presents. Although as I get older, I start to care less and less about the presents (I still like them though ) and more and more about the food and the people, becase that's what the true function of Christmas. Paul "Is already looking forward to Christmas 2006" Miller
  18. Drinking copious amounts of Colorado Kool-Aid and having a good 'ol time. Location TBD.
  19. One word. GO. I think that the omnipresent Knotts ripping here is a case of "familiarity breeds contempt." There are a lot of SoCalers on this board, and when you can go to a park all year long, you tend to get kinda picky about it. Same with myself and Valleyfair (my home park). I went to Knott's last spring for Solace, and I thought Knott's was fantastic! While there are things to worry about, I thought the overall experience was much better than the Mountain.
  20. First coaster: GhostRider, Knott's Berry Farm, Friday, March 9 Last coaster: Steel Venom, Valleyfair, Friday, August 19 HIGHLIGHTS: -My first major coaster enthusiast event, Solace/West Coast Bash weekend in California. Jerry Dorf, my partner in coaster crime, convinced me to go, and boy did I have a blast! Tripled my coaster count (8 to 24), first visit to California outside of the airports in LA and Frisco, and met lots of people!. -Going to Wisconsin Dells twice for coaster-related functions, and bagging all the credits in the Dells that I could fit into. Hades and Avalanche rock! -Meeting Robb and Elissa in Wisky Dells. -Lunch at Valleyfair Coaster Craze. -Realizing Valleyfair on a Friday morning or holiday Saturday at the open is as close to ERT as you can get. -The entire Minnesota State Fair experience. Paul "Is looking forward to 2006" Miller
  21. So last Tuesday, the Twin Cities got 9 inches of snow. Here's what the U of M campus looks like under a fresh snow. And to cap the TR, yours truly with the adorable Goldy Gopher! Some of the leaves haven't fallen down yet... Over to the Superblock now... Northrop Auditorium Remember Opening Day? Well, here's a nice blanket of snow... IT Row More 15th Avenue madness... 15th and Rollins Ave. SE
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