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  1. While at the park, I was told by many that Six Flags had removed the lights on the Giant Wheel. One staff member that was operating it during the day called it the 'Ghost Wheel' because of how it looks at night. Even if lights are never put back on the Giant Wheel, maybe the park could shine some multicoloured floodlights up at it since the spokes are painted white, and this would make it more attractive at night. Another thing that just came to mind when it comes to lights, is that the Scrambler has lights, but they never came on once it got dark during my visit. There were just glow-light strings wrapped around the fence surrounding the Scrambler. Other than a lighting issue on some of the rides, the park was quite beautiful during the day and at night thanks to the rides that do have lights. You may check out my trip to Darien Lake on my blog.
  2. In regards to the discussion of ride maintenance at Darien Lake, I had made my first ever visit to the park on August 30th, 2017 during a Western New York amusement park trip. I had a very good time at the park as it is quite beautifully landscaped and was pleasantly surprised that all the rides except the Haymaker and Thunder Rapids were operating. It was a very good day as I had stayed from shortly after opening until about 9pm as it was getting quite cool. The only concern I had about the park in regards to their rides is how dark some of the rides were at night, from somewhat of a safety standpoint, those being the Twister, Pirate, and the Giant Wheel. Once the park got dark, there were very little to no lights shining of these rides I had listed, so it made me pass them by once the sun had set. If Darien Lake were to add lights (or replace burnt out bulbs) on these rides, the nighttime atmosphere at the park would have been that much better and enjoyable. Even adding a floodlight to these rides would have been better than nothing. A part from that, I enjoyed my day at the park and may work in plans to head back sometime next season since it isn't too far from where I live.
  3. I like the Medieval Faire section at Canada's Wonderland. The pseudo styled buildings are very charming which allows for some highly photogenic shots, especially with some of the park's classic rides in the mix.
  4. Here is the list of parks I have visited this year: -Canada's Wonderland (Home Park) -Seabreeze Amusement Park (New For Me) -Darien Lake (New For Me) -Fantasy Island (New For Me) I hope to squeeze in a first time visit to Knoebels this October as the Fall foliage would just be ever so beautiful!
  5. I have a very strong feeling that Canada's Wonderland will be very busy tomorrow due to the fact that it is the second weekend for the Oktoberfest event and the temperatures are well above seasonal.
  6. Yes, especially the HUSS Giant Enterprise known as Orbiter we have here at Canada's Wonderland! Do you enjoy positive g's more than negative g's on a roller coaster?
  7. No, but I am trying to get a position as a marketer at an amusement park! Are you done visiting amusement parks for the season?
  8. Keeping with the tradition of not including my home park, another ride I have been on during its debut season is the Time Machine at Seabreeze Amusement Park during my first visit to the park last week on my three day WNY park trip. The Time Machine is a custom designed Super Miami model ride. It gave a great ride and the restraints were very comfortable.
  9. That was a quick fix considering the chain was still hanging towards the ground when I had made my first visit to the park on Thursday. I was just there yesterday and the chain was still hanging down to the ground with no work crews on sight... that was a VERY quick fix! Yes, indeed it was!
  10. That was a quick fix considering the chain was still hanging towards the ground when I had made my first visit to the park on Thursday.
  11. North American Midway Entertainment's Crazy Mouse at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Ontario. Photo credit: John Brooks
  12. Here is a photo of Vortex at sunset that I had captured during Season Pass Sneak Preview Night at Canada's Wonderland. Photo credit: John Brooks
  13. The crowds should be quite decent, based on previous experience of visiting the park after a long weekend. Enjoy your day at the park!
  14. If you look at his reply comment, he corrected his mistake and realized it was the Maison Rouge at La Ronde. Although, it would be neat to have a year round haunted attraction outside of the Halloween Haunt season at Canada's Wonderland.
  15. Early ride times are only on Sundays. There are groups who buy out a section park (or the whole park) prior to it opening for the day. Although, I do remember the first two years when I was a season pass holder (2011 and 2012), early ride times was on select weekdays. It's too bad that the park doesn't consider this option again as it was quite useful, especially on those busy summer weekdays.
  16. I'm not a platinum pass holder (I am a Canada's Wonderland season pass holder), but during my two visits to Kings Island over the past few years (July 2014 and June 2016), I have noticed the ride operators and attendants to be much more enthusiastic than the ones at Canada's Wonderland. Although when I had visited Dorney Park during June 2015, the ride operators were very unenthusiastic. But, I do notice that the ride operators at Canada's Wonderland are very polite most of the time. As for the platinum pass, I suppose Canada's Wonderland does not promote it too much as Canada's Wonderland is Cedar Fair's only Canadian amusement park and some of the people who attend Canada's Wonderland do not feel the need to travel to the US to visit these amusement parks. There is also a lack of awareness that Canada's Wonderland is apart of the Cedar Fair chain which consists of 10 other amusement parks other than Canada's Wonderland. Surprisingly, some people who visit still think Paramount owns the park (even though Cedar Fair acquired Paramount Parks in 2006)! Then there is a cost of the platinum pass which stops people from buying it, if they know about it. If people complain about ticket prices or regular season pass prices, then they definitely are not going to consider buying a platinum pass as its out of their reach or spending limit. I do have intentions of becoming a Cedar Fair platinum pass holder eventually, but at the moment, I do not travel much due to college and the start up of my career, but when I do have the chance to travel I will consider purchasing a Cedar Fair platinum pass due to the value and savings it provides.
  17. I made my fifth visit of the season to the park on Thursday and noticed some things which were different or being worked on since my previous visit which was on May 30th. The things that were different was the addition of the (horrendous) queue line that was added to Coasters Diner. I do not know why they added this within the past month but, it is horrible as it only has one exit which makes it awkward for people to access the tables on the other side of the restaurant as you have to pass back through the entry line, which could to lead to your food being spilled. The other thing which was different (and good) is the discount of $5 that season pass holders receive when they ride Sling Shot. It's not a huge discount but, makes it slightly more affordable than the standard $25 per passenger that has been charged since the opening of Sling Shot in 2015. Now, I happened to notice that White Water Canyon's waterfall facade was being worked on, which is great to see! For those who have rode White Water Canyon over the past couple of seasons, you may have noticed the waterfalls had limited operation throughout the seasons which was due to a water main break. It appears they are fixing that and the facade to hopefully get it fully operational once again sometime this summer. It's nice to see the park taking care of it as it's a fun ride on a warm summer's day!
  18. Hopkins was acquired by the water slide manufacturer WhiteWater West in 2012. They offer the water ride attractions that were manufactured by Hopkins on their website.
  19. I decided to ride Wild Beast this year for the first time in nearly seven years since my first and only ride. The re-tracking that occurred over the past few off-seasons has greatly improved the experience of Wild Beast. I've been on it six times this year, although I've only sat in the second car all six times. It's much better than it was seven years ago, but I still prefer Mighty Canadian Minebuster as I enjoy about and back wooden roller coaster layouts due to the airtime. But, I would suggest anyone to give Wild Beast a try as the retracking over the past few off-seasons has greatly improved it.
  20. Because it may be very expensive to operate and maintain? Think about how many employees, water pumps, etc are required to operate that ride? I don't have the exact data, but it's not like parks remove rides to be Scrooge McDucks for the fun of it. Or do they? Also Arrow went out of business in 2002, so that kind of plays role in the Thunder Rapids issues since replacement parts of an old Arrow log flume are hard to find and expensive, but are there other companies that still make log flume rides? Yes, companies such as Intamin, Mack Rides, and Hopkins (White Water West) still manufacture log flume rides.
  21. I've noticed that The Bat at Canada's Wonderland (or any older Vekoma Boomerang for that matter) is quite loud once the train hits the return chain lift prior to going backwards. Also, if you're standing in the queue line, the brakes releasing near the loop as well as the brakes in the station can be quite deafening! But, The Bat is a fun coaster regardless of its loudness!
  22. I think leaving the current path the way it is would be the best option as the path leading from White Water Canyon along side Splash Works, to Action Zone was constructed by Paramount in 1994 to increase and improve the overall flow and accessibility of the park and Splash Works, which opened in 1992. The area will be busy again all season long once a new attraction is built where SkyRider once operated. Ever since the removal of SkyRider in late 2014, that path has been quite dead when Splash Works isn't open.
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