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  1. The park president would say that a new Snoopy nighttime show is "very special". Nobody should put any stock into what PR people or high ranking park executives say. That doesn't mean Wonderland won't get something awesome (it seems like they will), but they would say that no matter what. If I am not mistaken, I believe it is Dave Phillips, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Canada's Wonderland who is saying all of this, not the president of the park.
  2. I believe the height of Wonder Mountain is 150 feet. It would be nice if the park didn't build higher than that when constructing the next roller coaster as it keeps Wonder Mountain very picturesque and timeless when viewed from the main entrance.
  3. Here's my list! A- Adventure Express B- Behemoth C- Crazy Mouse (Fantasy Island) D- Diamondback (Kings Island) E- N/A F- Firehawk G- Ghoster Coaster H- Hydra The Revenge I-Invertigo J- Jack Rabbit (Seabreeze) K- N/A L- Leviathan M- Mighty Canadian Minebuster N- N/A O- N/A P- Possessed Q- N/A R- Racer (Kings Island) S- Silver Comet (Fantasy Island) T- Talon U-N/A V- Vortex (Canada's Wonderland) W- Whirlwind (Seabreeze) X- N/A Y- N/A Z- N/A
  4. I think a B&M Dive coaster would still work, especially with the underwater tunnel element that is included in the plans. One would definitely fit nicely within the land available behind Wonder Mountain. But, maybe something more unique than a B&M Dive Coaster will be Canada's Wonderland's next roller coaster. We'll just have to wait and see!
  5. Grace Peacock, Director of Communications for Canada's Wonderland has shared some eerie misty photos of the park this morning on Twitter. Photo credit: Grace Peacock via Twitter Photo credit: Grace Peacock via Twitter Photo credit: Grace Peacock via Twitter Photo credit: Grace Peacock via Twitter
  6. Here's some awesome news hot off the Screamscape press, and this time it is actually happening! Canada's Wonderland has submitted a permit application with the Toronto Water Conservation Authority to construct a roller coaster which features an underwater tunnel/trench nearby Vortex! This coaster could very well open between 2019 or 2020! Click here and scroll down to page 45 to read about Canada's Wonderland's future plan. This could very well support the work that has been seen by CedarFair1's drone during this off-season! Photo credit: Screamscape
  7. It was accidentially added to the wrong park, it has been fixed now. It should be searchable right now, but it will take a little while for it to update on the massive list. Okay, thank you for letting me know! I'll add it to my ranks!
  8. Hey Robb, I was filing out the TPR Coaster Poll and noticed the Whirlwind at Seabreeze was not on the list. I think you should add it considering that Steel Dragon at Waldameer is on the list. I have enjoyed filling out the Coaster Poll so far!
  9. Canada's Wonderland had released their 2018 operating calendar on their website today! You can check them and Splash Works' hours out here or below. Also Season Pass Sneak Preview Night has been officially announced for Friday, April 27th, 2018 at 6pm until 10pm. More details for Season Pass Sneak Preview Night can be found here. Only 104 days until the season begins! Canada's Wonderland operating schedule 2018: Splash Works operating Schedule 2018:
  10. Just bumping this to this page to see if anyone has that info By doing a basic search, I was able to find that the park was under water for over a month. I hope this helps answer your inquiry.
  11. You're welcome! From personal experience of riding other Zamperla Hawk models (both 24 and 48 models), I can tell you that these rides are very comfortable and provide smooth looping formations. The restraints are also snug so you won't experience the possible uncomfortable shifting which is experienced on some other rides that invert riders multiple times. If you're really into flat rides, then you'll more than likely enjoy Lumberjack.
  12. Canada's Wonderland's Director of Communications, Grace Peacock posted a video to Twitter this morning showing off the site of where Lumberjack will be installed. If you look closely while watching the video, you can see that the concrete support structure for the ride's platform has been put in place. It won't be long now until Lumberjack's ride structure and components get put into place!
  13. Here are a few coasters at sunset photos which I had captured during my first visit to Darien Lake back in late August. Also, the final two photos were captured during the same trip when I had visited Fantasy Island for the first time on September 1st. Mind Eraser: Photo credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views Ride of Steel: Photo credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views Viper: Photo credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views Silver Comet at Fantasy Island: Photo credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views Photo credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views
  14. Canada's Wonderland's Director of Communications, Grace Peacock just shared a sunset shot of Wild Beast on Twitter today. Photo credit: Grace Peacock via Twitter
  15. Yes, that would be a very nice gesture. Maybe it is something that could be suggested to the park for future consideration.
  16. Bill Lishman, the man who created the Wild Boar and Dragon metal sculptures that sit in front of Wild Beast and Dragon Fire, respectively had passed away recently. May his memory live on as helping with the creation of entertaining pieces at Canada's Wonderland.
  17. Silver Comet at Fantasy Island on Friday, October 13th, 2017. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see it in the background. Photo credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views
  18. Silver Comet at Fantasy Island! Photo credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views
  19. In previous years Shockwave has been stored during the off-season lowered to the ground (in the loading position), with the gondolas wrapped in shrink wrap. It is possible that the maintenance crew is not done the process of preparing the rides for the off-season. It sure is interesting to say the least.
  20. Grace Peacock, Director of Communications for Canada's Wonderland shared some Winter-like photos on Twitter of the park during its off-season today. This is the first true snowfall of the season, and it isn't even officially Winter yet!
  21. The reason as to why Canada's Wonderland would add a hotel, just like any other amusement park that has done so over the years, is to allow people to stay longer, which ultimately equates to more money being spent at the park. If there's a demand in the market for onsite accommodations, it only makes sense for the park to go for it, regardless of the fact that they are the most visited seasonal amusement park in North America.
  22. Wow it roared and rattled, and it had butterflies. This thing is a tragedy! I've never ridden a stand up, but does this belong in a feild across the street? (Although I hate to see a roller coaster like this.) Yes, it is located in a field across the street from the park. I saw it when I had visited Darien Lake for the first time back in August. I am very surprised it hasn't been scrapped yet after sitting there for a little more than a decade now.
  23. No, I haven't really worked at anything since I graduated college in mid-August. Do you enjoy sitting around home all day long?
  24. I don't believe it is for a Splash Works expansion as that is coming in 2018, but only for the children's Splash Island attraction. I'm hoping it is for either a B&M inverted or flying coaster. But, something from Mack Rides or Gerstlauer would also be welcomed. But, whatever Canada's Wonderland has in mind for the former SkyRider plot, it won't be opening until at least 2019 judging by the placement of the markers and the amount (or lack) of work which has been done with the land.
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