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  1. That's correct, for the past couple of years the park has began daily operation by the second Thursday in May. During the weekdays in May, the park is open from 10am to 6pm. That will give you plenty of time to ride and re-ride anything you want to as it is mostly school groups performing in the Festival of Music event during that time of the season. They typically leave in the mid-late afternoon. I hope this information helps, DILinator!
  2. I am quite confident that the park will break the 4 million visitor mark this year with Yukon Striker drawing in the crowds! According to TEA, last year's attendance at Canada's Wonderland was 3,798,000 visitors. All of my 23 rides on Yukon Striker have been amazing so far! It is quite intense sitting on the end of the row when pulling through the zero-g winder inversion!
  3. I was also there on Wednesday and was surprised to see the park was really busy as well! It didn't help that Windseeker and Vortex were down, but these things do happen. But, I guess the nice and somewhat cooler weather, along with Kidzfest happening until August 5th, and Yukon Striker being new this year really brought out the crowds. This was my eighth visit of the season, so I was okay with the crowds, but I can see how it can be somewhat of an inconvenience for someone who visits not too often.
  4. I have experienced one true classic Huss Enterprise, that being Enterprise at Dorney Park. Others that I have experienced which are quite rare and unique are the now former Orbiter (Huss Skylab/Giant Enterprise) at Canada's Wonderland and the Silver Bullet (Heintz Fahtz Enterpize ride) at Six Flags Darien Lake. Out of the three versions I have been on to date, I would have to say Orbiter at Canada's Wonderland was the best as it provided a thrilling and comfortable ride. While it is a shame that it was removed back in February, it did have a great run!
  5. If you arrive at the park at opening, the wait times are quite minimal. After opening, wait times can be anywhere from 10 minutes to well over an hour depending on how busy the park is. Weather has a significant role when it comes to how busy the park may be. So, if you're worried about it being extremely busy, go on a day when the weather forecast is predicting a chance of showers. As others have mentioned, there is a single rider line which goes by quite quickly as long as groups don't line up in it and expect to ride together (despite the sign stating groups will be split up). Regardless of how long you wait to ride Yukon Striker, the wait will be worth it! I hope you have a great time next week!
  6. The ride name changes in Medieval Faire this year are not temporary. They are actually the original names used from 1981 through 1996. From 1997 through 2018 they had modernized names, without the pseudo spelling. The rides within the Medieval Faire section that received their original names this year include the following (names used from 1997-2018 are on the left side) : -Dragon Fire - Dragon Fyre -Wild Beast - Wilde Beast -Nightmares - Wilde Knight Mares - The Rage - Viking's Rage Also, Wonderland Theatre was renamed Canterbury Theatre for the 2019 season, a name it had from 1981 through 1993. It is quite nice how the park touched on its original historical roots within the Medieval Faire section this season. The signs that the park sign shop made also look awesome, especially the Dragon Fyre sign which looks similar to the original one used from 1981 to 1996.
  7. Thank you for sharing these great photos and video of the Canada Day fireworks display at Canada's Wonderland! They definitely do look amazing as it lights up the sky and shows Yukon Striker in a different light!
  8. The park could replace both the Pirate and the Sleighride with newer models of both rides. As you have mentioned, LED lights would be very nice and would increase the overall aesthetics of the park, especially at night in my opinion.
  9. We visited on Thursday May 30. The park was open from 10-6. We only stayed until 5 (so about 7 hours) and left to visit my cousin in Scarborough to watch game 1 of the NBA Finals with them. Wonder Mountain was down all day. Other than that and Taxi Jam, we were able to ride the other 15 coasters without Fast Lane. Did Yukon twice and Leviathan three times. After reading how busy this park can get, we probably got lucky. We didn't even follow any real strategy other than trying Wonder Mountain first and finding it closed. So we headed to Yukon and pretty much just proceeded to the next closest ride each time. I am glad to hear that you got many rides in during your visit in late May. Weekdays in May and June are the best times to visit as it is just school groups for the most part, which usually clear out by 3:30pm or so. As others have stated, I agree that it is highly possible to get on many roller coasters and other rides throughout a day at Canada's Wonderland, especially during a weekday in May and June as crowds are minimal. I would recommend anyone visiting from far away to visit this time of year, if possible!
  10. Yes, it is a Flying Carousel model manufactured by Zamperla. The theming of the Sea To Sky Swinger looks great! It is definitely quite unique!
  11. Thanks for sharing these great photos of opening weekend, wildcatroc! I was greatly impressed with the charm of the park when I had first visited in August 2017. I hope to get back one day soon!
  12. No, it's a separate event. Actually, the Gold and Platinum Passes do allow guests to visit Halloween Haunt an unlimited amount of times. Take a look at the benefits of the season passes in the link provided. Ah, thank you I stand corrected That's bonus news for me lol You're very welcome! As for thepoint4life23 visiting during Halloween Haunt season, I would like to point out that if he does purchase either a Fastlane or Fastlane Plus pass during the hours of Halloween Haunt (7pm through 12am), they can only be used for the rides and not the mazes (Haunted houses). If he is interested in doing the mazes and wants to do them quickly, he can purchase the Frightlane Pass, which is a punch card that can be used at all the mazes. Keep in mind that with the Frightlane card, you can only access each maze once with the card. Any visit to the mazes thereafter must be done by waiting in the regular line for the mazes.
  13. No, it's a separate event. Actually, the Gold and Platinum Passes do allow guests to visit Halloween Haunt an unlimited amount of times. Take a look at the benefits of the season passes in the link provided.
  14. Canada's Wonderland operates quite well in rainy weather and does not close early unless if a downpour is predicted for the whole day (which is extremely unlikely). You should be able to get on most rides on a rainy day, unless if the rain is coming down very hard. Otherwise, you should be okay. In my opinion, rainy days are the best days to visit Canada's Wonderland!
  15. Yes, you can purchase discounted tickets for Six Flags Darien Lake on the Six Flags website.
  16. If you are getting Fastlane for your visit, then that is a good idea Canobie. Pretty sure you know your way round the park, Thunder Run and Vortex would be in close proximity to you once you've done Guardian, so three nice rides to start with...and Fastlane will take care of Leviathan, Yukon Striker and Behemoth. Hope it works for you the weekend you go. I have never had any issues on it, and enjoy it also. Also hope you get some decent weather when you come up to visit. I have to admit that I don't fully understand why it should be compared to rides at Disney/Universal as they are completely different types of parks with different business models that can afford the cost of the Avatar/Spider-Man/Harry Potter type stuff. Wonder Mountain's Guardian and Spider-Man don't even enter into the same comparison to me, Spider Man is more technologically advanced...and an excellent ride...but they are on two different budget planes and serve a different purpose and market. I appreciate Cedar Fair for giving us something "different" for a park like Canada's Wonderland. It definitely opened up some new use for the mountain, and I believe, from way back in the thread,....isn't only about half of the mountain actually used for rides inside (Thunder Run and WMG)?? Could someone confirm this (John Lloyd...you are good with these questions?) Yes, there is still quite a bit of room inside Wonder Mountain. As for Canobie Coaster coming up for a visit to Canada's Wonderland soon, I would recommend getting Fastlane Plus which includes Behemoth, Leviathan, and Yukon Striker. The normal Fastlane pass does not include these coasters. Just thought I would mention that. I hope you enjoy your visit to Canada's Wonderland, Canobie Coaster!
  17. The Six Flags SkyScreamer looks absolutely stunning! I can't wait to make another visit to Six Flags Darien Lake this season in order to ride it at night!
  18. Like a guillotine? It would be nice to have Drop Tower fit in with the Medieval Faire section. Even if the name were not to change, it would fit in better with a new colour scheme, similar to what they did with the Drop Tower at California's Great America this past off-season. Although maybe having it painted with different accents of browns and yellows would be more suitable for a Medieval theme.
  19. This past Friday and Saturday, I ventured down to Six Flags Darien Lake to process my membership. I must admit that the level of service and operations has improved since my first and only visit in August 2017 when Premier Parks was still operating the park. With Six Flags now operating the park once again, the staff appear to be friendlier, more helpful, and take greater pride in their jobs than ever before, compared to when I had first visited nearly two years ago. Also, the loading and dispatching of rides seemed to be quicker and more efficient than from what I recall in the past, despite the roller coasters currently only having one train each (except for Tantrum which operates with two eight-passenger cars). It was also nice to see improvements around the park such as freshly painted sign posts and new signs (as some others here have mentioned), some re-tracking taking place on the Predator, the bridge for Shipwreck Falls getting repaired, and the Blast off receiving some needed maintenance. Also, the new-for-2019 Six Flags SkyScreamer looked absolutely amazing standing 240 feet tall! It will sure to be a hit when it opens for the season next weekend! While there were some issues with redeeming discounts with my membership at some gift shop and food locations on Friday, the issues seemed to have been mostly resolved by Saturday. I am quite certain that the new POS system will be free of issues within the near future. I had a fun time this weekend at Six Flags Darien Lake and look forward to going back again sometime this summer!
  20. I have no idea how they come up with their estimates either. From being a constant park-goer, Canada's Wonderland should not be busy on the Thursday as it will still only be mostly school groups that will be there. They typically leave around 4pm or earlier after doing their musical performances or physics day activities. Considering the park closes at 6pm on May 30th, you could possibly have the chance to re-ride some of the larger coasters during that 2 hour period. As for Friday, May 31st, it may be a tad busier, but not busy as in a late July through August visit as the park is only scheduled to be open until 8pm that night. Also, weather is another factor to consider as many people (for some odd reason) do not enjoy visiting on slightly rainy days. I hope this gives you some insight on how busy it will probably be visiting on those dates.
  21. Having rode Vortex many times over the years, it is quite forceful and amazing! My favourite place to ride on it is in the back seat as it just pulls you from start to finish. It always draws a line due to its swinging motion and forces that it produces. It never disappoints! Well, I would say The Bat at Kings Island is a clone of Vortex at Canada's Wonderland since Vortex opened in 1991, two years before The Bat (Top Gun/Flight Deck) had. I've been on both, and I always prefer Vortex due to its location and its overall smoothness and speed. While nearly identical, The Bat at Kings Island seemed a tad slower and slightly uncomfortable when I rode it in 2014 and 2016. It was still quite fun, but not nearly as fun or intense as Vortex. We're quite lucky to have it! On a side note, I rode Vortex last night during Season Pass Sneak Preview Night and it seemed even more so intense than usual due to the amazing and new Yukon Striker interacting with it. There is at least one section where the cars swing quite close to Yukon Striker's supports!
  22. In addition to Doppel Looping's wonderful photos of Yukon Striker from Season Pass Sneak Preview Night, I thought I would share some photos I had taken of other new (or reintroduced) things within the Medieval Faire section. Here's the new sign for the Canterbury Theatre within Medieval Faire, a name which the performing venue had from 1981 through 1993. The Rage reverted back to its original name, which it had from 1981 through 1996. The new sign looks awesome and suits the ride well! Nightmares is once again known as Wilde Knight Mares, giving it a Medieval feel like it did from 1981 through 1996. This new sign also incorporates the colours of the ride and the surrounding structures. The new Wilde Beast sign (with the original pseudo spelling that it had from 1981-1996) looks awesome in person as it has a rustic, medieval type wooden look to it. Thrill Burger was renamed Kings Feast this year to better fit in with the theming of the Medieval Faire section of the park. It is of note that while Dragon Fire's name has returned back to its original spelling of "Dragon Fyre", the old sign that has been used since 1997 is still in place as of Season Pass Sneak Preview Night. I assume the new sign will appear within the following weeks to reflect the name change.
  23. It is quite a large site. When I attended the first rider event as a guest on Wednesday, I was surprised to see how the new path was placed. I thought they would have directed it more towards Sledge Hammer, but they clearly have future plans for the plot of land. I could see a new smaller thrilling flat ride occupy the land that is left over sometime in the future, but I don't know what it could be since we have quite an extensive flat ride collection at the park. I will admit that it is was eerily quiet when I passed through Action Zone yesterday. I miss Orbiter, but it had a great 37 years of operation at the park.
  24. Yukon Striker at Canada's Wonderland during the First Rider/Media Day Event on Wednesday!
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