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  1. The real question is, are you optimistic enough to make another trip to Cedar Point this year to try to get on it?
  2. I haven't had any caffeine in about 4 years. I gave it up for Lent one year and just never picked it back up. I have never been a big soda drinker anyways. I have the occasional tea, and I pretty much only go half sweet/half unsweet and beer. One thing that a lot of people don't realize is how much better you feel when you stay hydrated. It really is a must at a park, especially if you are staying all day.
  3. Ok, so it's really funny that you mention this thing. When we were there last spring, there was a baby one of these things that they had in a separate pin that they were attempting to socialize. I also can't remember its name. We asked the handler what it was and she gave some answer that we had no clue what she said. We asked if it was related to a rabbit (because that was kinda what it looked like) and she responded with a simple "no." My wife and I felt extremely dumb at this point and asked what exactly it was and what it was related to. She again stated the animals name and said it was similar to a guinea pig (in a tone that implied that we just asked a stupid question.) After we saw the fully grown version of the animal we concluded (because clearly we are certified animal experts) that it was related to a rabbit. I had forgotten all about that until you mentioned it here. Also, we got to see a teenage girl screaming in terror and running away when a turkey gobbled.
  4. I meant if you buy a ticket do they offer for you to come into the park the night before? Sorry, I probably wasn't very clear.
  5. Does Dollywood offer a "night before preview" during the Christmas season?
  6. According to a quick google search, the average high in January is 51 degrees in Charlotte. Probably feasible weather-wise, just not sure how much demand there would be. https://www.currentresults.com/Weather/North-Carolina/Places/charlotte-temperatures-by-month-average.php
  7. I can't speak to KI but I just did this for myself at Carowinds a couple weeks ago. Yep, just head to the season pass processing center and you'll get your actual pass and you take that to the front gate. Just let the scanner know that you are using your free day. Interesting tidbit, it's actually coded in the system as a free friend ticket so they have to process it as such.
  8. Absolutely! I actually prefer it since I think there's a lot more to do in general and especially on the Boardwalk itself. I know Virginia Beach has a lot of cool stuff a block back from the ocean, but having it all on the actual boardwalk really makes for a better beach vibe. The beach itself might be better in Virginia Beach, but I still found the beach in Wildwood to be quite clean and quite nice. I don't think you'll be disappointed with Wildwood. Thanks for the info, I mentioned the idea to my wife. She was pretty much convinced when she saw "Doo-Wop Museum." Why not? We'll probably make a long weekend out of this early next spring and maybe hit SFGAdv while we're up there.
  9. Your comparison to VA Beach intrigues me. Is this a place you'd recommend spending an extended weekend at? I've done it many times at VA Beach, but never really any others.
  10. If you are going to the park during the day you will have station-waits and walk-ons on nearly every ride in the park. Nighthawk and Ricochet being the main exceptions.
  11. I thought I saw recently that the bunny hops were supposed to be finishing up this week. Anyone know if that ended up being the case? Once they got through with the large elements they really cranked through this thing! I figured it would take much longer to install the track that was inside the structure.
  12. Thanks! You were exactly right. Pretty easy system! Also, finally got my first ride on Electro Spin. I gotta say that's a pretty fun flat. Much better than I anticipated and less dizzying than what I feared it could be.
  13. ...said no respectable person ever. I mean, I don't really care if enthusiasts agree with these or not. There's no such thing as a "perfect poll" and in the end, they aren't really for us anyways. They mean something to the parks and it's something easy for them to market if they care to. Personally, I like them because they are really the only "high profile" award that comes out regarding amusement parks, and it puts them in the spotlight potentially drawing in visitors. I don't see how that's a bad thing.
  14. I love these awards! I feel like we saw a decent shift this year in some of the rankings. Also really glad (though not too surprised) to see Mystic Timbers win best new ride!
  15. Bumping, in an attempt to get a quick answer regarding this question.^
  16. I purchased season passes for next year and received a free ticket for this year. Does anyone have any experience with how this process works? Will I still need to pay for parking?
  17. See, I think that's what makes the corkscrews some of the best arrow ever made. Love the hangtime.
  18. I was also there yesterday. There was a really good crowd and Bier Fest seems to be a hit. Didn't realize that Darkastle was finishing up now. Really glad we got a ride in on it. Some of the coasters were showing lines approaching or exceeding an hour. One complaint that I do have though is that InvadR was only running one train. I have no idea how long that wait would've been but way in excess of an hour, for sure. Not sure why they were only running one, but it had to have been due to maintenance I would assume.
  19. Ok, likely a dumb question here... In the fine print for the season pass, it lists some of the perks. Then it says "to receive these benefits, you must pick up your pass and register online by xx-xx-2017." I'm assuming that's just to receive the listed benefits and not when the pass must be redeemed, correct?
  20. We weren't even back to the station and my wife was declaring Phoenix her favorite wooden coaster. It's, honestly, amazing how smooth this thing is. Feels like it's gliding.
  21. I guess my thoughts about the length is that I really enjoyed Wicked Cyclone, and a majority of the reason is that is has such a rapid fire succession of elements. This doesn't have that, but like I said earlier, it's nice that none of the RMCs we have seen offer the same experience. Kudos to them for not falling into the trap of doing the same thing each time because it was successful. I'll take a unique experience every time even though I suspect I may still prefer Wicked over Twisted. I really hope to make it down there this year for this! I haven't been to SFOG since 2009.
  22. I certainly get where you're coming for, but combined speed is how head-on collisions are measured. When passing the other train it'll give the illusion of 70mph, which is not a bad marketing pitch and kinda puts this in a different perspective (for me at least) Not saying I don't see the gripe, just saying it isn't completely outlandish.
  23. So are we supposed to just leave this one alone? Not gonna lie, I had that stab of regret as soon as I hit "submit"
  24. My wife said it looks smaller then she expected. I agree that it looks shorter, but I'm excited for this. The sideways airtime on Fury is a really odd and cool sensation so I'm sure that this will be a standout moment on this ride as well. Also, I'm kinda sad we aren't seeing more traditional stalls like we saw RMC doing initially. At the same time, it's nice to see each ride being a little bit different from the others.
  25. You'll be there during the between time. It's not Summer, and it's not Halloween yet. Whenever you see reduced park hours, you can assume the park is not expecting to be crowded.
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