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  1. Does anyone plan to be at the park today? What's the outlook for what the crowd will be like? I'm trying to figure out if it will be worth the trip for me this evening.
  2. I will agree with others about Gwazi. It was so bad that my wife actually got mad at me for letting her ride it. One of my worst memories though was of the old Viper at SFGA. After I rode it I made the statement that it should be removed in the next few years. Sure enough...
  3. Hey everyone, I need a little bit of advice. My wife and I have been trying to make it to Carowinds all year to ride Fury. However, due to our schedules, the first and only day we will be able to go is Halloween. We aren't interested in the haunts, but night admission is cheaper. Is it usually much more crowded for rides at night during "haunt season?" Would it be worth the extra admission cost to just go during the day and not worry about it? Any help from some regulars is appreciated!
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