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  1. The resilience and dedication of this place never ceases to amaze me. I really need to go here for more than just a stop while passing through and enjoy everything they have to offer.
  2. There was recently a teaser that said something about a duration being 2:25 I think. I may be pulling that number out of nowhere but I seem to remember that being the case. Also, 137 was seen at CP on the teaser poster for CW's dive coaster. Not sure if there's a connection or not.
  3. If I shouldn't go to a website because of the comments then I suppose I probably should quit using the internet.
  4. My family is considering taking a trip to Cedar Point next year. They could be about 10 people on this trip. Lodging could be a bit of a challenge. Does anyone have any experience with Lighthouse Point? I figure that would probably be a better option than just hotels. Any advice/experience with these "cabins?"
  5. I've not ridden Blue Streak a ton. I have one ride somewhere in the middle of the train in a wheel seat that did throw you around a bit. However, my other rides have been in Car 1 row 2 and up there I think it is rather smooth and the ride is phenomenal up there. Definitely my favorite out-and-back and loaded with airtime. Also, Magnum is just a laugh fest and I love it.
  6. If you are going to be there for that long and for those reasons, I most likely would not get Fast Lane. Volcano will not be open, and that's the biggest reason for doing FL. I305 will be a station wait at its worst. TT will have a decent wait, but in all likelihood it will be less than 30 min, especially if it's during the week. The only reason for doing FL would be if you want to marathon TT. Crazier things have happened, and KD has been busier this year than in the past, but I don't see it being worth the money. 2 1/2 days is a lot of time to spend at KD. If it's an option I would certainly spend some of that time at BGW if that interests you.
  7. So in taking another visit to KD this past weekend, I wanted to post some of my thoughts. This was my 5th visit this year and I haven't really said anything, just have read others' thoughts, as I tend to do. After riding Twisted Timbers again on this visit, first thing in the morning this time, I have come to the conclusion that this ride has to be, IMO, the most aggressive RMC. Most people seem to love the first 3 camelbacks, which I think are great, but I also think that the ride is at its tamest during them. After the cutback this thing launches into another dimension, I swear. I'm kind of surprised with how few people are commenting on it in this regard. I personally far prefer it to anything else in the park and I'm really glad to see how popular it is. It seems to me that the addition of TT has been a good one for the park. I feel like the park has been much more crowded this spring than it usually has been the past several years. Also, the Mac Bowl has changed since the beginning of the season, and not for the better. During my first visit to the Mac Bowl they allowed me to get white and yellow macaroni plus tots, multiple meats, extra sauces, and several toppings. This weekend I was told we could not do half and half macaroni, tots were not an option, you could only get one protein and each extra was $1.99. I was really disappointed in these changes. Additionally, the early season staff were very helpful and pleasant while this time around, not so much. I feel like KD was shooting for a signature restaurant and may have succeeded, however, these changes really dampen how good the restaurant was. Overall the park seems to be a better place than it has been the past few seasons and I'm excited to have TT here.
  8. Well played sir. Also, I totally agree with you. No one expects companies to get everything right every time. But it really helps when they right their wrongs.
  9. Here's your only acceptable schedule for the day: Arrive early for ERT on Fury At park open go directly to Nighthakw and get your ride on that garbage out of the way Ride Intimidator since you're right there Walk back to Afterburn and ride it, back row or bust Head back over to Fury and re-ride it until you force yourself to leave Caution: you will be tempted to ride Intimidator again on your way out since it's right by the exit. If you do, it will only make you want to walk all the way back to Fury again to make that your last ride. It's that good. You've been warned! Have fun!
  10. As far as early entry goes, they open up the front gate 30 minutes prior to the stated park open. Anyone can get in at that point to enjoy International Street. To get back to the early entry rides this year you have to go to the path directly behind the Eiffel Tower. Just show the guard your pass and head on back. They've been doing Carousel, Twisted Timbers and Apple Zapple this year. If you are not planning on Fast Lane, head back to Volcano as close as possible to actual park open. It will get close to an hour line in no time. Flight of Fear is a mixed bag. Some people say they get pretty good rides on it, others say it's getting a bit on the rough side. It's a 22 year old launched, looping coaster so expect it to ride accordingly. It's more intense than most of the coasters in the park. The Mac Bowl is good, but it is a bit pricey. Border Burrito at the front of the park is also good and Country Kitchen is good. Most of KD's food options are pretty mediocre honestly but those are some of your better bets unless you want something different then maybe try Outer Hank's for some clogged arteries.
  11. I spent a couple hours in the park this past weekend. Just wanted to give everyone an update on Twisted Timbers. I rode it on the opening Saturday when it was 40ish degrees out. I was very impressed and didn't really feel like the ride was "sluggish" when I rode it then. Saturday it was in the high 70s/low 80s and TT was delayed in opening. I wasn't sure that I was going to get a chance to ride it before I had to leave at noon but they started testing it around 11. After a few runs they opened the ride and we were on in the first 10 or so trains. I don't know if it will be the norm going forward, but they have actually slowed the lift down at the top to slow down the train. It was just barely creeping over the apex. That being said, the first half of the layout felt just as fast as it did opening weekend. However, the second half... Mother of Pearl this thing was absolutely hauling through every element after the cutback. Even knowing the layout I was caught off guard by the quick succession of the elements. This thing is nuts, even more so than I originally thought! I think they're still having issues with the second row. I think it was blocked off. I rode in the back so I didn't get a great look. They have installed the screens that show the restraints along the train and a dispatch timer. Hopefully that will help the crew. Also, Rebel Yell's retracking is glass smooth and I'm still wondering if the back row on Volcano is ever going to carry riders again. One more thing of note. If you are arriving for early entry, the only way to access the rides is by going straight by the Eiffel Tower. You cannot access Twisted Timbers via Old Virginia even though they let you go back that way. Just word to the wise...
  12. Actually, back in the days before the bins, there was a ride op with a buggy that would roll all the way down the aisle collecting loose articles. They would then park that buggy in the unload station where you'd collect your items, grab an empty buggy and take it back to the load platform for the next train. Considering this, I am not really surprised by them changing the policy.
  13. These wave turns aren't really anything like Wicked Cyclones outer-banked turns. These are more akin to Fury's turnaround in that it's a bizarre sideways float but they're comfortable. I wouldn't worry about the laterals.
  14. We made it to KD last Saturday for just a couple hours. I at least wanted to get a couple early rides on Twisted Timbers. The ride rode extremely well. I have never ridden anything so smooth in my life. Carousels are rougher than this ride. RMC really has a handle on their engineering. The ride itself provides a forceful, yet very comfortable ride that one could easily reride for an extended period of time. I know that many people won't agree with me here but it is my favorite ride at KD, but more importantly, it really rounds out their collection very nicely. Everyone seems to be anxious to compare this to Storm Chaser, and while they do share a few similarities I am having a hard time comparing the two. Storm Chaser seems to be more focused on doing odd tricks while Twisted Timbers is more of a straightforward (as far as RMCs go) ride. I really enjoyed Storm Chaser last year and when I rode it, it was absolutely flying. Comparing how it felt with early videos makes me wonder how much faster Twisted Timbers can possibly go. If this past weekend was the slowest it will ever run then I'm slightly nervous to see how it will ride in the heat of the summer. lol.
  15. Yeah, weather at the park is looking like standard March weather in VA. That being said, my half of the state has empty shelves in the stores where all of the milk and bread should be since we're expecting another 6" of snow Saturday so my trip will wait a week or two.
  16. We were planning on going to the park this weekend, but I think weather and other plans are going to get in the way. Oh well, it will be there when I get there, probably early April if nothing else. As to the test footage, I think it only looks "sluggish" after the final inversion, meaning like the last turn of the ride. At that point who cares? It pretty much tears through the rest of the course. Again, this is cold weather testing so it won't be like this forever. Either way, I feel like odds are good that this will become many people's favorite ride in the park.
  17. You'll be there opening weekend? When are you going? I am tentatively planning on going Sunday. Is there a chance we may run into you?
  18. Why wouldn't it be when it's going to be open when the park opens in a couple weeks? Lol. Uhh because anything can happen between now and opening day and rides don't always opened as planned? See: Wonder Woman Lasso Coaster, Lightning Rod, Merlins Mayhem, Gale Force, Zumanjaro, Maverick, etc etc etc etc etc One thing most of these rides have in common is that they were prototype rides/first of their type by manufacturer. This type of ride has been done many times by this designer so I'd imagine outside of something out of the norm we can expect to see this thing running at park open, definitely by late April. The fact that we've seen test runs adds to that confidence, but that being said, there are no guarantees in this industry as there is much more than meets the eye.
  19. Apollo's Chariot Boulder Dash Cheetah Hunt Diamondback El Toro Fury 325 Goliath (SFOG) Hydra Intimidator Joker's Jinx Kumba Lightning Rod Mako Nitro O Phoenix Q Raptor Storm Chaser Talon Ultra Twister (SFAstro) Voyage Wicked Cyclone XLR-8 Y Zippin Pippin
  20. Diamondback is really getting ready to turn 10!? Man, I swear, rollercoasters make me feel old quicker than anything else. Like, I really didn't need BGW to tell me that Alpie was turning 20 this past year. That was the first coaster that I ever rode the year it was built... *sulks off wondering where time goes*
  21. I guess I will break down my thoughts a little bit. I will say that I, as well as a majority of people in this part of the country don't like for businesses to be open on major holidays. That being said, I'm sure that there is a decent potential for them to do quite a bit of business (and also a potential for this to be a flop, but they won't know until they try it.) Since we are talking about a chain that is in turmoil and we are talking about the park that seems to be shouldering the biggest portion of the burden as far as making money goes, this makes sense from a business standpoint. Call me on the fence on this one. If I were local I would not attend as it's just too much against everything I know. But if it could possibly help the chain that I love, by all means.
  22. Fury 325 Storm Chaser (new) Mako (new) Mystic Timbers (new) Diamondback Lightning Rod (new) Apollo's Chariot Griffon Montu Kumba Ordering is hard when you're comparing old favorites to new rides, but we'll say it's something like this...
  23. Update after 2017 Mako Goliath (SFOG) Diamondback Nitro Apollo's Chariot Skyrush Intimidator Superman (SFNE) Magnum Superman (SFA) Phantom's Revenge Steel Force Titan Goliath (SFMM) Got to ride on Mako this year and freakin' loved that ride. I haven't been to SFOG in like 8 years but I'll get out there soon to see if Goliath has held up.
  24. Word going around the park the other day was that this was going to be some on-site cabins. No claiming this to be accurate, just what I heard. Not sure I buy it with the location, but nevertheless.
  25. Yeah, I've only been able to make limited visits to Cedar Point every handful of years. As such, most of my experience with the park has been in the middle of summer i.e. a madhouse. Last year we went on the opening week and it was still pretty busy, but we were pretty fortunate. I think next year we are going to shoot for the first full week of operations and go during the week so I can attempt to get some of the station waits that, from my experience, I can only assume are some sort of myth...
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