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  1. It's nice to see some Grizzly love. It's still the best woodie in VA.
  2. I think the return run on Apollo beats the return run on Diamondback. In my opinion, AC has the strongest post-MCBR of all the B&M hypers. However, the first half of Diamondback alone puts it in a class above Apollo for me.
  3. So, I just found out that we will likely have a trip to Orlando planned in November. We will most likely be visiting SeaWorld and BGT since we already have Fun Cards to our Busch Gardens so we will upgrade to platinum and make those cheap. My question is, would it be worth it to visit Universal? Neither one of us are really chomping at the bit to go, but we would love to visit the Wizarding World. I guess I'm looking for the opinion of some other Potterheads. It's just so expensive to go to both parks that I have a hard time justifying it.
  4. The main one that I care enough to ask is Fury. The reason I don't like to ask all the time is I'm efficiency oriented myself, so when I see someone saying "How many? row 2. How many? row 3... etc." I kinda hate to bust into their rhythm and ask for a certain seat. For me it's more that I hate to interrupt them. But I still do occasionally...
  5. I'm kinda curious about that as well. Mystic Timbers was my favorite, easily, and actually one of my favorite woodies in general. I said it my review of it that I may be biased because that is exactly what I'm looking for in a woodie. My GCI top 5 probably looks like: Mystic Timbers Thunderhead Apocalypse Kentucky Rumbler InvadR I'm missing many of the Midwest GCIs though, so I can't speak to Renegade, American thunder, Gold Striker, Prowler, etc...
  6. You should be fine without any sort of fast passes. Weekdays are generally fairly light. Even if BGW seems crowded, often the rides won't have really long lines. I'd wait until you get the to decide. Your typical advice will follow: KD: Go to Volcano first, ride front row if possible I305 rarely has a line, but if you want to ride the front, you should probably do it first thing Don't pass up on Grizzly or Anaconda because of the haters, form your own opinion If you like log flumes, this one is one of the better ones Dominator back row Rebel Yell Second to last row BGW: InvadR and/or Tempesto early to avoid waits Alengeist is smoothest in the front, more intense but a little more aggressive in the back. It's worth a ride in both places. Griffon - first ride in the front for the views, but the ride is in the back. Nessie is smoother towards the back of the train, even in the last car Apollo - back row, back row, back row Food and drinks here are amazing. I love the Festhaus for German food, some prefer Trappers for BBQ, Marco Polo's is great as well. Don't pass up on shows. All of them are very good. I personally love Mix it Up and Celtic Fyre best. If you love animals, the animal shows are cheesy, but cute and funny. I'm sure I'm missing something, but if you aren't rushing, but taking your time and enjoying the sights, that will be the best way to experience BGW.
  7. While I do think Darkastle is a really cool setting for something like this, I also kinda hate that it means the ride not being open. Granted, I'm not a halloween kinda guy, but I still think that parks have a pretty cool vibe around that time of year. That being said, when a ride closes because of halloween attractions, I find that... annoying.
  8. So in reading Screamscape today. They seem to be hearing a rumor of a 2019 Iron Hurler, which I don't doubt would happen in the future. However, I really expected to see a Rougarou treatment of Vortex next. Anyone think we could see two conversions in two years? Honestly, if there was an RMC next to Fury I would never leave that junction of the park...
  9. Alpie and Griffon both have big boy seats still. While we're on this topic, I thought once upon a time, if Apollo locked then it was good to dispatch. When I have been this year, since the screen were installed I have seen several walks of shame even though the restraint had locked. Has BGW changed their systems or was I just mistaken before?
  10. California – Apocalypse Connecticut – Boulder Dash Florida – Cheetah Hunt Georgia – Goliath Indiana – Voyage Kentucky – Storm Chaser Louisiana – Batman: the Ride Maryland – Superman: Ride of Steel Massachusetts – Wicked Cyclone New Jersey – El Toro New York – Cyclone North Carolina – Fury 325 Ohio – Maverick Pennsylvania – Phoenix South Carolina – Intimidator Tennessee – Thunderhead Texas – Superman: Krypton Coaster Virginia – Apollo’s Chariot
  11. This could be completely unrelated, but I have seen some survey markers near the train tracks along the old Drachen Fire site. I don't really see them expanding that way, but I thought I'd stoke the fire anyways. I think Spain kinda makes sense if they were to add a country.
  12. While I'm not going to disagree with those that are saying Vortex, because it is a little violent, I think its sister coaster out west is worse. Viper has to be one of the few coaster experiences I've had where I couldn't wait for it to be over. And y'all lay off the Anaconda hate train. One little ear-bash doesn't make it a horrible ride.
  13. Sorry, but I got a bit of a laugh out of this. Most people say someone comes up clutch when they make a last minute play in a sport. But prozach say the beer man came up clutch to get a beer when the kegs were kicked... Not saying I disagree, just struck me as funny when I read it.
  14. According to a friend of mine who is a nurse of some sort (I know that sounds so credible) he has said that regardless of how you land, they begin to consider a fall in the "fatal territory" at 40 ft. Take that for what you will.
  15. In addition to those mentioned there is Outer Hank's which is a little fish fry joint in front of Volcano. There's also the country kitchen (or whatever it's called) behind the carousel. There's no one big place to eat indoors at KD but there are several small areas to eat with some A/C.
  16. Incredible Hulk is the equivalent of a retrack. GhostRider and Legend aren't new credits so why would Hulk be a new credit? As for me, I have a coaster-count.com account so whatever it calls I credit, I just agree with. It's not worth the fuss for me to worry about. I enjoy keeping track, but not to the extent that I need to justify a credit. Just ride and enjoy.
  17. Kinda bumping this with an update, we actually may be looking at going Friday on our way down instead but aren't locked into either option. Any input is appreciated. I have never been to the Gatlinburg area on a holiday weekend.
  18. When I went to Carowinds a few weeks ago, it was a nightmare. Everything was in disarray and they only had a handful of detectors being used, but you couldn't tell that from the lines. So you could get in line at a set of detectors that had 3 being used, or you could get in line for a set with only 1 being used. You wouldn't know until you gauged how well the line was moving. KD was using almost all of the detectors, but there were, as usual, not in much of a hurry. However, KI seemed to be doing a little bit better when I was there and was funneling people in a bit more efficiently. Can't comment on CP. Times to get in to each park at open on a weekend Carowinds - 20-25 min KD - 15-20 min KI - <5 min
  19. I was actually pretty impressed with the front row and don't think I could pick which ride was "better"
  20. We are going to visit my grandparents in Georgia this weekend. Would it be crazy to try to get into Pigeon Forge on Monday for a couple hours at the park? I don't want to be fighting a swarm of people.
  21. This is exactly what I was getting at but put a little more elegantly. I just imagine some poor kid who was put into a situation for the first time and had no idea what to do. I always try to extend the benefit of the doubt before shaming them. It sucks to be blindsided by a situation like this, have to make a quick response, and then be judged by people who will be able to take time and analyze what you did right or wrong. Anyways, can we move on to rollercoasters before this devolves?
  22. When we were there we went back and forth from Diamondback to Mystic Timbers and I couldn't help but think the same thing. I don't know which one I like better, but it is dang close between the two. I can't stress how fun this little ride is.
  23. I'm not going too far into this but I will just say that without being there, this is tough for any of us to really judge the situation. Being in a service position myself I can totally get where this bartender is coming from. My kneejerk reaction was that he was giving a very passive response so as not to cause any issue and not further the conversation either. If the individual you are speaking of was belligerent in any way giving a quick laugh would likely be my response as well, and likely the best response. If he calls out his customer (after all, let's not forget that the other gentleman was his customer as well) then we could end up with this situation escalating further. TL:DR I don't think being mad at the bartender is entirely fair. He wasn't the one who made the comment and who knows, like many people, his way of avoiding/diffusing the situation could have been a nervous laugh. Again, none of us were there so it's purely speculation. Hopefully the Sens have something more for the Pens tonight. I can't bear seeing Crosby's face any longer this year...
  24. Assuming you get there at rope drop and weather has held out for you, I think I'd recommend Lightning Run, Storm Chaser, Thunder Run. I can't comment about T3 as I haven't ventured back there to fool with it recently. Lightning Run operations can be painful to witness, so knocking it out first seems to be best. Once you get back to Storm Chaser, you should likely be able to get plentiful re-rides before it gets too crowded back there. Then hit Thunder Run. Keep in mind though that Thunder Run in going to be running one train but it's not exactly as popular as the rest, but a surprisingly good woodie considering.
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