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  1. I realized in doing this that most of my new rides are a year old when I ride them... interesting. For the purpose of this exercise, I called KD my home park. I've ridden their new coasters the year they came out since Hypersonic in 2000. 1997 Alpengeist 2002 Wicked Twister 2003 Flying Ace Aerial Chase - Carowinds 2004 Storm Runner Nighthawk Thunderhead 2005 Motor World Express - Virginia Beach Motor World (Go ahead, call me a credit whore) 2006 El Toro Voyage Kentucky Rumbler 2007 Griffon 2008 Fahrenheit 2010 Intimidator Sky Rocket 2015 Fury 325 2016 Valravn 2017 Mystic Timbers (InvadR)
  2. Yeah, when I rode it last it wasn't bad, but it was noticeably rougher than in the past. I have also heard similar things about Prowler, Apocalypse and some others. A rougher ride doesn't bother me, but it can bother my wife who will develop headaches pretty easily on rough rides. The past year we have ridden Phoenix, Lightning Racer, Wooden Warrior and Mystic Timbers. She was kinda baffled by how smooth some wooden coasters can be and wished more were like that. I don't mind being thrown around by a woodie, but I do sympathize with those that don't want to get beat to death. It takes quite a bit for me to say something is too rough, but I know that I am likely in the minority. We got off Grizzly a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love Grizzly and she said there was nothing fun about it whatsoever and it had zero redeeming qualities other than seeing RMC Iron Horse track in the woods.
  3. Maybe if it continues to get some love, we may see some track work done soon. I haven't ridden in the past couple years but I hear it could use it. I love that ride, but it'd be great to see it running like new again!
  4. I don't know if you will end up north of Charlotte during your trip, but Primal Brewing off I-77 Exit 25(?) has some really good brews and is a pretty cool place in general. Their red ale, Lucille, is one of the best reds I've had in a while.
  5. I certainly am not a regular, but I went last Sunday (which was Mother's day). We got there at the 11 open and headed to Lightning Run for a walk-on. Afterwards we headed to Storm Chaser for about 5 walk-ons before doing Thunder Run and then another 2 laps on Lightning Run and a couple flats. We left just after 2 and the crowds were picking up (meaning it was a station wait for Lightning Run). I'd imagine if you went at open you may see something similar, although probably not quite as empty.
  6. Call me crazy, but I have never actually thought the beast was rough. If you aren't ready for the helix hip-check kidney shot then that can certainly be not fun. The helix is relentless in intensity and laterals but I've never found it rough. Ride the front. Listen to this guy ^
  7. We went to Kings Island last Friday with the In-laws. It's become an annual tradition since they moved to Indiana for us to meet them at a park early in the season, with last year being a fantastic trip to Cedar Point. This time I was concerned the bar had been set too high and we were there on some sort of education day so the park was flooded with kids. When we got there we picked up a handicap pass for my father-in-law. I just want to say that Cedar Fair has a fantastic program for this and the process was very smooth and simple and ride ops were very accommodating to getting us on the ride and almost always gave us seat preference even for front or back rows. When we first got there we got the pass signed for Mystic Timbers and our wait time was about 40 minutes already so we wandered over to Diamondback which was a station wait so we went ahead and hit that while we had the chance. I love this thing. Even first thing in the morning on a rather cold day, it was hauling pretty good and giving some great airtime. Afterwards we strolled back to Mystic Timbers and got loaded in the rear of the train. Now first off, I want to give a disclaimer: this ride, in my mind, is exactly what a wooden coaster should be on paper. Back in the days of all-nighters of playing RCT is there were woods in a park, this is the type of woody I would build in them. Step 1: big drop, Step 2: stay low and in the trees while delivering copious amounts of airtime and directional changes. That is exactly what this thing does. Especially in the back, we were thrown all over the seat as it was tough to see which way we were heading. I instantly knew this was one of my favorites and my wife said she liked it, but it threw her around a little more than she cared for. Flight of fear is really starting to show its age these days, both this one and the one back home in Virginia. It is still a fun ride, just 20 years old at this point. Banshee is a great ride, but the more I ride it, the more I am convinced it is a lower tier invert. I guess I prefer more snap to my inverts whereas this one is more prolonged intensity. The highlight is the slow roll and if I am saying that the highlight about a B&M invert is a slow element, something is wrong. I'll happily go back to having Afterburn rip my legs off. It also has developed quite a bit of shakiness which concerns me considering how new this thing is. The older inverts are still running like a dream but their newest model just isn't and I can't help but wonder if it has something to do with the trains. Delirium, fantastic as always. These Frisbees are my favorite flats. The Bat is a really solid ride. I really have a soft spot for the Arrow suspended coasters as Big Bad Wolf was my very first coaster so if a park has one of these, I will enjoy a nostalgic ride down memory lane. This one just happens to be a rather intense version and seems to be holding up well. Backlot stunt coaster is a ride that I always enjoy. At least this one has most of the effects still working unlike at KD where you sit and listen to a loud soundtrack of gunshots with no idea what's going on. We rode windseeker which seemed taller than the one at Carowinds, and I don't know why. I find these things terrifying. We went over to the beast which was my father-in-laws last ride of the day. I told him the brief history of the ride and how it was nothing special, but just an old ride that plows through the forest for a mile and a half. Apparently when I said "plowed" he heard "meandered" so he was actually very impressed with the Beast. I must say, every time I ride this thing I enjoy it more that I what I remember. I kind of equate it to Millennium Force. It doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, it knows it is awesome at what it does and those that appreciate it are those that really experience that "coaster nirvana." After the in-laws left, we had about 3 hours, which we spent going back and force from Diamondback to Mystic Timbers. I love Diamondback. But Mystic timbers... now we rode 3 more times, each time in the front seat (they weren't using groupers) and I have to say, I think the front is where it is at. After we rode the front, my wife declared this her favorite woodie, and I think it is my #2 after The Voyage and before El Toro. It's butter smooth right now and I really hope it ages well. Night rides on this thing are great (not quite Beast level epic, but still outstanding.) After our Mystic Diamond love fest, we headed over to the Beast to get a night ride. This has been such an elusive experience for me. I've been to this park 5x and only got one night ride. This was my wife's first and she said it was much better than during the day. I forget how intense that helix is! Afterwards we went to Applebees to watch Nashville beat Anaheim (Go Preds!) and decided that with the addition of Mystic Timbers this could be our favorite Cedar Fair park behind Cedar Point. hmm... that's a tough one.
  8. It's really nice to see the recent comments on here that I've seen. My list is not ranked by what I may perceive to be the "best" ride but on what ride provides the most fun to me. Fun is so purely objective and that's a beautiful thing. I think hockey is a blast and my wife far prefers baking. Which of us is wrong? Neither. Why do rollercoasters have to fit a mold? Anyways, here are my lists. Steel Fury 325 Wicked Cyclone Maverick Storm Chaser Goliath - SFOG Diamondback Millennium Force Nitro Apollo's Chariot Skyrush Wood Voyage Mystic Timbers El Toro Boulder Dash Phoenix Ravine Flyer II Thunderhead Wooden Warrior The Beast Grizzly
  9. So you harass me in another forum when I say that Afterburn is underappreciated (in reference to it not having a line), but then you call Phantom's Revenge underrated when it is sprinkled pretty heavily through out lists here and is generally rated pretty highly. I see how it is.
  10. Short answer Because Six Flags Long Answer Because Six Flags America
  11. I don't know if anyone else was at the park this weekend, but it was the Grand Carousel's 100th anniversary and they were handing out buttons to celebrate the occasion. That's a pretty cool gesture to see at a park.
  12. Absolutely do not pass up on Grizzly. Definitely the dark horse of the park IMO. You may not want to ride all the way in the back on your first ride though as it likes to throw its riders around and break the more delicate ones. But seriously, it's a great older woodie. I'm also in the camp of enjoying Anaconda, but really only for those corkscrews. It's worth enduring the rough figure 8 (especially the middle down by the water) for those corkscrews!
  13. When we were there last spring, my wife was very pleasantly surprised to see no metal detectors and also she saw people bringing in bottles of water and wagons for their kids to ride in. We were really impressed with all of this, however, I can't see it remaining that way for much longer unfortunately...
  14. Let's not pretend It's noticeably longer. It only has ~200 ft. more of track and I would argue that Bizarro feels longer, likely because it does more than Dominator, however, what Dominator does, it does better.
  15. This right here is what does it for me. The lack of a zero-g is my only "problem" with Dominator. This is going to be a classic case of my favorite between the two is the one I happen to be riding at the moment. Either way they're 1&2 for sure to me though.
  16. This thing looks really good. I'm much more stoked having seen a real POV. And it really does look more secluded on the ride than some of the pictures made it appear.
  17. This could very well be one of the most under-appreciated coasters out there...
  18. Maybe I've just missed some updates, but does anyone else find it odd how quiet the park has been over the past couple weeks regarding Mystic Timbers?
  19. Now that's just wrong... Interesting, yeah I'm kinda lost here as well.
  20. Does GCI have any rides that have lower height requirements than 46"?
  21. I won't let you continue to question your sanity. My computer shows the same thing here. I have no idea why though...
  22. I just saw on Facebook that Invadr will have a soft opening tonight at 8.
  23. I have absolutely no grounds for this claim, but I would expect a fairly decent crowd tomorrow and Saturday. They have been hyping this coaster more than any other coaster so I think they've stirred up enough hype to attract a pretty good opening day crowd. However, as for Sunday, I feel like it's more of a toss up. It is opening weekend, but it's still April. I'm sure someone with more experience will pop up soon with real info.
  24. From the one angle we have, I can't say I'm too crazy about the look of the train. I'm not too concerned about it though as I think this ride looks great.
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