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  1. that first hill itself makes me want to get there to ride. only been there once when Chang was brand new. lol I can't think of a worse b&m than Chang! Green Lantern
  2. You have to hit it enough times to break through, it's like a video game.
  3. Born and raised in Maryland, can confirm. Sometimes we even put old bay on our old bay (On a side note, old bay dry rub wings are the best)
  4. Does anyone have any ideas why my six flags app doesn't show wait times anymore no matter how many times I try to reload. This only started happening about a week ago.
  5. 1. i305 2. El Toro 3. The Incredible Hulk 4. Maverick 5. Nitro 6. Skyrush 7. Blue Streak 8. Manta 9. Volcano 10. Expedition Everest
  6. Ohio: Maverick Pennsylvania: Skyrush New Jersey: El Toro Maryland: Joker's Jinx Virginia: i305 Tennnesseenneese: Tenessneese Tornado (Probably Lightning Rod, but I haven't ridden it) Florida: The Incredible Hulk
  7. You know you're bottom 4 are all taller than your number 1? Totally meant to number that in exactly the opposite direction, woops.
  8. 1. Nitro 2. Intimidator 305 3. Millenium Force 4. Top Thrill Dragster 5. Kingda Ka
  9. I never thought it was possible to be "wrong" on a matter of opinion, but here we are...
  10. 1. Magnum XL-200 2. Nitro 3. Mean Streak 4. Dragon Mountain (Marineland) 5. Millennium Force
  11. Went to the park yesterday, got one ride on toro and one ride on nitro. Toro was an hour wait, Nitro was 1 1/2 hours. We waited 35 minutes to get water bottles and fries
  12. Trick question. There are no forces. I heard it rattles though. But the all important question... Is it a B&M rattle or an Intamin rattle?
  13. https://twitter.com/MontanaRusa/status/741021272985894913/photo/1 Looks like Cedar Point is getting in on VR coasters.
  14. What about enthusiasts? When should they expect it to be reopened?
  15. ^Agreed! That being said, do you think Cedar Fair will RMC it? I can't imagine why they would close it this far ahead if it's simply the same as what they did with Ghostrider.
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