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  1. My first B&M was Great Bear, and it was love at first sight... or one might say love at first ride
  2. That's been there since the very beginning, I thought it was a porta-potty for the construction workers or something. It was there before any other supports were placed. Then again, I could be wrong. It could be the base of a support. Yeah I went back to the time lapse, you're right
  3. Is that a really short support piece, or something else? Whatever it is, looks like it's attached to a footer...
  4. Wait... So it's NOT RMC doing the refurbishment?? Illuminati confirmed
  5. Quick question, with probably a simple answer. How do they illuminate the sky with numbers like that?
  6. Yay I got one Lol sorry about this one being rough, I did my best
  7. TECHNICALLY Six Flags America is my home park... but i don't count that. So for me, It's i305.
  8. I love it! Looks almost more like a dive loop than an overbook lol.
  9. Next thing you know, people will say it's forceless or something silly
  10. At least hurler is a photogenic trip through the woods filled with airtime... wait never mind, wrong ride
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