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  1. So, I found this: I was not expecting so many animatronics/physical sets. I think it is looking amazing!
  2. Is it ok to post a video from Attractions Magazine of part of the queue line? I don't wanna post it if I'm not supposed to yet.
  3. Looks like Kong is soft opening! I've heard from someone who is in line currently, and says that the theming just in the queue alone is incredible!
  4. Cedar Fair: i305 Six Flags: El Toro Herschend: Tennnennnsseessee Tornado Seaworld Ent.: Manta Universal: The Incredible Hulk Disney: Expedition Everest Parques Reunidos: Phantom's Revenge and Jack Rabbit tied Independent: Skyrush
  5. The shaping of the airtime hills and way they look on the pov reminds me of Skyrush
  6. I saw this as well, but now it's back to saying technical rehearsal. Does anyone think we'll get a POV soon?
  7. I hope so. I cant remember Dollywood ever assigning seating on even the busiest of days and I've never seen parks that don't assign seating every have major issues because of it. Now if only a certain 2 parks both 4 hours away from Dollywood would take a lesson and STOP ASSIGNING SEATS ON B&M HYPER AND GIGA COASTERS COUGH COUGH CAROWINDS AND SFOG COUGH COUGH!!! Disney assigns seats on every coaster and never has an issue with it.....I don't see what the big deal is. But you can usually request to wait for a certain seat, I do all the time when down there.
  8. I'm heading up to the park with a couple friends Sunday. Anyone else?
  9. Have you ever put your arms up at any point on any roller coaster?? In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure most coasters are designed with the idea of people putting their hands up in mind. Also, just remember that it is very fun to touch the trees while riding Blackbeard's Los... I mean Harley Beard's Crazy Treasure Train
  10. That's cool, I knew Kumba's helix was close to the ground but woah! Yeah, my only experience with something like that is figuring out that you can drag your hands along the tunnels on space mountain (WDW), which is incidentally quite painful lol
  11. So I had some general questions about clearance envelopes: 1. I know they differ from country to country, but as far as the US, is there an standard clearance distance from seat to obstruction? 2. Are there actual laws in place, or just an industry standard? 3. How far around the side/bottom of the train does the clearance usually go? Thanks for any answers
  12. Skyrush has stronger air, but I prefer Toro's airtime because you're dropping more (at a steeper angle and farther).
  13. Yeah, watching Pirates, I have to think really hard to decipher what is projection and what is physical set. I love it!
  14. Yeah, I was down there for Smoky Mountain Christmas last year, and got night re-rides on Wild Eagle and Thunderhead
  15. Yeah, I only have chrome at work, so I can't see them right now
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