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  1. ^ah thank you, for some reason I didn't even think to check there.
  2. Could it mean that the ride was fully turned over to Dollywood on friday? (If I already missed this, correct me)
  3. I see on Cam 2 that they have Gatekeeper stopped part way up the lift. Is this a normal testing procedure, and if so, what purpose does it serve? (genuinely curious, I love knowing about testing procedures)
  4. Anyone know the hours for this Saturday? I would check the website, but it's all out of wack right now.
  5. ^Yeah that seems pretty balls to the wall for a family ride, I love it!
  6. Well I guess I'll just head to the east side of the park at opening, and if i don't see Ka running, I'll dart for Toro
  7. No because it's Kingda Ka and you're banking on it's ability to operate reliably all day if you wait that long. Don't ever do that. If I were you I'd go there right at opening and WAIT FOR ROW ONE. It will have a longer line and it's worth it, especially if someone has never ridden it before. The front row line when full only adds about 20 minutes and it probably won't be full right at open. Every other row sucks. Ok, yeah I've only been on weekdays, so I'm used to just going whenever I see it running. Thank you both for the advice!
  8. Okay I'll definately do that! Also, a friend that is going with has never been on Ka before. I'm thinking we'll do that in the evening (after 6). Is that a good plan?
  9. Ok, thanks for the info! What do you think wait times will be for nitro/toro?
  10. So I'm heading up to the park saturday, I've never been on a saturday this time of year. What should I expect as far as crowds?
  11. We don't even know that the issue has anything to do with it being a wooden coaster, and my bet says it doesn't. Plus, I think it's a really cool idea to have a launched wooden coaster, so long as it's not a one trick pony.
  12. Wood- El Toro definitely Steel- It's a toss-up between Hulk and i-305
  13. Or maybe they didn't erect it properly to begin with
  14. So, my girlfriend and I still ended up going to the park to process our season passes, and we got on houdini and skull mountain. Looked at joker construction as well. I must say it looks very good from the entrance/midway. They have the final piece in place, but I'm still not sure how they get the trains on. Anyone able to enlighten me on that?
  15. Yeah I saw that. I'll probably go up anyway and ride whatever's open. And my bet's on Toro as well. Has Nitro ever valleyed from wind? And if so, are there pictures?
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