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  1. Fair enough, I understand how such statements with a flare for the dramatic are definitely comment worthy. I was mostly caught by Skycoastin' Steve's post: "Seriously, take a step back, think about what exactly you're complaining about, re-evaluate how pathetic it makes you sound and how pathetic it makes your life sound, and then just take a chill pill." and found that interesting. As far as the actual ride goes, I personally would like to see a portion of the trims moved to the upward and/or downward side of the second hill, and the majority to the small hill before the "twisties" if any type of changes are to ever be done perhaps during the off-season as unlikely as that may be. That's assuming the first turn isn't the aspect of the ride doing the most damage to the wheels though. I was glad to read Volcano is now filling in the last car once again, as well.
  2. I have to say that this post does bring up a funny point. What exactly IS OK to complain about? I mean here we have a new for 2010 roller coaster that many were putting close to the top of their lists of favorites if not at the very top. So alterations some find detrimental is not something allowed to post complaint's about... A good portion of the posts and trip reports on this site are complaining about one thing or another. Whether it be a ride, a park, a manufacturer, or something else. And a lot of it is complaining about the same stuff pretty repetitively. Why make such a big deal about ANY of it? I mean if I really dislike a park I simply stop visiting there. If I really dislike a ride I don't ride it. I guess I just think its interesting that there seems to be an unwritten rule about what is or isn't OK to complain about. Or maybe if it is written it would be beneficial to have it more widely circulated so more people can stop being "pathetic" and complain about the right things online.
  3. The slides haven't been removed because of zoning. Apparently if they are removed and something new isn't put up immediately they can't put anything up at all. Someone with more background knowledge can explain it better, from me its all hearsay anyways. I respectfully disagree about SROS. The first drop, first turn, third-epic airtime-hill and final three hills before the station are all pretty sweet in my opinion. The straight portion after the first helix and the second helix's slow pace put a damper on things, but I think its still a very solid ride all in all.
  4. I don't really read anything the mom did as being that bad, certainly not bad enough to lay blame at her feet. Its not like the article says she was out in the parking lot chain smoking and told the kid she'd pick him up out front. It sounds like her son wanted to go on the water slide and she simply waited at the bottom for him. I've never seen a water slide that allowed people to wait in line with people and come back down without going down the slide, at least not easily (with out walking back down the crowded stairway up). Even if she did go up the stairs with him to the slide, she would then have to walk back down and who is to say something bad doesn't happen when he's left down on ground level where there's even more people bustling around while he's waiting for his mom? Personally me and my sister were allowed to roam around the local water park when we were just as young with limited supervision. One of my cousins is autistic, like others said its not particularly obvious there's anything wrong with him except in some of his mannerisms in social situations. If I had to make a guess/assumption the mother felt such situations give her son some room for freedom so he can be "mainstreamed" as much as possible and live a more independent life as time goes on. I know for my aunt and uncle they have always done all they possibly could to help my cousin enroll in "normal" schools and take as many "normal" classes as possible. They even signed him up for boxing classes so he would be fit and could defend himself from bullies if it came down to it. I find it hard to place blame on the victims in this situation (the child and parent) when it seems the culprits were so horribly in the wrong.
  5. Hurler is sinking? Hopefully that is as true as the old "Magnum is sinking" panics of the past... I got out to the park over Memorial day weekend (Saturday) and had a very nice time. The park was pretty packed but the lines were moving fairly well all day. I was mostly concerned with getting the four new/missing credits since my last visit a few seasons back (Intimidator, Carolina Cobra, and the kiddie wooden and invert). Afterburn is still easily the best B&M *invert* I've been on, better than Montu, Raptor, BTR, Alpie, etc. So smooth, so fast, such awesome forces. Vortex was much worse then I remembered. Carolina Cobra was pretty fun, not sure I like the new restraints, though; but I've never had a problem with head banging on boomerangs... Nighthawk impressed me. I rode it back when it was Borg and thought it was awful. Far worse than Batwing at SFA even. After this trip though I came away enjoying it a whole lot. Felt totally out of control although a bit rough, it was awesome at night. Thunder Road gave a good ride with some airtime, certainly much better than Rebel Yell, imo. Intimidator was amazing; incredibly smooth and I got great airtime in both my rides. Unfortunately I was assigned the middle both times I rode so I can only imagine how great it may have been if I got on the front/back. Still, it was great and is probably my favorite B&M hyper for now, just ahead of AC and Nitro. All in all, good times.
  6. Gotta love all the amazing rides in Orlando, unfortunately some of my favorites are no more. The old Journey into Imagination at EPCOT was my absolute favorite Disney ride growing up. Horizons was pretty awesome, as well. I loved the haunted house at Knoebels. That thing really freaked me out, slowly going around in the dark all by myself, very unnerving. That ride made it painfully clear that I need to get out and visit more of the classic parks out there and get on more of the vintage dark rides, I love the borderline cheesy old stuff I've experienced thus far.
  7. I can't even count how many people I've corrected when it comes to the "theme park" versus "land" stuff. I'm just glad I don't work customer service at IOA when this place opens. I'm sure they're going to hear a ton of complaints about falsely advertising it as a new "theme park" or some crap. Never give the GP any credit; they are for the most part as dense as you can possibly imagine.
  8. That is very cool of him. It will be nice to get some kind of closure on the topic, hopefully, so we can at least know what the main factor(s) going into the decision were for sure.
  9. The ride is less good now than it was. But it could be worse! So I'll never be caught dead saying a bad thing again - that is until it becomes acceptable (i.e. popular) to complain about the ride not being as good - which according to the Millennium Force time-table will be in about 7-8 seasons. I agree on the restraints - I'd prefer to keep the one's they have. I'm surprised so many people, Kings Dominion regulars in particular, think they're such a great idea and will make the ride significantly better.
  10. Yes, but not to criticize the park/ manufacture for every little change they do to a ride. People make it sound like 2012 came early. If i were to go by a few of your guys statements ... i would consider every B&M that has a trim a bad design, because if they were to design the ride correctly (according to some of you ) they wouldn't need trims. With making hypers for 11 years you would think they would be able to design it w/o trims. Of course that's completely discounting the number and placement of those trims, which B&M designs quite well. Let me know when the vast majority of the first drop on a B&M hyper is covered in permanent brakes. Knocking down straw-men sure is fun, though.
  11. I still recognize a few of the higher ups who work in rides - they've been there for at least four years now.
  12. At least MF will still have an awesome first drop. Now I305 has a weak first drop...
  13. I think it does when it so drastically effects the best part of the ride - the first drop and second hill.
  14. Yeah to me that would've been the better idea rather than wrecking this ride. I refuse to vote trimmed dropped rides high in coaster polls. I feel like I'm being cheated. Just because it sounds like a better idea, that doesn't mean it would have solved the problems. As I'm not a expert I leave it to the engineers to find the best solution to these types of problems. I agree that they have to know what they're doing better than anyone on here, but it just seems weird to have a lift going 15 or so mph just to hit trim brakes down a drop to me. But like you said they considered all these things and know what they're doing better than me.
  15. QFT. Jeez people. Bitch Bitch Bitch. I'm sure the ride is still awesome. Would you rather not have it, because I know several parks that would gladly take it off KD's hands. We'll trade for Voyage.
  16. For what its worth, the old skid brakes on Beast weren't too horrible. The magnetic brakes are awful, though.
  17. I would prefer flying out of my seat as in the past I think.
  18. ^ I expected over the summer or going into next season that would happen. I really didn't expect to see more trims already, though.
  19. Or slow the lift down significantly before the drop? Grumble grumble grumble... What a disappointment.
  20. B&M hypers (of the one's I've been on, AC and Nitro) have such light trimming it's not even noticeable. During most of my visits the brakes aren't doing anything, and only occasionally on especially hot days will I even hear the trims working but I still notice no dramatic change in the ride. The problem with I305's trims as far as I'm concerned is its going to completely alter the force of the first drop and result in a vastly different far less impressive drop. Trims doing down a 85* 300 foot drop is not right. At least put the trims going up a hill or in a flat segment when the train is decelerating anyways, I feel that way the trims go less noticed.
  21. Well, KD seems to really love chaser lights these days That would be pretty interesting. edit: just kidding, it was just mistake.
  22. What else can the brace added to the first drop be for, though?
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