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  1. Just got back from the park myself. To say the least I was in awe when I parked in front of Dominator... Looks WAY bigger at KD then it did at GL. Its a beautiful ride and I;m deffinitely digging its place in the park. Its kind of like Raptor at CP to me where first thing you walk in, its right there looking all bad ars and such... Any who, does anyone know when or if Drop Zone (edit: *ahem* "Drop Tower") will ever be fully loaded? Today they were once again only loading half of it. Also, Rebel Yell only operated the old forward side. There goes the whole "hopefully they'll finally race it!" hope I was clinging to. Backwards was closed all day with only one train on the track (still facing backwards), it'll be funny when it reopens because EVERYONE at the park knows Rebel as forwards/backwards... The GP will probably be pissed all season...
  2. Their rain policy is a total and complete joke. I spent a day and a half at the park last summer and was lucky the first half day was dry because my 2nd day was total junk... It was a ball waiting about 3 hours for a ride on Mean Streak... It rained so everything closed down and did nothing for an hour. It stopped so they started testing... They have to do 15 test runs per train apparently so we waited around for all 3 trains to do their 15 test runs. Of course it starts raining again, so nothing happens for another hour. Finally they get a clue and take two of the trains off and run the thing with only the gold train. To say the least, Cedar Point lost a lot of cool points that day. And Raptor not running in the rain? WTF? I've ridden Alpie and Montu in pouring rain dozens of times each... CP can be lame like that.
  3. Tell me about it. Going backwards was so much better than forwards on that coaster. Thanks Cedar Fair. The airtimeoff coming the turnaround was the coolest. Sigh.
  4. Can't wait to see it in person this Saturday. Not looking forwards to an all forward Rebel Yell, though.
  5. Speaking of "X-Car coasters", these Gerslaughter launch coaster looks quite similar to Formule X by Maurer Sohne. Well sorta. Picturific X Car shizzle Those gerslaughter launch coasters look pretty sweet, though. Spiffy layouts.
  6. Its still sitting in the field next to batwing.. Just turn around on SROSs lifthill and look... Or look to the left going up on Batwing. I saw it this weekend. Ah thats interesting, I haven't been to the park this year yet and was just going with what I had heard last year and over the off season which indicated it was going to be removed from the park over the off season. Do they still have the trains under the 2nd and 3rd hills of SROS?
  7. Do you mean Ultra Twister (which was sitting in the back of the park in a field, then moved by SROS)? If so, then no, it was deamed unrebuildable.
  8. The one in Orlando is pretty awesome. Too bad now the story is kind of nonexistant (atleast when I last rode in March). But yeah, thats a great time.
  9. Man I really wanted to get home for the weekend so I could visit the park and meet the coaster community celebrity that is Robb... Ah well, I'll go to SFA a bajillion times in a couple weeks anyways..
  10. Renegade looks nuts, too bad it'll likely be one park I won't get to use my CF Maxx Pass with... Not necessarily, Wild One at SFA despite its age is very smooth, then again its been reprofiled loads of times, but still its smooth so there you go.
  11. Sweet looking park, too bad Schwartzkopf coasters are so rare in the US nowadays.
  12. I've only been on 1 of the top 25 wood coasters... That makes me kinda sad.
  13. Seems silly to paint it red and keep a Mr Freeze name/theme... Not that Six Flags' themes really make all that much sense anyways. I could see them renaming it, though. Red is just a bizarre color change.
  14. My girlfriend recently has joined me on my theme park trips. My dad is the one who I ride with when it comes to the big regional week long trips however.
  15. The "real"first 200+ foot coaster... I heard the g's were intense but on top of that the ride was mad intense. Based on pics I've seen it looks caaarazy.
  16. wow looks like a nice park. When I heard they were getting X-Coaster I was pretty intrigued and really wanted to try to get out there. Arkansas Twister from what I've seen looks like a pretty nice woodie.
  17. It seems funny because rcdb uses that same picture the author posted.
  18. A dark ride in the style of Mr Toads Wild Ride but themed to Springfield and the Simpsons. Cat in the Hat I guess would also be a good comparison. That could be fun...
  19. I've been to SFA, SFOG, SFGAdv, and SFStl My list probably goes SFStl, SFOG, then SFGAdv. St Louis was a great park. The staff were good, the coaster collection was really good, and the atmosphere was really nice. SFGAdv normally pisses me off with the crowds and lousy staff (way worse then SFA in my experiences) but their coaster collection beats out SFA.
  20. My opinion is slightly biased just because I've been on the ride about a jagillion times, but I think it will be a good move. Its a fun ride and all but its been around for a long time and a change could be sweet.
  21. Apollos Chariot is kinda lame, but Alpengeist is such a cool name. BGA has sweet names minus Python and Scorpion.
  22. Griffon is a totally gangster name in my opinion. BGE has some good name picking skills.
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