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  1. I have to say the level of vitriol sustained for this project is almost impressive.
  2. I hope to be there early on to ride this before it gets neutered too much.
  3. I went out there 2 Sundays ago. Thankfully the crowds were small, but everything was running one train... Rebel Yell running one side and one train = massive fail and long wait. I305 was running one train as well, but we got on for a ride in the back relatively quickly...
  4. I'll remain optimistic about this. If priced right for FLA residents I think it could work. When I lived in Oviedo no one had passes to the major parks that I knew, most people avoided the parks and touristy areas for the most part; something like this might work for those people. More of a traditional amusement park in the Cedar Fair/Six Flags sense than an all out theme park... Certainly not expecting good news or great things, but more parks/coasters is always fine by me.
  5. SFMM is getting three coasters next season... Seriously, could Six Flags just do the DC area a favor and sell the park to someone who will actually make investments into it? It would be nice to have a decent park that is worth visiting more than once every few seasons less than an hour away. I've made excuses for the park and Six Flags Inc. but this is just plain ridiculous.
  6. Seriously? Taking ad space out on facebook and google? That's pretty amazing... I'm willing to bet that site gets at least 100X more donations than .org in the next week.
  7. Instead of writing such patronizing words, can't you just donate to Price Desmond's effort? Only if he follows up with even more awesome animated .gif's
  8. Very funny website. However, now to be a Debbie-Downer... This is getting a bit sad. Most everyone gets it - 99% of people here and everywhere else (everywhere else that is paying any attention) thinks this is a ridiculous effort that is ill-conceived at best. The people clearly are not prepared and really need to step up their game or they will fail miserably. I think at some point though its just in bad taste to continuously trash the project and further damage their efforts. I mean how long do you need to piss in someone's cheerios to ruin their breakfast? I understand expressing the opinion that the ride does not need to be saved, or that this lackluster project is terrible and not going to accomplish that (I share those thoughts) but at some point it just seems to cross a line into not simply thinking/expecting the project to fail, but almost hoping it will fail and wanting to help bring that about. Just my $.02.
  9. I sent an email to them. If they are actually serious about letting people with no experience walk around, disassemble, and transport an old wooden coaster I will totally drive up there with my truck on a weekend or something...
  10. Its up to us to attend a park, so they can actually give us a reason to want to go later? I think you have that backwards personally. My point is, looking at it from the business side of the equation: the higher the attendence, the higher the rate of new rides. Just because attendence is low, doesn't mean a park should be neglected, and SFA isn't neglected, as Thomas Town has showed. However, there is a difference between nice, small additions, and massive coasters. The first is easy to build and, as we saw this year, allows parks to re-locate things and rework the park, while still being able to advertise the entire thing as "new rides". Bottom line is that SFA will continue to see improvements and additions to the park. However, until the atendence justifies anything further, additions will be few and far between. I agree with your general premise. And I definitely don't think that SFA as it stands right now merits or could justify receiving massive, new additions season after season. Thomas Town was a nice addition to the park, especially considering how few and far between such additions have been for the past decade. I hope that the trend continues and more is added for the 2012 season (since all signs point to 2011 being an off year as far as new stuff goes). A nice moderate sized coaster would work great. I don't think in this region it is fair to the park to simply say the attendance isn't there now, so they shouldn't get receive anything. People need to have a reason to want to visit the park, or they'll just go somewhere else where they have new attractions every season or two - plenty of choices within a couple/few hours. SFA spent a lot of time building a better infrastructure for the park, I think now they are in a good position to start adding new attractions again.
  11. Its up to us to attend a park, so they can actually give us a reason to want to go later? I think you have that backwards personally.
  12. yeah same here, haunted attractions aren't my favorite thing in the world... I normally just go to the parks during haunt events to get last rides on coasters and plenty of night rides in since the parks are typically open later.
  13. A wild mouse is better than nothing. I too wish SF would ditch the audio on Bizarro.
  14. As was said, its more stuff and slightly better sounding than last years haunt, at least. I'll probably swing by for an afternoon to get some final rides in on SROS and Wild One at least, not sure I'll bother with any haunt stuff.
  15. If you're really curious I'll get my parents to tell me more about those. Nearly all of our vacations growing up were involving timeshare tours... They probably ended up going on 15 or so of them and never felt tempted to bother buying a timeshare. I remember when Wonderworks opened, we were living down there and I thought it was the coolest looking thing and always bothered my parents about checking it out; we never did, which apparently was a good thing.
  16. I foresee copious amounts of airtime - and a potential top 5 steel coaster contender. Looks awesome!
  17. Went to the park yesterday afternoon and evening for the first time since Intimidator added the new softer restraints. We got the park around 2, the weather was fantastic and the crowds were fairly light all day. We headed straight for Dominator after entering the park and got on in the back after only waiting a couple trains. Dominator seemed smoother than I remembered earlier in the season; it had a couple rough spots, but all in all I thought it was good. Next we headed back to Avalance where we waited a few trains for a backseat ride. Following Avalanche we went for a ride on Intimidator. The wait was very short, just inside the station for every row except the front. We went for a ride in the back seat. The new restraints were fantastic. Definitely improves the ride experience significantly. Although the trim on the drop and airtime lacking second hill are still a bit of a let down, Intimidator is still an amazing ride especially with these new restraints. We also got on Shockwave, Drop Tower, Grizzly, Flying Eagles, Rebel Yell, Backlot, Anaconda, FoF, another ride on Intimidator, and we ended the day with a front seat ride on Volcano (I highly recommend trying to get on Volocano right around sunset, beautiful views!) All in all it was a great afternoon and evening. I'm excited to make at least one more trip down for the halloween events.
  18. I'll definitely be checking it out next season. I'm glad its coming to a park close to me as I never got to ride it as Chang at SFKK.
  19. Isn't RWBs already partially demolished? I'm pretty sure I remember seeing pictures of the ride with some parts already taken down. I definitely don't recall anyone really making a fuss over that ride being torn down.
  20. I too am very excited to get a glimpse of the Intamin track. I last went down to Orlando/FLA in 2007; with all the new credits and attractions it looks like a nice long stay down there this coming season is in order. Thanks to the admin for putting up the picture, I kept trying to link directly from twitpic which wasn't working.
  21. Congrats! I would love to get married on a coaster with my fiancee...
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