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  1. HP is my favorite of the parks mentioned. BG is beautiful and the rides are great, but I always run out of things to do fairly fast due to the relatively small amount of rides. I'd go with HP personally. Definitely NOT KD. KD can't compare at all to BG or HP in terms of overall quality.
  2. Year round will not last... Nothing will work being year round in Myrtle Beach I think.
  3. But the park and Intamin aren't going to go out and say that "the biggest baddest most extreme ride in the region" is now traveling slightly faster than SROS up the road and Apollo's Chariot down the road after only a few weeks of operation. They won't change the "official" speed of the ride until its no longer a marquee attraction, if ever. Sure. Whatever you say pal. Sounds like you know everything. I'm not trying to say/sound like I know everything, but to me common sense says the park is not going to come out with a new press release to announce the "new and improved" speed of Intimidator, let alone only a brief while after opening as North America's fastest gravity powered coaster. I doubt they will ever bother to explicitly tell everyone the new, real top speed, whatever it may be; because frankly 99% of the visitors on any given day don't care. I don't know if RCDB is right or wrong, but I certainly won't be holding my breath for KD/Intamin to announce whatever the new top speed may be. Totally agree with you, Robb...but have you tried contacting the park or Intamin to get some confirmed info? I emailed KD about 2 weeks ago, and have yet to receive a reply. Have fun waiting on KD, they waited months to respond to my question about not being billed for my season pass so I'm sure they'll be right on top of that query. If they do respond, I'm sure they'll be glad to tell you it travels "VERY FAST!!!" now. What a great sign.
  4. I hope there is a good bit of theming to help differentiate the ride from KD's tower.
  5. So they just need to find a way to fuel I305 up with rockstar?
  6. But the park and Intamin aren't going to go out and say that "the biggest baddest most extreme ride in the region" is now traveling slightly faster than SROS up the road and Apollo's Chariot down the road after only a few weeks of operation. They won't change the "official" speed of the ride until its no longer a marquee attraction, if ever.
  7. You only rode one side of Primeval Whirl?
  8. I've never seen a wait near 2 hours in my past visits to the parks for any ride (most was maybe 1 hour to an hour and a half). Universal and Sea World are pretty close to one another only about 6 miles away, or a 10-20 minute drive. Something that might help is checking out google maps before your trip, thanks to street view you can take a virtual walk through Universal Studios. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Universal+Studios+Florida,+Orlando,+FL&sll=28.441978,-81.465683&sspn=0.089358,0.181789&ie=UTF8&hq=Universal+Studios+Florida&hnear=Universal+Studios+Florida,+6000+Universal+Blvd,+Orlando,+FL+32819&ll=28.474624,-81.466144&spn=0,0.005681&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=28.474549,-81.466109&panoid=pEdKNemJ1pm1rOnEguNhTw&cbp=12,299.74,,0,3.85
  9. *Facepalm* Even SFARegular has stopped beating that dead horse... I still don't find Roar to be unbearable by any means, some re-tracking work couldn't hurt, though.
  10. I don't even know where any drinking fountains are located in the park;I always just go to the food places and ask for a cup of ice water.
  11. ^ Nah, I was only nine years old so the extent of my movie watching at that point was predominately Disney animated movies... But all I'm saying was having only a small concept of the attractions topics before riding (Jaws = Big horrible shark, King Kong = Big horrible ape, Earthquake = .....Earthquake..., etc.) didn't really interfere with me enjoying the attractions.
  12. I was very dubious of this new themed area, but the more I see the more I like it. I'm not a HP fan by any means. I have (reluctantly) seen most if not all the movies (reluctantly as in a gf or family wanted to go see it/rent it). I have successfully avoided reading the books despite nearly everyone I know trying to shove them down my throat at one point or another. I found a couple of the movies to be entertaining enough, and others to be dreadful. So long story short, I have some sense of the "plot" of the series and its main characters. From my perspective I think some people are taking the theming stuff making them feel "alienated" a bit extreme. I can understand not getting every small detail or reference (I know most of that stuff will be lost on me). The name of the land is "Wizarding World"; you get the general idea of Harry Potter - magical crap happening with wands and potions and such. It seems to me based on that alone you will "get" the theme enough to enjoy it and develop a further understanding upon looking around a bit. "What's that shop over there? What a weird name..." You may say. So you step in "Oh! Magic wands! Because the kids are wizards and all that! I get it." When I first visited Universal Studios back in 96 or so I had never watched the old Hanna Barbara cartoons with Dick Dastardly, I had never seen Back to the Future, I had absolutely no idea who the heck Alfred Hitchcock was, I had never seen Jaws, I had never seen Earthquake, I had never seen King Kong, I had only watched a bit of Ghostbusters, and I didn't have cable to watch Nickelodeon. But yet I "got" all the attractions we rode and shows we saw that day despite having little background information to go off of. I really think this is more or less the same for those who haven't seen and aren't terribly interested in Harry Potter.
  13. Totally agree about Mindbender, that ride is awesome. I was pleasantly surprised by Cyclone. I loved riding in the back if only for the absolutely terrifying ejector air and head choppers you get while dropping off the second turn around down into the lift structure. First time I rode that was one of the craziest moments I recall on a coaster.
  14. Wow, the more this goes along and the more clear it is just how much is going to be different the more intrigued I am about what the final product will be. When this is done I do believe I will be making my first trip to SFOT.
  15. Yeah I didn't even give Hurler a ride this visit because the line was beyond full every time I walked by that part of the park. Frankly a rough, not very good coaster I've been on before won't get me to wait long, let alone when there's a clone right up the road a few hours closer to home.
  16. Ooooh yeah, the first time we got in line for Intimidator the line was pouring out of the entrance and into the midway, so the park had to set up a nice long additional switch back behind a typically closed fence to try and accommodate more people. Thankfully the capacity on the ride is great and the crew was moving the trains quickly so even then line wasn't unbearable or anything.
  17. "...how often do you see a GIANT LIZARD flying through your town???" The only possible answer to that question is "not nearly enough!"
  18. This past memorial day weekend I made the trip down to Charlotte to visit Carowinds on Saturday and watch the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race on Sunday. I'll bore you with some details and reviews before sharing some of my pictures. The crowds at the park were pretty massive, leading to some lengthy lines and crowded midways; but nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected for a Memorial Day weekend and it certainly didn't keep us from getting a good amount done and having a blast. Thankfully the weather held up well and it was predominately sunny throughout the weekend. I won't delve into the details of the race (because I doubt many here really care ), suffice it to say I was pleased with Jimmie Johnson wrecking and that was enough for me to have a good time. The main objective in visiting Carowinds was trying out their version of Intimidator as I had all the other credits (minus the kiddie coasters and relocated boomerang, which I got on at Geauga Lake). My first impression of Intimidator was fairly "blah" after seeing the animations and layout. "Oh boy..." I thought "...another B&M hyper, I sure am glad the park closer to me is getting the more original Intamin giga coaster." But Intimidator really pleasantly surprised me. It was smooth, fast, had great floater airtime, and had a great first drop; all the staples of a top-notch hyper coaster from B&M. Granted I have yet to ride the very similar Behemoth or Diamondback (the only other B&M hypers I have experienced are Apollo's Chariot and Nitro), but I'd definitely say this is the best B&M hyper I have been on. I came away thinking it was a better all around ride then I305 (especially now with the trims, but that is another topic for another thread ). Also, Afterburn is still amazing. Absolutely the best B&M invert I have been on. Without further ado, some pictures: A great thing to see right after stepping out of the car in the parking lot. Hammerhead, very sweet element. All I had to compare this to was Nitro's - this one was better. The always impressive Afterburn. My partner in life, crime, and coaster riding as we wait for the front row of Afterburn to start the day. The first drop was much better than I anticipated, lots of floater air all the way down. A very graceful ride, we compared it to flying. Carolina Cyclone was about the same as I remembered, a bit rough around the edges. I did enjoy the head chopper type effect the shrubbery around the turn before this corkscrew gave, though. Here I am, in line for the minetrain. I think its safe to say the internet could use another picture of a boomerang's vertical loop. Carolina Cobra was a pretty good time. "Gentlemen, start your engines!" and such In case the last picture wasn't close up enough. That will be all for photos of Carowinds. Sunday brought about watching the race. But more importantly tailgating before the race. Who doesn't enjoy drinking and grilling before noon? My face was obviously not properly prepared for the sun. While I burn, she tans. Thanks for reading!
  19. Amazing! Someone at Knott's today was wearing a Tye-Dyed Dueling Dragons shirt! Ugh, I remember buying that shirt and wearing it fairly regularly for a bit when I was in middle school... Suffice it to say I was not exactly the hippest kid in middle school...
  20. Are you joking? Its not the bands responsibility to inform the park or security that they may incite a crowd of hundreds or more to suddenly rush the stage? Really? What if a kid gets trampled? You could be looking at multiple lawsuits because kids get trampled under the rush and get broken bones or worse. Its great to say its all in fun, but you are dealing liabilities and at shows people get hurt all the time. I've seen it happen at every big punk, alternative, heavy metal, etc. show I've been to. Someone (typically many people) get taken out on a stretcher. Who do you think the parents of a kid who gets seriously hurt are going to blame if the band gets to have their way and tells a thousand rowdy people to all cram a space only designed to hold a few hundred? That's right, the venue, aka Six Flags. I've been to countless HFStivals, Warped Tours, Ozzfests, Family Values, and dozens more shows large and small; anytime you tell a large crowd to rush a small space you are asking for someone to get hurt, asking for security to have problems and you are creating a massive liability for the venue. The band was completely irresponsible.
  21. I was only joking around. I won't be there either way, so you don't need to worry about me ruining the day for anyone. I'd hardly consider myself a local or an obnoxious person away from the internet in any event. Right-o
  22. Wait...you're still doing the KD leg of the IntimidaTOUR? You should, like, not go. Maybe that will teach Intamin and KD. At least make special shirts for the day "IntRimidaTOUR". I think the park would have at least a good sense of humor about that...
  23. The only local park I visit enough for it to really ever lose its luster is SFA, I'll buy a pass and go out there for brief (2-4 hours normally) visits every couple weeks. It doesn't really get too old to me... But I love Wild One.
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