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  1. Just came up on their twitter feed. http://twitpic.com/2n2smm ADMIN EDIT: I have gone ahead and added the photo (taken from the original Facebook posting) in question.
  2. I only got one ride on BIg Dipper; and that was pretty lucky. I made my only visit to GL during what ended up being their last season and at first it didn't look like it would open for the day. Thankfully just before we were about to leave the park in the late afternoon to head to Cedar Point it opened and we got a single front seat ride. I found it to be a very fun ride; it was smooth and gave some really good floater airtime. It was actually my favorite ride of the day (Yes, better than Dominator even). So I guess for that reason I'd rather see the ride saved than not. But that probably says more about the lack of top notch wooden coasters I've been than the actual quality of the ride. I find it interesting how Cedar Point has over the past decade or so gone from being an icon of the amusement park world, a mecca for coaster enthusiasts, to being regarded in such a low light. I think its similar to a band getting too much airtime on the radio/TV, so people with "non-stream tastes" disregard it by default as being too commercial or selling out... I personally still love to visit Cedar Point, its not my favorite park in the world but they have a great coaster collection and I never run out of things to do while there.
  3. Ugh, keep DC area politics, let alone MD politics out of the park. That would somehow manage to make things a million times worse. Whatever, I'll get a Six Flags pass to go to SFGAdv, SFOG, and maybe another park or two next year, but I'm not sure I'll waste my time going to SFA more than once simply for nostalgic reasons to see the park again and think about the good times I had their before they eventually probably close the place when real estate picks back up again. What a massive waste.
  4. Check it again,I was the next person to reply to your post there as I was just on FB a few minutes ago. I'm sure it's not a coaster as so far SFOG & SFNE announced their new coasters for next season on FB today & if SFA were in the running they probably would've done so by now as well.My best guess is they're getting the shaft as usual. SFA's response - "Some people are SO pessimistic! Lol." Either way I'm not getting my hopes up, but I hope something is coming.
  5. Eh, we'll see. Unless something has changed since the beginning of the season some kind of attraction is supposedly coming.
  6. I could at least go to $18,000; unfortunately that would leave buying land, moving the ride, re-building the ride, and of course operating and maintaining it...
  7. I will definitely be going to SFoG next season as they now have multiple credits since my last visit a few years back. I've never been on Eurofighter yet, as well.
  8. With SFoG announcing their new coaster I figured I would see what I could get out of SFA through their facebook page about what, if anything, might be happening next season. Me - "With Six Flags Over Georgia announcing their new for 2011 roller coaster today - any chance we'll hear some good news about next season from you as well?" SFA - "Well I'm not going to deliver any bad news about next season... Today? yeah - not so much..." So, with no BAD news coming, at least that should mean they won't be announcing the park is closing or something.
  9. It seems to me that the park would consider removing the Space Surfer flat ride by Shockwave before adding a Windseeker... Considering the ride experience would be so similar.
  10. Nothing says "neglected" quite like that 230' B&M added all the way back in 2008... Looks like a cool ride; even if it is "tame", being that high off the ground I know will freak me out more than just a bit.
  11. I'd expect a new movie to replace Spongebob if anything at all.
  12. Agreed, after the rave reviews I had read I was underwhelmed. I enjoyed walking through the line with the spinning tunnel and all more than the actual ride.
  13. They had to have gotten a good deal on those rides to get so many in one year...
  14. Yeesh, God forbid people have differing opinions on a ride and some aren't left thinking its the best thing since sliced bread. It seems to me 99% of people agree the ride falls some where between "quite good" to "the best ride they've ever been on"; it really doesn't seem worth getting too excited over people having a differing opinion of exactly how good a ride is. As far as Volcano goes, the only aspect I have ever found uncomfortable/rough is occasionally the second launch and inversion out of the volcano will force my restraint down a bit too far. The restraints proximity to my nether regions plus the slight vibration and rattle the ride sometimes has can cause some discomfort... But its never been a big deal.
  15. Myrtle Beach obviously... I agree with the idea that Daytona Beach could be a good place a for smaller ocean side park like you see in a lot of other beach towns. Charlottesville/Harrisonburg/Staunton, VA could be a good location for a smaller park. Thanks to the population to draw from around the area and the existing tourism draws to the region (nature, resorts, colleges and such) it could be viable... Or, the Massanutten resort could open up attractions. A mountain coaster around the ski slopes, for example.
  16. That's bizarre, I've never had a remotely rough ride on Wild One in the front, back, or middle. Definitely among the smoothest woodies I've been, considering its age, especially.
  17. Time Machine was a pretty lousy ride as far as B&M goes, and the other coasters were very forgettable. So I really would not care if any of the rides were moved elsewhere.
  18. I honestly feel terrible for everyone involved. Obviously the girl and her family; but also the operator. Its all too easy to forget about a random bit of procedure or not pay attention for a moment. I've seen some close calls while at parks and working rides, thankfully none resulted in something as terrible as this.
  19. I think I missed something, was the inappropriate part when he lift the kid on to the rail to play the game?
  20. I unfortunately wouldn't be surprised to see KD keep the ride the way it is for the long haul. In all honesty the GP doesn't care, and even most enthusiasts seem to have come up with justifications to convince themselves that the ride is still great... Frankly with the trims the only part of the ride that I thought was truly great (first drop, turn, 2nd hill) and made it a top coaster is a shadow of its former self. Its still a good ride, but really nothing compared to what it was. I would love to see the park/intamin make the alterations needed to let the ride run like it once did, but the focus will soon be shifted away from the ride and towards some other new attractions within another season or two, so I'm not counting on it.
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