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  1. Well what can you expect?The locals aren't afraid of some rent a cops that the park has hired to provide security....now KD on the othhand employs state police to help patrol the park & they've done an outstanding job of busting the troublemakers this year for the most part.I was in the park last month over by 305 when along come a couple officers escorting what must've been about ten guests from the area with a couple more officers & KD security staff bringing up the rear,which is something you don't see at SFA. Which you know because you haven't been back to the park since 2006, right? Seriously, we get it. You don't care for the park and until they build a massive new attraction you won't be coming back. I've never felt line cutting is a big problem, frankly because there's rarely ever much of a line for any ride. Other Six Flags parks and FoF at KD have always been worse in my experiences. Good to hear security took care of the problem. Very good to hear Batwing was running two trains. I can't even recall the last time I remember seeing that happen, its been at least a couple seasons.
  2. I will definitely be back there next season to ride Black Diamond.
  3. How are those indoor slides themed? Like props or something?
  4. Nice trip report. I had no idea there were other credits in Coney Island other than the Cyclone. I really need to get up there at some point, up to NYC for the first time in general, really.
  5. The greying out is not, and never was, that big of a deal. Your vision goes a bit dark for a moment. A second later its fine. No big deal.
  6. Its much more complicated, like in RCT2 where you have to deal with the shift key and stacking wall pieces.
  7. I have to say I was fairly disappointed to see a higher up at the park doing what is considered a major "no-no" as an amusement park employee (or really any customer based job such as retail), it mostly rubbed me the wrong way because when I worked at the park I recall countless employees being reprimanded severely for similar actions. I didn't see any markings, but I wasn't looking particularly hard, I'm hoping to make a few more trips before the end of the season so I'll keep my eyes peeled and keep at least my cell phone's camera charged and ready if I see any more updates. Thanks! I believe both of my rides were on the blue train. Surprisingly/thankfully SROS was on 2 train operation, I was expecting them to pull a train off before re-opening the ride, but they kept both open. Also on a random side note, the op at Jokers Jinx today was very good. Had lots of energy and engaged guests as well as inform them. I really hope SFA can get more ops like him, they make a big difference. I forgot to mention, Joker was on one train operation but the purple train was on the transfer track, so I don't know if they run both on the weekends. Quite frankly two train operation barely makes a difference on Joker since the ride completes its circuit just as the other train is boarding guests typically because its such a short ride so I don't rally care either way.
  8. Absolutely awful. Thoughts are with the girl and her family. I know I would chicken out if given the chance to experience this attraction, another incident like this just makes that easier for me to deal with.
  9. I305's line is very short, even with a full line the longest you wait is 45mins. (front seat can take a while, though)
  10. After work today I swung by SFA to get some rides and see what is different. I was actually a bit surprised by how much had changed since I was last at the park in early May. I first went to Wild One - no line for the back car. Gave a great, smooth ride with ample airtime as always. I noticed SROS was down from the other end of the park so I went to Roar instead of Gotham. Waited one train for the front, gave a nice ride with some pops of airtime, not too rough at all in the front. I next made my way to Jokers Jinx. Jokers Jinx has had a load of changes made this season. First, the line is now being stopped so only 1-2 trains worth of guests are allowed to wait for a certain row. The good news is this seems to entirely stop guests from cutting in line, which was always a major problem with this ride as it was so easy to jump over/under the last bar of the crowded station. The other change was audio being added to the ride's station, this audio seems to give the ride a bit of a "theme". The idea is you are being taken to Arkham (sp?) asylum to join the jokers gang. There's some audio of the joker and his cronies talking (including the famous line "Why so serious?" of course), some music, and a voice over telling guests all the rules and to buy a season pass in a gotham city/Joker themed way. Not a bad idea, I just wish it maybe had more music to help make it a bit longer or something as it was a touch annoying after hearing it for the 10th time while waiting in line. As a side note I have to give SFARegular props, as the whole Asylum tie in thing was something he mentioned a while back as an idea for the ride... Not quite the enclosed building and full on theming he wanted to see, but its a start... After this I made my way through Thomas Town, I have to give the park some credit as this is the nicest looking area of the park added since becoming a SF park imho. Its a bit under-grown in terms of plants what with being young and all, but with time it will look very nice I think. The details in theming and the added touch to make everything look pretty nice stands out when compared to the lackluster Gotham City... I arrived at SROS, which was still down, but sporadically testing. I figured I would wait it out. So I stood by the station and observed the op telling everyone that the ride was closed and them asking the typical GP "how long?" "why" "whens it opening" "is it closed all day" "is that other ride open?" "why is this ride always broken?" type questions. In any case, after about 10-15 minutes it opened and I walked on the front row. Fantastic ride, smooth, fast, tons of airtime. I ran around and jumped on the back with a one train wait. Fast and with good airtime... But very shaky, almost violently so. Definitely a front seat ride. Next it was onto Batwing. They were using the seemingly rarely used side of the station with the underground line leading to it. The line was short, but as you know Batwing with its one train and slow operating procedures it took a little while (about 15 minutes). I got to ride in the front seat and had a fantastic out of control ride. I love the vekoma flyers. It was hot, I was tired, so now I'm here to share with you some pictures from the day. Hypocrite!!! Seriously, the guy was typing out a text on his phone for a while. I can tell you that if this guy saw a kid working rides/games/etc. doing the same thing they would be punished. Good leadership and work ethic starts from the top, be an example and such. This fence is new (since May). Not sure if that could be a sign of something. The Wii thing is now a Coke refreshment room with some vending machines and chairs. These are the restaurants added this season, a Johnny Rockets and Mexican food joint. Hadn't seen this yet, new height sticks? They have all the ride logos on them so one stick can work for any ride. XBox doing some advertising in Gotham City next to Riddle Me This. Thomas Town really gives you some nice new views of Superman's lift and drop. This is what Joker's line looks like now, notice the line being stopped.
  11. I said one of the Lightning Racers. I've only been on Wildcat, LR, Roar (SFA), and Gwazi, though.
  12. Its funny to me that some people have seen the trains having tons of problems, both of my visits to the park had both trains running all day without any problems.
  13. Nice pictures. Its amazing how much Ocean Park has changed since I visited back around 2000-2001 (unfortunately the Mine Train was testing and the ground breaking had just begun for the S&S towers when I visited). I like Dragon's new paint scheme. Ocean Park was definitely one of the most beautiful and interesting parks I've visited, you cannot beat the incredible views at that park (or at least I've yet to see a more scenic place). Hong Kong is an awesome place, I'd love to go back some day.
  14. Do you happen to have a photo of the missing kiddie 4X4 ride? I ask because Lakemont recently has been putting together a 4X4 jeep type ride and that would be interesting if it was the same ride in a new location. Doing some research, I came across this article that talks about Bell's signing a new lease and has a picture of the Zingo trains in storage. http://www.newson6.com/Global/story.asp?S=12533027
  15. Six Flags Pass (from SFA) and a Cedar Fair Maxx Pass for me.
  16. ^ Interesting point, especially because they say in the article other riders in the same car had the same thing happen. Safe to say seatbelts will be added to this ride as a redundancy safety measure I think.
  17. Skydiver at Lakemont was easily the most fun flat ride I've been on in a long while. I really wish there were more of those things around, so much fun.
  18. The only construction I recall seeing off the top of my head was what looked like a spinning flat being taken apart/put together on the end of the park sort of by the Sky Diver, according to a sign it was to be replaced. Wish I got a picture of that now in hindsight.
  19. I used to play them at SFA and KD, we would play the water gun games with just two of us so we were guaranteed to win ... Last time I played a game at a park was SFA and we played the game with the rolling balls. We went up thinking it would just be the two of us when naturally another random person walks up. The game starts and I'm doing well, but the random person totally destroys both of us, we're like "WTF???" My dad was there as well and watched the whole thing, the one random person's game had FOUR balls at one time while the rest had ONE. We yelled and ******d but the person ignored us and just left since it was the end of the night. Never again after that.
  20. That's a good point, all of the stuff he described just comes off as being the kind of things I expect from a Cedar Fair/Six Flags park of that caliber.
  21. Wow... I'm far from being fan boy of Kings Dominion (I share some of your complaints) and hardly consider myself a local since the drive down there is so hellish in traffic, however I have been a pass holder there for a good number seasons and feel I need to clear some stuff up or correct you on a few things. There's a dead end over by Intimidator, and Ricochet that are both pretty short and lead you to major attractions. I really don't see it as a big deal or too bad compared to most other parks with similar layouts and dead ends. For example SFA up north with its several dead ends and even BGW and the dead end that is the Italian section jsut to name a couple. I never had any trouble finding my way around including my first visits, but I've been going there for ages so its hard for me to really comment one way or the other... That massive Volcano sign has been there since its opening season, I guess it was a good idea to the park back then. Honestly though, did you not notice that several rides, in fact practically the entire Congo section and ALL its rides is located on the other side of that sign? Avalanche had its sign removed from its old spot over the line to a new spot directly attached to the station. Rebel Yell has a sign at the beginning of the line, not sure how you missed it (or maybe it was removed some point over the past 2 months since I last visited?). I can't say about Hurler, I haven't been over to that side of the park this season since Hurler was still closed last time I was there. I guess I can see how Volcano's large sign can be a bit confusing... But I really don't see how it could perplex anyone too much or be seen as a problem. Agreed, thankfully the park has been gradually removing pavement and adding new walkways in their place so they're working on it. I agree to an extent. But I don't find KD's employees to be noticeably worse then any other major park on a typical day. Agree totally, KD has become a chore for me to visit thanks to all the jerks who go there and cut in lines and in general act very rude. Unfortunately the park has little control over people stinking or being jerks unless they get caught breaking the line or something. I find similar stuff true of SFGAdv, but I don;t hold it against them because they can't really judge every guest coming in the gates to ensure they are smelling OK and not a jerk. Sounds annoying. I've never dealt with the in park photo taking people so I don't know if that's a typical problem or what. I love that Cedar Fair doesn't do Fast Pass. So I personally love this. I hate Six Flags nickel and diming for everything, including being able to get on all the coasters in a single visit. Never really thought the park looked too bad except Shockwave needing a new coat of paint. Rebel Yell's line is not that bad, I doubt its even a quarter mile long of a gently sloping ramp. Bubba Gump Shrimp, Congo Grill, the BBQ place by Old Virginia all offer seating inside off the top of my head. I might be missing a couple. No offense, but the variety isn't that bad and you obviously missed some places. By no means is the food as good of quality or variety as a park like Knoebels, but its certainly comparable to any other major amusement park. Sea food, Chinese food, BBQ are all available off the top of my head. KD has a fairly "mediocre" ride collection when it comes to coasters in that only a couple really stand out, and even those are pretty debateable. For example, I love Grizzly, but many hate it. But I think Dominator and Intimidator alone make the park stand out enough with the coaster offering, not to mention the nice full offering of non-coaster thrill and family rides. Intimidator pre-trims > post-trims as well. I think you're being a bit hard on the park because frankly none of the stuff you described really stands out to me as something I don't see at other parks of similar size and ownership. Maybe I have low standards. Not me.
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