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  1. ^ How do you figure? Intamin fabricated and Adena constructed the ride about 2 months ago now. I really don't see how any issues the ride is already having is the fault of anyone else.
  2. I could live with trims before the twisty elements as those were insanely intense, but I fear for the best or second best first drop I've been on...
  3. Man oh man, those trim brackets go all the way down the entire drop. That should slow things down a pretty good bit.
  4. Sounds terrifying. Just being on the bridges/train over the lakes filled with gators freaked me out when I was a kid, can't imagine doing a zip line over them
  5. Apparently there's a "new" front seat POV video showing off the added hardware to the first drop, does anyone know where one can find it?
  6. SROS's trains look ghetto? Funny... You would have really loved them before this season when the nose of the front car had a massive dent and was rusting pretty bad. Too bad your trip wasn't that good at SFA, in the past ops have always helped guests tighten restraints, not sure if that's a new rule some idiot higher up is telling them or just the employees. Funny about Popeyes; as every time I go to Southern VA or into the Carolinas I rant and rave about Bojangles to people and insist on going. Around here Popeyes are a dime a dozen... As far as traffic, be glad that you drove through the Wilson Bridge area now and not 2-4 years ago... It was such a cluser**** down there, MUCH better now for w/e that is worth.
  7. Makes sense, I wonder what kind of shape the house is in now. The trees around it have grown so much it isn't even visible anymore. Back around 2000 you could see it very clearly from Wild One. I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed yet, honestly.
  8. I honestly don't want the soft restraints. Being taller, they would rest pretty heavily on my shoulders and get rid of a lot of the sensation of airtime I experience, especially on the second hill. But whatever, they'll do what they'll do.
  9. That's nice that they had an employee all the way at the top of the long path to Batwing to tell people it is closed. In the past I would sometimes walk all the way down the path before finding that out... Always an annoyance since the ride is so far away from everything. The other train on Jokers Jinx will probably return early in the summer, daily operating time. Typically one train is missing early in the season from what I remember in past seasons. Much of the best theming in the park is from pre-Six Flags days unfortunately.
  10. Why would someone in Georgetown want to hop on a bus to go to SFA? When someone goes to Georgetown its typically to shop, eat, or drink/clubbing in the evening. Its not a massive population area particularly, either so I doubt you'd see a massive amount of locals living in the area using a shuttle bus to the park. Its incredibly obnoxious to get down there whether you drive or take Metro. The traffic for a bus to get from I-495 all the way to Georgetown would be an absolute nightmare. I'm sorry but the bus fleet idea is not very feasible for SFA, especially not in this area. National Harbor would be slightly more logical, but still I don't see it happening personally. Isn't something like that usually done by hotels anyways? Maybe in the future if SFA becomes a large enough destination that tourists will want to go out of their way to get there hotels would start a shuttle service to the park as an added perk of staying there, like many hotels in Orlando do. I had always heard it was the dead daughter who was buried by the house, that haunted the place. Apparently on the day she died the park experiences a lot of breakdowns and other issues - but I think that's just a normal day for SFA personally.
  11. Finally got those photos up... They aren't the best quality as I just snapped them with my camera phone. Gate closest to Jokers Jinx's entrance the front of Gotham City. General view from Jokers Jinx's exit. The second gate, closer to SROS's entrance. From here you can see the Thomas train and kiddie drop tower. Old Two Face site, 2011 coaster coming here? Old haunted house site close to Roar, 2011 coaster coming here?
  12. I'll be going tomorrow and seeing if anything has changed and the ride is different for myself. Clint Novak made a video clearly showing the first drop not having any trims. However there was a long strip of metal on one side of the drop. Any ideas what that could be for? I don't think you could put trim brakes on only one side of the ride for something like this... Seems like having forces only slowing one side or the other would create some bad forces and stress for the trains and structure, rather than both. *shrug*
  13. Just got back from a brief trip to the park. Superman was running amazing, only running the red train. I'd say it feels smoother and faster then the past few seasons, probably helped that the attendant didn't staple me terribly like I normally experience. Wild One still seems a bit "slow" this season. Less airtime then I'm use to experiencing, still a great ride of course, and once the summer heat really picks up it will probably be running wild again. Roar was closed all day. Thomas Town has made huge strides, the kiddie drop tower is up and looks be nicely themed. The Thomas train and ferris wheel are also up along with a nice looking playground type structure. Paths are taking shape and there are hard at work getting everything ready. The area will have two nice looking entry gates on both ends of Jokers Jinx. I'll post some pictures I took a bit later. All the employees were very friendly and helpful. It was nice to see the higher ups in the parks walking around helping keep things clean and asking people if they needed help finding anything. I think the park is really turning a corner and I am excited to see what the next couple seasons bring. If a 2011 ride is added and goes by Roar I think it will go where the haunted house was. Its a huge plot of nice cleared land that is just waiting for something new it seems.
  14. Jeesh... One person rides it today and says the ride is ruined. Another rides it after hearing about trim brakes and says they aren't there... I might have to actually drive down there tomorrow morning myself to see what the difference is if any...
  15. I rode before and after the change and felt no difference what-so-ever on El Toro. It seemed just as fast and out of control and with just as insane airtime as before. In this case the brake screws up the entire drop apparently. The difference between a trim on a drop and simply slowing the lift I think will make a big difference. Oh well. Like I said, it is what it is, and there isn't anything we can do anyway. I know, but its still disappointing to hear that a ride that most people were placing into their top 3 steel coasters is already being altered like this. The first drop was amazing and I hate to think that after only a month its been neutered. I know that there is little we can do by talking about it here, but I feel like that is a bad attitude to have in general. As a costumer you can at least add your critiques and say if something doesn't sit well with you. It may not make a difference but I would rather have an opinion and express it personally.
  16. I rode before and after the change and felt no difference what-so-ever on El Toro. It seemed just as fast and out of control and with just as insane airtime as before. In this case the brake screws up the entire drop apparently. The difference between a trim on a drop and simply slowing the lift I think will make a big difference. Oh well.
  17. Yeah, no need to get too alarmed just yet, I hope. The guy says he talked to Pagel and he could neither confirm nor deny the brakes? Why? What the hell? That sounds ridiculous. Could trim breaks be added so quickly, in just a week? Did KD/Intamin know the breaks would be needed eventually, but wanted to let the ride get rave reviews to start the season so everyone planned a trip before making the ride less impressive? If true, this sucks. Clint says upon first inspection he doesn't see any..."First inspection from the cheap seats, no trims"
  18. ^ I guess I will at least be able to say I got to ride it a few times before they made it less awesome. Would that mean they remove brakes from the trims on the 2nd hill? I doubt the coaster could even make it to the end if not; or it would be crawling to the breaks...
  19. Via coastercrew's twitter: "Word on the midway at kd is trims on i305. Going to investigate." The only time I found Rebel Yell to be a decent ride was when it ran backwards, I really could care less about the ride now. edit: ^ beat me to it. I really hope that isn't the case. At least it was really awesome for a month... Why wouldn't they simply slow the lift down before doing something drastic like adding trims first? That's what SFGAdv did with El Toro.
  20. The floor is gone, isn't it? All the ride components are gone now and from what I saw on Wild One earlier this year it looked like the floor was gone. The station has close to nothing left at all.
  21. As far as the placement of Tony Hawk goes, I think I enjoy the idea JEAPUgrad mentioned about placing it near the front, or in Two Face's old location. I'd like to see that spot filled with something other than the rubble that remains...
  22. I agree that the way other chains balanced building thrill rides and family rides is probably the best plan and brings in the largest number of guests. But this year the park is adding Thomas Town - a nice addition for the smallest little kids and their families. Next year they add a moderate sized coaster that all guests can enjoy. Sounds good to me.
  23. EDIT - Forget about it, I'm not going to keep bringing up the lockers.
  24. I don't lay all the blame at CF's feet by any means, however they have been at the reigns for a few seasons now and watched the ride fall apart further. They might as well just knock it down at this point, Hercules style, as far as I'm concerned.
  25. They ALL do. If you didn't see them at BGT, you must have just missed them. I know I had to spend about $3 on fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo during my recent visit to BGW. I didn't mind at all. --Robb EDIT - the BGT fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo are still there. During our visit in October, if you had any sort of bag, you were told they MUST be put in the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo or left with a non-rider. I still do not understand why people are babies and continue to cry over this. Here's an idea - if you don't like the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo policy LEAVE YOUR CRAP IN THE CAR!!!! And they were also at ShieKra. Thanks for clarifying, my last visit was well over 2 years ago, and the last visit before then was 2 years prior. So clearly things change frequently. As you suggest, I avoid the annoyance while in the parks by not bringing anything with me that won't fit in a zipped pocket. However, that does become an annoyance when in the past I would enjoy bringing a small bag to videotape the parks without an added fee. But whatever, doesn't really matter either way.
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