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  1. That was pretty stupid of them to bother making a nice little Thomas Town theme area than I guess. They didn't sell the park or land during the past fire sale of parks, they have invested into the parks infrastructure and water park over the past few seasons, this season they added a new theme area and a few new/refurbished attractions, and next year apparently another new attraction is on the way. So what evidence exactly supports your crystal ball prediction?
  2. I've never bought the argument that SFGAdv and SFA remotely compete for the same audience. Each has their own major population areas to draw from. People from NYC, Philly, Jersey, etc. aren't driving to SFA and people from NOVA/DC/MD aren't driving to SFGAdv. The GP by and large aren't driving 4 hours simply to go to a park for the day, and given that there is essentially nothing else to do outside of the parks people aren't scheduling extended vacations for Landover , MD or Jackson, NJ. I have never seen an advertisement/brochure for SFGAdv south of Delaware or a SFA ad/brochure north of MD. Both parks can and do co-exist.
  3. I don't see the "loop" ever being closed between Batwing and Coyote Creek, at least not with out entirely removing the rapids or something along those lines. Quite frankly I'd rather see money invested into a ton of other things before they bother building a massive 1/2 mile path connecting those two points of the park... On that note, as far as maintenance is concerned a great deal of the trouble there is financial. The budget set aside for maintenance is not enough to acquire all of the parts needed to be replaced, so instead you see a lot of old parts being cleaned off and re-used. Unfortunately this leads to a ton of fault lights and break downs. Just look at Tower of Doom for an example of this, the park couldn't get new parts over the years so they simply close down one of the three sides and take parts from the closed one to keep the other two operating. There is no way FoF launches faster than 60, let alone 65 MPH. Darkness enhances the sensation of speed. JJ travels at a fine speed, no big deal. If they were to install Chang they could use the riddler theme,but alas that's probably not going to happen. I'd like to know what this "source" is that you keep talking about? Seasonal staff(ie ride ops) don't know & aren't given information on future attractions that are in the planning stages.Unless the park removes renegade rapids then there's no way for them to complete a full loop around the park as there's not enough space between ME & RR to allow for a path to go between the two rides. Exactly, good point about that path. As far as seasonal staff goes, they have limited knowledge... For example, it was common knowledge within the park that Ultra Twister was likely too damaged thanks to the deconstruction crews in Houston to be put back together.
  4. Kings Dominion is the best Amusement Park in Doswell, VA. I wouldn't even stretch it to the entire state of VA let alone the region or the world.
  5. ^ Except for Intimidator of course... I'll guess that a lift will be used, as well.
  6. Sounds/looks awesome, it will be neat to see B&M's take on the ride type and see how they can more than likely make it smoother and more reliable. Perhaps BGW could be looking at one of these as BBW's replacement?
  7. I'd get on Volcano at opening followed by FoF, other than those two rides none of the other lines are never bad in my experiences.
  8. It should be fine, the bottle designs will be the same so its not like they'd have a way of knowing...
  9. I don't buy the excuse that its for faster loading for a second. I just visited Dorney Park where they have cubbies for all the coasters, and there was barely any stacking at all. This is in strong contrast to the Six Flags parks where I see unbearably slow loading and unloading and stacked trains constantly. I worked on Wild One the last year it was fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo free; and when it was me, a manager operating, and another fast moving attendant we could move the trains extremely fast whether or not there were guests setting items to the side. I see the crews moving just as fast, or even slower than they ever did before fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo were put in at SFA. I've ridden BTR at SFOT multiple times this year where I sat in the brakes for 3 seconds or less with only 2 people checking restraints. I have a hard time believing this would be possible if the ride still hat the cubbies. That's cool, SFOT can keep their system. But at SFA where the crews are just as slow as they've ever been I'd personally rather not pay for "faster capacity" that has never come to fruition. Other parks manage to have good capacity with cubies, I just think its a cheap, cash grab by Six Flags parks. Given their financial position and the fact that people are apparently willing to pay I can't blame them for using it, but I still don't care for it.
  10. Wow, that looks absolutely awful. It could be worse, though, they could have added trims or something...
  11. I don't buy the excuse that its for faster loading for a second. I just visited Dorney Park where they have cubbies for all the coasters, and there was barely any stacking at all. This is in strong contrast to the Six Flags parks where I see unbearably slow loading and unloading and stacked trains constantly. I worked on Wild One the last year it was locker free; and when it was me, a manager operating, and another fast moving attendant we could move the trains extremely fast whether or not there were guests setting items to the side. I see the crews moving just as fast, or even slower than they ever did before lockers were put in at SFA. Only on a day like the 4th of July or the religious/hispanic festival days, even then the lines are barely longer than a typical day and I still don't feel flash pass is needed...
  12. I wasn't saying that it wouldn't be good. There have been some people I spoke to that said "SFA, would not be able to keep it working". So that goes for all the people that think that. It's like anything else; you increase the size of your park, you have to increase the number of staff. But what would you think about an all year haunted house? I'm not sure about a haunted house, maybe a Sally shooter dark ride? That could be a nice addition to the park, maybe a western themed one over in coyote creek. A shooter dark ride might satisfy people's urge to fire weapons and keep gun violence out of the parking lot, as well... I think its the contrary, who WOULDN'T want it? You're looking at a park with the incredible position of sitting with in 30 minutes of DC on a massive area of land. The DC area is a bustling region that is constantly growing as more and more people move here and job growth continues, most of these people with considerable disposable income. To me it has the potential to be among the most successful parks in the nation if developed properly. AND Six Flags weant the "cheapo" route with SFNE and SFGAdv!!! They advertised this new "Bizarro" ride, but all they did was re-paint Superman/Medusa and throw in some fire! Jeez, you'd think they were just trying to get out of bankruptcy or something with the way they aren't spending hundreds of millions of dollars on massive new roller coasters anymore! I for one am outraged, I want NO improvements unless they cost at least tens of millions of dollars, otherwise all it does it prove how little they REALLY care!
  13. When did anyone say they wouldn't like a thrill ride? Most people are simply content with the likelihood of the next attraction being something like a spinning coaster.
  14. Wild One is a very underrated coaster, I think SFA is worth a stop if possible if only for Wild One and SROS if you've never gotten to ride Darien Lake's version.
  15. That got mentioned a few pages back, before all this debate about "what came first, the good attendance or the multi-million dollar thrill ride?" started. Thankfully SFA is in a better position than CGA going into the future I think. Loads of space to develop into and no fighting over the land in/around the park with sports franchises and such.
  16. It will be weird to see SFGAdv's skyline minus GASM towering over the parking lot. It was a very impressive looking coaster. Also a bit sad to see another arrow coaster being brought down, their rides aren't the smoothest around but I always enjoy them and the classic feel they have. GASM was a bit of a headbanger but it was nice always being able to count on it having little to no line even when most of the other coasters had an hour+ waits.
  17. You sir, are awesome. Parks don't remove rides because they hate them. They're removed generally for one of the following reasons: A) Maintenance costs outweigh the benefits the ride brings in. B) The ride is unsafe for operation C) The ride has been known to harm people and has a bad public image D) The ride has low ridership, which can be attributed to either A, B, or C. E) Expansion or new installation Its logical. SFA Regular, you seem to be going off on this rant about how SFI hates SFA. They don't hate the park, but they are trying to run a good business as jynx pointed out. Stop being a fanboy for 2.5 seconds and stop and think about what corporate and the GP sees. For the record Two Face, Iron Eagle, and Krypton Comet all met at least half of the A-E list you posted. SFA Regular will probably never drop this, much like his idea of enclosing Jokers Jinx, no matter how much people tell him its a bad idea he won't listen to reason.
  18. Good points. Frankly the lowest employees at parks get treated pretty bad and don't get a lot in return. And everyone has bad days. Its just that not everyone has to deal with thousands of people and their at times outlandish requests and angry tirades. That doesn't excuse employees being outwardly rude to guests, or excuse the employees at a particular park for having a bad habit of acting that way more often than other parks - but its easy to understand why it happens.
  19. While that may be true then WHY is it that other parks in the chain seem to be following the exact opposite of this by adding coaster after coaster & all the fanboys are saying "ohh SFMM or SFGRADV needs it more than SFA"? Honestly when Shapiro started removing rides that were addmitedly problematic but not taking the time or money to replace them that's when this park's days have become numbered.It sends the message that corporate has given up on the park & feels that no matter what new attraction they install would not be enough to lure once loyal customers in the region back from their competition which has more in the way of rides to offer their guests. Yeah, nothing says "days are numbered" like a brand new themed area featuring several new and refurbished attractions, and a new major attraction supposedly coming next season. They certainly have "given up" on the park. Maybe they finally improved the parks infrastructure and operations to a point that tossing in new million+ dollar attractions makes sense and isn't a waste of time and money? Boy I guess its a good thing that they've added Thomas Town this year and will probably be adding another attraction next season. You guys would probably be happier if the park was just shut down sometime in the past ten or so years, then you wouldn't have to deal with them only adding a Thomas Town and (likely) medium sized coaster in back to back years, now. Well, at least KDCOASTERFAN would as it would finally validate his "SFA doomsday! The end is near!" talk that he's been going on about for years now.
  20. Reminds me vaguely of Gwazi and one of its "near collision/fly-by" elements; except much closer and running in the same direction (and probably a billion times more awesome).
  21. The older and more developed areas of the park aren't too bad, but Gotham City is awful with the lack of shade. There are some trees but they are still quite young and small. The issue there is its not practical to bring in large, older trees for shade. Unfortunately it will just take a while for the landscape to mature and the young trees to grow. Yea, but that mega coaster is now 10 years old and people are not really thrilled with it anymore. What's the crime of adding another thrill ride to the park? Everyone knows loads of people will start coming back if it's good. If they keep adding small things then they will only get small crowds. I'm telling you this from what I see. Adding another small addition is going to drive more people away and give Kings Dominion the edge of receiving more people for 2011. We just had a huge family addition, which was Thomas Land. So why not add a coaster for 2011. Then in 2012 we can add another family addition and then follow it up the next year with replacing Tower of Doom with a few flats in it's place and then building a huge drop tower ride in Gotham City. Drop Towers are much cheaper than coasters. Now let's talk about improving Fright Fest. I got some real good ideas. They need a new coaster desperately right now since they lost 2face as well as some thrilling flats.I agree how on earth do they expect to compete with KD when over the past two years they've installed a floorless(thanks to GL) & now a giga that are both partly responsible for the huge increase in attendance at KD. For those who say the park doesn't need a new coaster let me ask tou this:Why then does SFGRAM or GRADV need a coaster every time they're given a new attraction when that's all they've gotten for the most part over the past decade? what makes them more deserving than us? They don't need a new coaster to keep or bring in the crowds if,as so many fan boys of these particular parks say they already have high attendance rates....if attendance levels alone are the determining criteria for wether or not a park gets a new ride well then many of the parks in the SF chain may as well just close down alltogether because as I & SFA Regular have pointed out no new attractions = no new guests & very few repeat guests. You keep emphasizing what YOU want and what will bring YOU to the park. Thomas Town is a good addition to the park, stop acting like it doesn't count for anything or doesn't matter because its not a super sweet coaster or flat ride and therefore not of interest to YOU and the few coaster enthusiast who live in the DMV area. SFGADV received the bulk of its new rides during the past ownership - the one that ran the company into the ground. Dark Knight was the last new coaster added and the only one under the newer management, other than that they received a re-painted Medusa with stupid audio and theming sprinkled in. Is that really SO much better than the rumored spinner SFA will receive? Quite frankly, SFA was a bad park with bad operations and a terrible reputation that a lot of people in the area wanted nothing to do with (and still want nothing to do with). Does throwing a flat ride in one year and a decent sized coaster the next really change anyone's mind if some potential guests are literally afraid of being mugged in the parking lot? Not really, especially when HP, KD, and BGE are all in the area and building rides of their own every season. Also, if SFA continued adding more new rides every season for the past decade when the maintenance department could barely keep their EXISTING rides in working order on a regular basis - what is the point? "Sweet! A new flat ride! Too bad its closed 50% of the day and half the rides in the park didn't open today." What it comes down to is SF has probably sat back and examined the park over time to decide just what potential it has given its terrible reputation, infrastructure, and management. Thankfully they have apparently turned the ship around enough that they now feel the park has greater potential staying open as an amusement park rather than simply being razed and having the land sold ala Astroworld. I think some people here are being extremely naive about all of this and need to appreciate what is going right. Well KDCOASTERFAN, it looks like we got another person to agree with us. Thank you for pointing that out. With the company choosing not to invest in it anymore, it doesn't have a wide variety of rides to choose from. It wouldn't have been as bad if the previous management with Mark Shapiro did not get rid of Two-Face and Iron Eagle and replaced them with nothing. It really hurt us a lot when we experienced Mark Shapiro giving Six Flags New England a ride revamp and leaving our Superman the way it is. Common now, we needed that more than Six Flags New England did, and what hurts the most is that they used the picture of our Superman in the online article. Another thing that just blew me was when (Chang) was being transfered to Great America. We were rumored to get it, but once again they decided to skip over us. Another thing that just did not make sense was the decision not to relocate SFNO's Batman: The Ride inside Six Flags America. Our park GM at the time was SFNO's GM. He really wanted to see his Batman: The Ride get put inside the park he was currently managing. So why did they neglect the place again when the shoe fits the right foot? Something is just not adding up???? How much longer is this coaster neglect going to be thrown against Six Flags America? KDCOASTERFAN, help me out. Agree with you? Try reading this last line again - "More coasters would be great, but no point in my eyes until they fix some [way cheaper] cosmetic issues of the park. I'd rather drive further to BGW or KD even with a Six Flags season pass." No one is saying SFA building a new 500 foot 10 inversion B&M dive machine wouldn't be swell, but constantly griping about it not being added over the past 10 years is asinine considering the other issues at hand.
  22. I prefer the ride outside too. I enjoy Joker's Jinx much more than the flight of fears. Not to mention no block trims, so you fly through the second half. The problem is, the park doesn't get enough traffic to make it worth investing a lot of money into. It doesn't make sense to put a 20 million dollar beemer in a park thats never busy. It almost seems like SF is just giving up with trying to compete with KD and Busch. And WHY are poeple avoiding SFA in favor of KD & BGW? it's because KD & BGW ACTUALLY GET NEW RIDES instead of just removing them one after another,I had hopes for the park from 98 to 2007 & bought a pass every year but after they made the decision to install yet ANOTHER waterslide (which they didn't really need) over installing a major ride that was needed in the ride side of the park I gave up & started going to KD instead.All SFI ever cares about are GRAM,MM,OT & GRADV at the expense of the other parks which is WHY they've lost money & will continue to loose even more until they figure out that it takes more than just major investments in four parks when you've got a chain consisting of 19 parks at the present time. The only attempt made( & I use the term lightly here) at getting a ride installed in the ride park was when UT was sent here,funny thing though that it was shipped to SFA from SFAW BROKEN & unrepairable,which I believe was intentionally done since they've wanted the park to fail. The only way for the park to s urvive is for SF to sell it & for it to go back to it's pre-SF roots as a smaller local amusement park rather than remain in the hands of those in charge of it now because sooner or later they WILL probably just close it to gain access to the assets for redistribution to their big 4 spoiled parks when they no longer can afford to purchase brand new rides for them. People were "avoiding" SFA even before the ride removals and when they were adding one of the world's only flying coasters just a year after adding an Intamin hyper. The park has always had an image problem, not a ride problem, that image problem is finally recently starting to be fixed. Further than that, it is quite comical to me that finally in the past couple seasons, and apparently/hopefully next season, the park is receiving new attractions and upgrades to the ride side and the attitude of most locals is it isn't good enough because it isn't EXACTLY what they wanted. As other have said, get over it and be happy that SF seems to finally be investing in the park in a worth while manner. Any kind of investment is a GOOD thing. It may not be the multi-million dollar coaster an enthusiast's wet dreams are made off, but at least its something - and that is better than what we've seen for the past decade.
  23. So, is Big Dipper still standing or what? That was easily my favorite ride at GL, so much awesome floater air in the front seat.
  24. I'll have to get down there tomorrow after work or sometime this weekend for a ride or two to see how it goes.
  25. Straps are back out on the test seat it seems. Not sure if their on a train yet...
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