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  1. I watched the video last night and felt like it was 17 minutes of CNBC not saying a whole lot of anything. If the video is called "how they plan to survive coronavirus" I would think it'd be the focus of the video, not like two minutes of throwaway comments at the very end of it. But hey, lots of great stock footage...
  2. Count me in the "RMC the heck out of Wildcat" category of enthusiast, please.
  3. ^ Do keep in mind they state on that page "We are working to make as many attractions available to you as quickly as possible, and more rides will become available over time. We encourage you to check back often." So although I doubt that Adventure or OO will suddenly and miraculously open up, I'd be a bit surprised if they weren't able to get a little bit more of Surfside opened. Also, the Henekee is that kiddie ride with all the different vehicles going around under an umbrella. The littlest ones will be crushed.
  4. If Great Adventure manages to run & enforce as well as what I've been hearing about ops down at Over Georgia, I'll be looking forward to a trip later this summer or in early Fall. Also, if this means that the end of the Drive-Thru Safari is near, I would definitely encourage anyone who hasn't checked it out as of yet to try and make it before they close it off to personal vehicles once again. My family and I drove through a couple weekends back and it was absolutely awesome. Highly recommended.
  5. Really encouraging to see such a good response overall from the guests. Seems like Universal really thought out how to properly implement social distancing procedures throughout the park. Great report and photos, thanks Jedi!
  6. I voted for "No, I'll wait a little longer." There's a few different factors at play here. One, I have some medical issues that put me into a group that's at higher risk of contracting the virus and having a really bad time with it if I were to do so. I don't want anything to do with that, quite frankly. Two, I've been following the reopenings, and as much as I'd like to get the hell out of this house and get back to some coastering, it'd be selfish and dangerous of me to do so at first, especially if I do catch something and bring it back home with me to my family. Three, if I were to mak
  7. Received an email this morning that Aquatica San Antonio is reopening this Saturday, June 6th. I'm assuming SeaWorld can't be too far behind at this point either.
  8. Totally agree. I'd love to see Carowinds be the Knott's Berry Farm of the East Coast!
  9. Oof, that Facebook comments section makes my stomach crawl. I've deleted the Facebook app from my phone for the month, so I'm missing out on the good times over there, I'm sure. I'm actually really surprised to see the hardline stance they're taking under their FAQ's heading of "What if I have medical reasons to not wear a mask?":
  10. Just looking at the Aquatica calendar, excluding the first week of operation, it appears that the days that SeaWorld is closed, Aquatica will be open. Monday and Wednesdays, SeaWorld is open, Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's Aquatica's time to shine. So any day in Orlando, passholders will have at least one property to visit. Meanwhile, looking at the Tampa calendars, it's surprising to see that Adventure Island is only open Thursdays through Sundays... so no matter what, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Tampa, you'll be plum outta luck.
  11. Honestly, pretty excited for this to make a return. I have good childhood memories from the prior incarnation of the safari, and I hate to say it, but I've never spent the time doing SORA since they opened that. Given the way everything is going right now, I wouldn't mind packing my family in the car and making the drive down so my wife and kids can experience this!
  12. It appears that they have upgraded their information regarding the reservation system they plan to implement once the parks reopen. The full details and FAQ can be found at https://sixflags.com/reserve. Some takeaways; - Once the system goes live, they'll be opening reservations to attend throughout the remainder of the calendar year all at once. - At first reservations will be limited to only members and season passes holders, with them opening up space for day ticket holders at later dates. - Higher priority will be given to people on the higher tiers of membership (ie Diamond & D
  13. ^This. I wouldn't see them completely scrapping the season because the new entry isn't ready. Their temporary setup that they've had since the start of last season is perfectly fine in the interim. So you’re saying that if Covid never happened the park would not open the entire year because their new entrance isn’t ready???? No, that's not even remotely close to what I'm saying. How did you manage to come up with that based off the words I typed?
  14. If the new entrance isn't ready, I assume they'd just use the temporary entrance like they did last year. ^This. I wouldn't see them completely scrapping the season because the new entry isn't ready. Their temporary setup that they've had since the start of last season is perfectly fine in the interim.
  15. I know a few pages back there were some questions raised in regards to how waterparks would be handling the reopening process. Well, earlier today, Camelback Resort in PA appears to be the first one so far to announce how they're going to be handling everything. They are looking at a June 11th reopening date for their indoor waterpark, Aquatopia, as well as the attached lodge and the nearby mountain adventure park which includes ziplines, a mountain coaster, and the like. The outdoor waterpark, Camelbeach, currently has no posted reopening date, but they are waiting on clearance from state off
  16. Oh, that looks super sweet. Mat racers are my daughter's favorite type of waterslide, so I'm sure she'll be really happy once we get back down there. Hopefully the next time around we'll actually be able to carve out some time for the waterpark portion of Carowinds, since last time we got hit hard by rain during our trip -- we ended up making the drive up to Great Wolf Lodge that day instead and getting some daypasses there, which was fine, but obviously not what we were hoping for.
  17. ^ Some really nice incentives there to keep em going. I haven't seen anything from Sesame Place yet in my inbox.
  18. ^ I mean, all that really does is replace it with a situation where someone arrives and gets denied to their ignorance (real or feigned) of the newly implemented reservation system. I do wonder how many entries they will limit it to each day. If it's going to be some substantial number, or if it's basically going to be like Cedar Point fast lane passes... yeah, they "limit" them, but they don't LIMIT them.
  19. So this video only pulls a couple of quotes from the CEO about the changes to the experience when they reopening, such as face masks and limiting. The article below the video states that they plan to open in mid-May or as soon as possible thereafter, and links back to a tweet that's more than a month old at this point, and has the same language that they've used for all of their parks throughout the chain. I strongly doubt they're still holding firm on the plans to reopen mid-May, especially not with the recent announcements from the California governor about the gameplan to get the state back
  20. I very much look forward to visiting this park with my whole family when it reopens. Gives us a great excuse to make that drive out that way again since we haven't been past Kings Island in three years at this point!
  21. Man, I really didn't wanna climb back in here but... The population of the United States is 328 million people. 7% of that is 23 million, give or take. Not to put words in your mouth, but it sure sounds a lot like you're advocating for 23 million Americans to die a horrible death to an extremely contagious virus for which there is currently no cure, just so our nation can avoid an economic crash. Please correct me if my math is wrong on this. The economy can rebuild. It has in the past and will again. One day in the future, there will be a vaccine, there will be treatments av
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