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  1. If it's anything like the other SF parks throughout the chain, yeah, they're honoring them. In fact, they're probably still selling them and issuing them to people that buy the plan.
  2. I remember when Invadr opened, initially it was not included on any of the multi-ride Quick Queue plans, but you could purchase it individually. It was something ridiculous like $20 per ride though. We ended up just waiting it out after all.
  3. Bumping this thread from the dead! Earlier today on Facebook, Casino Pier announced that they are adding a new coaster this season. It's a custom SBF Visa Big Air spinner & hamster-wheel combo model they're calling "Xolo Loca". Here's the promo video they put up with the announcement: According to comment they responded to on Facebook, this will be located between Pirate's Hideaway and Moby Dick; they have retired their Air Race to make room for it.
  4. This is going to be the first day since they started Power Hours that the park was actually open earlier in the day, so it's really anyone's guess. I'm no help here either since I didn't use my meal plan last time, so I couldn't even say whether they gave us 1 meal + 1 snack or 2 meal + 1 snack during that time period. Wind sounds like it might be a factor for Ka, but yeah, everything else should be golden.
  5. My son and I checked out Coaster Power Hours this past Friday night. I'm not sure why more people aren't talking about this! Yes, it's an upcharge ticket, but if you're already a season passholder or member, it's literally $5 per person for basically five hours worth of non-stop uninterrupted coaster rides. Weather was cooperative this week and it was a beautiful spring evening in the high 60's, so all twelve of their coasters were open at one point or another. Aside from Kingda Ka and Bizarro, both of which had their own issues, we never ended up more than a station wait for a train, and
  6. Hersheypark posted a preview video of their new upscale eatery on the park grounds, The Chocolatier. One thing jumped out at me... and that's this veritable ferris wheel of appetizers.
  7. Huh, interesting. Yeah, clearly things have changed since first they announced their reopening. If you're heading over next weekend keep us updated as to what they end up doing for that.
  8. I mean, there's no reason to be arguing with customer service. Luna Park has made it pretty clear on their website that they are not doing individual rides this season, you can only purchase wristbands for timed access. I'm not personally a fan of it and probably won't be visiting this season because of it, but I get why they are doing so.
  9. So looks like my daughter is right on that line of the 48" height requirement, which means we're gonna be hitting up a lot of the East Coast parks this year to get some new coasters under her belt. Hersheypark will more than likely be a stop since they have Sidewinder, Lightning Racer, Wild Mouse, and Wildcat all in that range. I'll be blunt; my son and I have never had a good experience on Wildcat. So when I take my daughter out there, what do you guys recommend as the best possible seat on that coaster for avoiding the usual car crash sort of ride we get out of it? Thanks in advanc
  10. Wow, so it was basically an impromptu TPR meet-up, just without any of the actual, y'know, meeting up. Very nice to hear everyone's opinions and experiences! Wait, Firebird was supposed to have an actual fire effect? I get it for Bizarro at Great Adventure because it's so isolated off in its own corner, but it seems like for Firebird due to its proximity to everything else it would just be super awkward. Where do they put it? I'm also really surprised at the number of people both here and on FB who are saying "Mind Eraser isn't that bad". I'm gonna take you at your word, JG, that the sta
  11. It was running earlier in the day. We saw riders when we crossed over into Gotham City, and again when we left to go ride Firebird. Sadly the kiddo had wanted to do it first, but I suggested that we do the Gotham City stuff first to knock them off our checklist. Cue the failhorns when we finally cycled around to give it some love. It wasn't a complete loss, since we've rode it on both prior visits, and in fact it was the kiddo's 100th credit (during its 100th anniversary year no less!). I saw that on FB after we got home! I wasn't really checking my phone much while we were in the park
  12. So, the kiddo and I ended up taking a drive down to SFA yesterday to kick off our 2021 season after a limp 2020. This was our first time actually riding stuff at an amusement park since last September and October, when we took brief day trips to Dorney and Knoebels. I didn't have super high hopes for the park, given two previous bad experiences down here, but my son and I both left with pretty big smiles on our faces, all things considered. We got there about 15 minutes before their scheduled 11:00 AM opening. The entrance procedure was pretty similar to what we experienced at Dorney last
  13. ^ Hmm. No dates listed past September 6th. Wonder if that means they aren't planning on operating Haunt again this season. Good to see Wildwater actually reopening this year.
  14. If I can't drive my own car through a big, bright, orange plastic loop at 80 MPH then no sale.
  15. The Beast is literally the longest wooden coaster in the world, so not sure what you mean by that. You mean in your personal ride rankings?
  16. Or, even more so, wind. When I was down there two years ago in February, there were "high" winds (like I want to say in the 15 MPH range) and they literally shut down all the coasters in the park until they died down. I ended up sticking it out and eventually got rides on all of them, but it was pretty miserable between them clearing out the queues, then letting people back in, then sending a test train, then clearing the queues out again. None of the other Texas parks I visited had such a restrictive wind policy.
  17. They are way better than any ride with a 39" height requirement has any right to be. Vekoma has really turned a corner as of late.
  18. Dude I literally just said it's okay to be scared. If you don't know the difference between being legitimately scared in one of those haunts and... - being an obnoxious shrieking and flailing jerkass to everyone around you, or - trying to push other people out of the way, or - threatening to square up with anyone who dares come close to you, or - literally running full speed when a haunt actor is chasing you and running straight into a store and knocking over a display rack... yes, this literally happened last year right in front of me... ...then clearly you haven't had thos
  19. You're just going to keep dunking on them year after year, aren't you? I'm here for it.
  20. For the past several years Luna Park has had a pay-one-price plan that lasts all day, not just a set block of time like it was when they first introduced the wristbands. Not sure yet what Deno's is going to do but I would guess that they'll stick with the individual tickets per ride as they just don't have that many non-kiddie rides to make it worth it.
  21. ^ ^^ There's a difference between reacting and overreacting, obvs. If you've been in a major park chain's haunt, you certainly know the type. I'm not saying in any way to not have fun, but you can have fun and be scared without being a dick to both the perfomers and the rest of the patrons stuck in there with you.
  22. They are. Dragon Flier at Dollywood is butter smooth. No OTSRs, just a lapbar in a comfortable bucket seat. He's saying the Zamperlas are janky (not going to disagree there) and the Cyclone (which has actually been running pretty great the past few years I've gotten rides on it).
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