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  1. I think by this point, security at American Dream is used to enough single enthusiasts coming into Nickelodeon, hitting up the coasters, and bouncing. There's so many Youtube videos of people doing exactly that. You'll be fine as long as you're not doing something sketchy like hanging around the kiddie rides and taking video of other people's children. Just a quick word of warning; I visited the mall with my wife and kids last Friday night to check out the mini golf courses. While they still are advertising parking rates being $2 after two hours, when it came time to settle up at the pay
  2. I can't remember which Youtube vlog I was watching yesterday, but the guy was completely dogging on it, absolutely mercilessly, and at the end of his review he says something to the effect of "well, even the worst RMC is still better than 90% of the rest of the coasters out there". So horrible, and yet still in the top 10% of coasters he's been on. Is that what the kids are calling cognitive dissonance? FWIW, it's not my favorite RMC by a long shot, but it's still a fun as hell ride, and one I'm glad that the park finally has. Oh, and my opinion is null and void because according to
  3. Originally, they were trying to get this park reopened by Memorial Day. A few weeks back, they pushed that opening date to June 5th. Now, as of last night, they sent out an email blast to everyone on their mailing list saying that they will not be able to make that date and they do not currently have a new opening date on the schedule as of yet: I can't help but wonder what sort of regulatory problems Gene may be running into when dealing with the state of NJ, considering it's a vastly different experience than operating in Indiana. Here's hoping they can slog through the red tape a
  4. Yeah, we originally were planning on doing it Tuesday after leaving the park; even on Tuesday the waitlist was 90 minutes at 5 PM. We just ended up heading back to the Hershey Lodge and eating over there instead. Wednesday we made sure to get there a little before opening, and we were fifth in line. Scored one of the sweet Tilt-A-Whirl tables, too! Just looking at Queue-Times, it looks like it's been down consistently for the past three days now. Definitely hope they can get it up and running again soon. Stinks that two out of the three Intamins are currently down, but them's the break
  5. They're still open and operating as Aquatica for this season, at least. I keep getting emails every week from SeaWorld saying "buy a pass, get Aquatica free". Their website shows that they're open, although some of their slides are temporarily closed, specifically certain ones in Kiwi Curl, Woohoo Falls, and the Walkabout Waters area. Not sure though if that's due to construction or just due to COVID regulations.
  6. I was there on Tuesday, and they eventually reopened half of Lightning Racer; only the left side was running, the right side remained roped off. Still a ton of fun but it definitely loses a lot of the appeal when you're not racing. Tuesday was... uh... not a great day for the park. At one point, they had 31 rides closed. A good chunk of those just flat out never opened at all throughout the day. Obviously we weren't expecting Storm Runner to open up barring some sort of miracle, but Fahrenheit, Sidewinder, and the Wild Mouse were all down for the entire day. Skyrush and Laff Trakk were bo
  7. Weighed in at 244.8 this morning -- so I'm halfway to my goal of 200! Just gotta stay consistent with the exercise and diet. (Gonna be so hard to do that when I'm spending a few days at Hersheypark next week though...)
  8. Sorry to double post, but since it hasn't yet been mentioned, Disneyland made two changes yesterday: 1) As of June 15th, they will begin to admit out-of-state visitors once again. 2) They have changed the online reservations to allow you to schedule a reservation up to 120 days in advance. Already reserved my three days at the end of August. Really looking forward to finally doing this Disneyland vacation with my son after being in the works for over a year and a half at this point!
  9. Yep, can confirm. Was there today with the family. Possessed still slaps. The holding brake still hasn't been turned back on, and honestly, I doubt it's ever coming back, but it doesn't need it. It's still a great ride even without it. I'll have a longer write up in the next few days, but overall, it was a great opening day without any of the major problems that plagued the other parks on their first day of operations. It was great to be back!
  10. ^ My vote for best in show goes to Joker's Jinx, personally. But yeah, there's a pretty dramatic dropoff from the good to the bad to the ugly in this park.
  11. Somehow I missed this last time I clocked into the thread. Great news! Now here's hoping I dropped enough weight to be able to fit into those restraints this year. Meanwhile, as of yesterday, it appears that Dorney Park has updated their guidelines for visiting this season, being the last major PA park to do so in the wake of the recently announced statewide changes. Much like the other PA parks, they are no longer requiring vaccinated individuals to wear face masks, either outdoor or indoor. However, they are still requiring unvaccinated individuals 2 and older to wear masks throughout t
  12. I honestly thought that my furthest would be Mindbender at the West Edmonton Mall, but it turns out that is closer than I thought from my current location in NJ, clocking in at 2,236 miles as the crow flies. The furthest park I've previously visited in distance to me is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which comes in at 2,487 miles. Looking at the Google Maps overview, it appears their westernmost coaster is... uh... their boomerang. How thoroughly underwhelming.
  13. I know Cedar Point is its own little microcosm, but yeah, agreed. It's kind of weird that at the other parks in the chain your experience with FLP can vary so significantly. Kings Island? At most, usually ten minutes. Kings Dominion? Usually a walk-on. Dorney Park? Why did you even buy it LOL? I think the most I've ever waited outside of Cedar Point with a FLP was 30 minutes for Ghostrider at Knott's, and that was on a super busy Scary Farm night no less. But even with FLP at Cedar Point, the wait times are usually significantly longer than any other place I'd be buying their equivalent top of
  14. That would definitely explain why it was being listed as "temporarily closed" for a two week stretch of time on the website. (Of course, in typical AD fashion, it wasn't ready on time for that scheduled closure.) Maybe they realized that, y'know what, this family coaster really needs an inversion. In all seriousness, seeing that they're already doing some work on their rides gives me hope that they can eventually either retrack or get new trains for Shellraiser, because it really pisses me off just how unpleasant that entire ride experience is.
  15. My number one place to eat in the park is Granny Ogle's over in Craftsman's Valley. (Not to be confused with Aunt Granny's. Lots of Granny-themed restaurants in this park, apparently.) This is a smaller place where you are basically sitting out on an enclosed porch, and all the servers are... well... somewhat older ladies dressed up like stereotypical grandmothers. Their specialty is ham and beans; I always get the sampler which includes both the smoked ham and pot roast atop a bed of mashed potatoes & gravy, with some pinto beans and collard greens on the side. It's absolutely delic
  16. Serious question. Is there something wrong with the transfer track on Bizarro? Or is the process to transfer a train off just so complicated and unwieldy that they don't even bother? Because I have no other reason as to why they are consistently always running three trains on it, and they always stack all three. Even at Coaster Power Hours last Thursday, none of the trains were even remotely close to full, but if you got a ride, you'd spend another ten minutes in the brake run before getting back to the station. What gives?
  17. Absolutely incredible to me that some people are still willing to die on this hill, three years later.
  18. Kinda disappointing since that was one of the kiddette's favorites to ride at the park, but on the plus side, at least she hit 48" now so she can work her way up to even bigger thrills. Good chance that Twisted Timbers may end up being her first RMC, unless we hit SFNE sometime before July.
  19. I've been in the same boat, recently trying to restart my own weight management. I really packed on the pounds during the pandemic, and right around Christmastime, I was up to 290 -- the heaviest I've ever been. Since the beginning of the year, I've been on a keto diet, purchased a spinning bike for the garage, have been doing daily walks between 3 to 5 miles, and been using a Nintendo Switch game called "Fitness Boxing 2" to get additional movement in. I've also been using my Apple Watch's activity mode to track and keep myself honest; it's just a little thing but I don't want to lose my
  20. Not sure how KD seems pitiful and "not a ton of stuff there" when, even with Avalanche potentially being SBNO this season, it has 11 coasters to Busch's 9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  21. For what it's worth, I visited the park this past Wednesday with my daughter. After our inaugural visit back in 2019, where she just missed being tall enough to even ride the Shredder, we made the decision to not return until she hit at least 48" so she could ride way more stuff. Well, she finally hit her mark back in April, so we ended up picking up the low-price mid-week tickets that gave us free reign of the park from 12 PM to 7 PM. We didn't end up actually getting there until 2:00 PM (had to wait for her virtual school to end before we left), but once we did, it was a pretty painless
  22. Sources online who claim to work at the park are saying that Avalanche will be closed this season but not removed due to the ongoing construction in Safari Village for their new free spin. Take it with a grain of salt because obviously anyone can say anything they want to on the internet, but that's what's going around.
  23. Haven't been up for HITP, so I'm not sure if it's the same as what you're referring to, but yes, it's the lot that's nestled between the main road and the park: No tram necessary.
  24. I haven't been down to Wildwood since August of 2019, but even then, I don't remember those go-karts being open. I remember it looking exactly the same as the photo above. Glad to hear Randy's arcade is up and running. I know he's had trouble with his leases in the past and it's nice to see that he's managed to hold onto that location even through the pandemic.
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