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  1. Hey everyone. With heading to Kentucky Kingdom this weekend, assuming how crowds normally are and it's gonna rain off and on, all I ask is if there are any specific rows that are best on the coasters
  2. My personal favorite of the old Arrow rides is Magnum, but this is by far my second favorite.
  3. Hey, I got this construction photo of Whistle Punk Chaser yesterday at Dollywood
  4. The rest of the photos won't be attachments because the rest of the photos are from my phone, so I had to have a separate post for them Aw fudge. When we got back to Lightning Rod, it rolled back After a couple test runs, the mechanic was back, doing his magic. Lightning Rod then finished testing, and re-opened! Here's a funny story - When we got to the line, I asked the employee if I could have the back row. At first, she gave me a dirty look because I had my Goliath shirt on. But then I pulled out my Lightning Rod sweater, and she let me into the back row! What a nice person! Onto the ride, Lightning Rod was phenomenal in the back. That much more intense! We ended out the day with getting some cinnamon bread. Thanks for a great day, Dollywood! And I'll end out this trip report with all of my on-ride photos! Tennessee Tornado... Mystery Mine... Wild Eagle... Lightning Rod... Thanks SO much for taking the time to read! I spent lots of time on this
  5. THIS IS ONLY PART 1. PART 2 COMING SOON Okay everyone. This was posted a lot sooner than I thought. I literally was just at the park today! (Well that happens when a park closes at 7:00) Let's get started! Dollywood overall was a phenomenal park, the best I've been two. Great staff, extremely fast operations, and not a single bad coaster in the collection. I think we've found the right place! Blue B&M Wing coaster? WE'RE HERE!! Taking the tram... Hello beautiful! Gotta admit, the architecture in the park is so beautiful everywhere I see you hiding back there! Band playing Walking through the Mainstreet section... Ah, that's what we're looking for! OOH LET'S GO RIDE! Wait a second... it's down. Anyways, it actually was down right as we got there. See if you can find out why We continued to walk through Market Square We'll eat your heavenly wheat products later! We'll ride this later Coasters themed to eagles are cool... But real eagles are fun too! With Lightning Rod closed, Tennessee Tornado was our first coaster of the day There's some really cool theming here This ride blew me away! The first time I rode in the front row was utterly underwhelming, but when I rode in the back, man... what an intense, SMOOTH Arrow coaster! Short, but very satisfying. 8.5/10 Next up, FireChaser Express It is a family coaster, but an action-packed one. The launches are on the gentle side, but it was still a fun ride for me, with some cool theming and little pops of airtime. 7/10 Ah, here we go! B&M, or as I say, the B stands for Best and the M stands for manufacturer. (Yeah, I just said that. Fight me) Such a cool sculpture! Overall, it was a very good coaster. The theming and atmosphere help make the layout feel more appropriate. The drop was much better than expected, all of the inversions were fun (my personal favorite inversion is the last corkscrew), and there were some forceful moments. X-Flight is still my favorite wing coaster though. 8/10 OOH!! LIGHTNING ROD IS BACK OPEN! The queue line had some really cool theming After riding, it was VERY easy to claim Lightning Rod as my new #1. There's literally nothing wrong with it. The built into the terrain, the launch is just bonkers, it never loses the relentless speed until the end, it feels long when you're riding, and the airtime is beyond words. New #1, hands down. 10/10 Such cool cars! For anyone who's home park is Dollywood, I ate here. You can tell me if there was a better location or not for food. Their fish and chips were stupid good though We'll see ya for a second ride later I've always wanted to try one of these Overall, I thought it was very mediocre. There was some great hangtime and speed, and I got a good facelift on the way down, but otherwise it was just uninteresting to me. 5/10 Random Wild Eagle shot Then we went over to Mystery Mine after one last ride on Tennessee Tornado (This was the only shot I took). I was just blown away by it! Everyone told me how mediocre and bad it was, so I had REALLY low expectations. And it blew me away! With such a cool layout, it feels much longer than 1,800 feet. And I had barely any idea what the layout did beforehand. Both drops were excellent, the inversion combo was excellent, everything was excellent! The only problem was the roughness, which I was able to fend off. 9.5/10 (fight me) The coaster was fab! My first ride in the back row was disappointing, maybe because I was sitting next to a GP boy who was yelling at me the whole time to keep my hands up when I clearly was, but when I rode in the front row, it redeemed itself! I'm never huge on wooden coasters that are too smooth, and Thunderhead definitely brings the rough, out-of-control feeling that I want in a wooden coaster! 9.5/10 People working at Whistle Punk Chaser. They had the base for the station laid down, something new. Drop Line started testing on that same day! Ooh! Are we heading there next? Almost there! Here's the store for Lightning Rod Cool globe! Cool waterworks! The second time we walked past and didn't get the heavenly wheat product There I am, wearing my new Lightning Rod swag, and trying to figure out how it works
  6. I've finally ridden another RMC. Now I can stop whoring this thread. 1. Lightning Rod ... ... ... 11. Goliath Don't get me wrong. Goliath is still a great ride, but I rode Lightning Rod twice today... Back row is literally my heaven on earth, as you can tell by my signature. Full trip report coming soon
  7. I've been reading along with the park, and I have fallen in love with the story! I hope you continue the park, and make sure some of those pesky decisions made by Six Flags don't happen here (i.e. A B&M Invert called Goliath, Super Loops, a Rocket Blast Water Coaster)
  8. I will literally be leaving for Dollywood in exactly one week! OMG I'm so excited for Lightning Rod that is ACTUALLY OPEN
  9. Correct me if its already been known, but does anyone have any information regarding Lightning Rod being open for opening this weekend? I'll be going a week after opening weekend, and I'd assume that Lightning Rod would be open then as well
  10. Intamin Drop Tower Intamin Mega Coaster Intamin Mega Looping Coaster Intamin Strata Coaster Intamin Invert Coaster Intamin Shoot the Chutes Intamin Aqua-trax All rides would be down of course. But they would look so pretty to see! It would be like The Grand Canyon of amusement parks.
  11. You guys do realize how awesome those rides are? Full Throttle is the first coaster with jump track, and there are at least 10 twin Intamin Reverse Freefall clones at the park!
  12. LMAO those GP kids at 0:23 running to the ride thinking it's open just because its testing
  13. I'm so excited to see the barrel roll. Since it's not as wide as other coasters like Hades 360, I'm interested to see how Gravity Group will do it.
  14. Exactly what the title says. What do you think the most controversial moment in enthusiast history is? If you aren't sure what I mean, here's an example: If Kingda Ka just tried to beat Top Thrill Dragster, or whether Busch Gardens should have removed Big Bad Wolf or not. For me, it's probably the Big Bad Wolf removal.
  15. Dollywood over Spring Break in March! (Come on Lightning Rod, don't turn into Flying Turns and open in 2020)
  16. ^ Well, yes, that's the obvious choice. I've been looking into the Gold Flash Pass. I guess I was going for "if I don't get the flash pass." In that scenario can someone answer the questions?
  17. Where did you get that photo of Joker? GAm has lazy asses running their Twitter page
  18. Hey guys! Any locals willing to help me with my trip to Magic Mountain? So you know, I'll be visiting Magic Mountain on the second Wednesday of June, which is the 14th 1. I've been looking at it a lot, but what is the best way to hit all the coasters in one day? The only thing I need is Twisted Colossus be the 8th coaster I hit, because the 8th coaster I hit at Magic Mountain will be my 100th. 2. For the best experience/smoothest experience, any "magic" seats on roller coasters I should know about?
  19. Hey Robb, I don't want to try and bother you too much, but since you did such a spot-on job helping me with Dollywood, I was wondering if you could do the same for Magic Mountain! So you know, I'll be visiting Magic Mountain on the second Wednesday of June, which is the 14th 1. I've been looking at it a lot, but what is the best way to hit all the coasters in one day? The only thing I need is Twisted Colossus be the 8th coaster I hit, because the 8th coaster I hit at Magic Mountain will be my 100th. 2. For the best experience/smoothest experience, any "magic" seats on roller coasters I should know about?
  20. Well, "leaky" what we have here. For no reason I asked about Kanonen on the site it was being sold on, and I was disclosed with some VERY interesting information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gv8aPVRN9Q Someone ACTUALLY bought Kanonen! And if you think it is fake, look at Interlink - http://www.interlink-lg.com/occasion.htm It's at the very bottom as "Hydraulic Family Launch Coaster" I even have a photo for you Let the speculation begin
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