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  1. I'm sure that they know "enthusiasts" have a different set of wants than the GP and probably find it a little amusing are because we can be a hard to satisfy group. After all, critics who are more educated and more experienced in their subject matter are harder to impress. It's a funny concept that loving roller coasters means you may enjoy them less, but when you've ridden 100 coasters, a Vekoma Boomerang doesn't cut it. I don't know if parks try to cater to enthusiasts as a group by themselves, but clearly numerous coasters are built around the country with the intent of making its park a destination for coaster lovers regionally, nationally, or even internationally.
  2. Rock'n'Rollercoaster, Disney Studios, Florida, probably my favorite launched coaster that I've been on, and one of the few that doesn't make me long for a proper drop.
  3. Surprised to figure out it was American Eagle at SFGam. Didn't even remember they made that one. First steel was at the same park but on a trip a couple years later, V2.
  4. Montu at BGT, followed later in the day by Kumba. For some reason I was far more terrified of Kumba than Montu, which I saw as the less notable little brother. That's how big of an impression being around Kumba was before I was old enough to ride coasters like that (I attended the park shortly after it opened, which was a HUGE deal).
  5. 22 injured on a boomerang? Sounds like its operating normally.
  6. I'd to take my own videos of my own experience for my own trip videos and usage later on. I understand that great POV's exist these days, a lot through this site and some elsewhere, but I can't exactly download those videos and use them for my own editing purposes. Plus videos taken on a different day, in different conditions, and without me or anyone else involved have absolutely no personal connection to me and wouldn't do anything for me when viewed afterwards. It's the same reason why I don't just watch beer commercials to remember hanging out with my buddies. The beer may be the same but everything else is different. I'm not trying to do anything against the park rules, but there have been several places I've filmed with a gopro with no issues and with it being very visible. I was more looking for if it was even breaking the rules or not. Apparently it is at a lot of places, and I'm not gonna ask this site to be a web of information on rule breaking (though I'm sure there are countless tidbits on avoiding lapbar staplers, snapping cables on flyers, etc.). I've filmed several rides with gopros and other cameras, and of course they were very fun.
  7. I'm gonna purchase a go-pro for several uses, one of which is to ride roller coasters with of course. I know that a lot of parks won't let you take "loose articles" onto a ride, so taking a handheld camera is off limits, but a gopro can be harnessed on the body very easily and be much more secured than ones shoes. Does anyone have any experience with using (harnessed or strapped) go pros at parks, and whether any parks ever gave you any issue or hassle over them? I hear the easiest way to do things is to have it hidden under a jacket, but that's a terrible option when it's the middle of summer.
  8. When you're at the back end of Legoland and the pants you are wearing have the fly explode off the hinges when you try and zip it up in the bathroom, forcing you to walk all the way to the front of the park holding your camera bag in front of you as your only line of defense between safety and someone having you arrested because you are walking around Legoland with a camera and your fly wide open! That seriously happened to me.
  9. While the park really does have 4 very good coasters, I would think Kumba would get the majority of the votes. It would absolutely get mine. Now that Gwazi is closing though there is bound to be that one guy who says it was the best ride there and the rest of us "must not have known how to ride it". I'll sit and wait patiently for that guy to show up so I can laugh at him. Kumba is a good coaster and puts most other loopers to shame with the way it uses the landscape to its advantage. I just have a hard time ranking what is still a standard looper with the same slate of inversions as numerous other coasters over a roller coaster with THAT drop. Still, the first really big B&M looper is the boss of so many looping coasters that came after it, no question here.
  10. Wing Coasters, seeing just how far the span is and the close calls off to the side, instead of just overhead, are a different view I can't wait to try in person.
  11. B&M was king in the 90's because their track was able to perform elements that other companies couldn't do at the time and did so smoothly. Their capacity was also surely a major plus. Like the kings before them, by the time rides like Maverick came around Intamin was offering something a step ahead of what was being provided elsewhere. The quickness with which their track and trains can execute elements is something not experienced yet in the coaster world. The low capacity of these rides in comparison to rides like B&Ms was also less of an issue than it would have been in times past because parks getting these rides had enough high capacity B&Ms that it is more worthwhile to bring in a ride that is unique and will bring in people from afar while the higher capacity rides already there can offset this. B&Ms to me are still the superior engineered rides when all factors are taken into consideration, but by now for the most part a B&M isn't going to feel dramatically different from other B&Ms, so a park like CP needing something new to push the envelope is well served to pursue the "something different" feel of Intamins to give riders a still fresh feeling.
  12. Good post, and its funny that most assume I wanted it to be another Maverick (which I did not even like) when I was really hoping for more Magnum.
  13. In these days of quick queue systems that parks can charge you extra for, new rides with low capacity just mean more income. I don't think you'll have any major issues on either day. Get Cheetah Hunt out of the way and proceed in a logical order to traverse the layout and the higher capacity of most of the other rides should mean a smooth day. I haven't done Falcons Fury yet though, so I'm not sure what the wait on that would be.
  14. There's always the possibility for an RMC refurb. The park said they were considering all options for the coaster, and they didn't say anything about tearing it down just yet. I don't necessarily think it's a good candidate for that type of thing. Rides like the Texas Giant were quite marvelous track designs, sometimes too ambitious for the roughness of a wood coaster to allow all riders to enjoy it. Gwazi wasn't the size or speed of those rides and its track design in the early days was fun simply because of the wood track. This was before it became unbearably rough. Gwazi used to be my favorite ride in my home park but I can't imagine it being all that great of a ride as a steel ride.
  15. The ride's line has more to do with its low capacity than it does its anything else. Not to say it doesn't have wide appeal, because it does, but the longest wait I've had at BGT has always been Gwazi and I don't think many will sing its praises any longer.
  16. BGT, Sheikra in my mind is the clear winner, but there are those who would say Montu or Kumba for sure. Depending on preference I'm not sure there would be a clear consensus.
  17. Trust me, Kennywood is well worth the trip. Out of all the parks I've been to, including CP, it's my favorite. Phantom provides both a thrilling and unique ride, and the Thunderbolt is phenomenal fun too.
  18. Definitely - BGT Sea World Orlando Possibly - King's Island Dollywood Carowinds Holiday World SFOG Fun Spot Orlando
  19. SFMM - Psyclone BGT - Python CP - Disaster Transport SFGam - Shockwave
  20. I'm quite prone to nausea so I'm not crazy about positive G's, so I'm not bemoaning them not being part of Cheetah. It's more that there is very little airtime, lots of straight track instead of hills, and for all the speed that it gets through three launches, it does very little to every highlight that speed. Speed itself on a rollercoaster is not thrilling, its the sensation of speed. I anticipated a ride of Cheetah Hunt's speed and length having some significant airtime hills, but there was simply very little even vertical action. Cheetah Hunt is a good ride and it does a good job of filling a demographic in a park that caters to families. I will certainly ride it when I'm at the park, which will be often since my wife and I have passes, but it isn't close to being a top 10 coaster.
  21. Favorite Intamin: Millennium Force Favorite B&M: Sheikra My favorite Intamin ranks higher than my favorite B&M, but by and large I like B&M's more. I do think that Intamin has done things with their hyper/Giga coasters that B&M is just beginning to approach, but B&M engineering is generally superior and their rides are both smooth and high capacity.
  22. I've already been to Carowinds some years ago, but I'm going here again rather than SFOG this summer just because of this ride. A B&M giga is too good to be true, and it looks even better than it sounds!
  23. Kraken at Sea World for me as well! A surprisingly good ride, more negative G's than almost any other looper I've ever ridden. I liked it a lot more than Manta, which was the one I thought would blow me away.
  24. I'm a fan of what mega and giga coasters provide, which is speed, drops, hills, and airtime. Don't people remember when Magnum was first opening that people were skeptical of a large steel coaster not having loops that were the hallmark of that type, and then it ended up vaulting to the top of the coaster world? Speed, height, and airtime are easily as thrilling as loops can be. On top of that, these coasters largely provide negative g's, which are easy for people with motion sickness and other nausea-related issues to handle. Although I'm not that old, I can scarcely ride a few positive G rides a day before I am wiped out, while I can feast on negative G hypers and woodies all day long. It would go against the purpose of these rides to turn them into positive G fests. I go out of my way for great hyper and wooden coasters. I'm planning a vacation trip this summer to see parks that have a good collection of these. Except for the wing coasters, none of the looping coasters have had any impact on my choices for destinations.
  25. Busch Gardens is my home park and was part of my adolescence. Gwazi used to be my favorite ride before Sheikra, but a recent ride on it made me completely understand why it is being shut down. It is so rough it simply isn't fun at all anymore, and while lesser parks may keep it around just to be able to advertise another attraction, Busch Gardens has always been more about quality than quantity. I rode Cheetah Hunt for the first time on this trip, and I was hoping it would replace what a wooden coaster can provide by giving airtime and speed. Instead it was rather forceless and while it was a good ride, it was very very far from the great ride something of its size could be. I've never been a fan of Intamin's low capacity rides either.
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