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  1. So it is supposed to open with the park? Planning a visit in the third week of March. And yes, I am aware that coaster openings are often delayed and yes, I will still visit the park anyway. Also, I'm wondering if you locals think one day at the park will be enough for a first-timer, or if I should pay a little bit more to get a pass and go more than one day. I've never been to Branson, but I've heard there are a lot of other neat things to do in the area. How many days (within reason) should I plan to spend in Branson, and how much of that time at SDC? Opinions/advice welcome. It'll open with the park, SDC has done rather well with that over the years. That's not to say there won't be downtime from growing pains. They have been testing it for some time, any delay would be because of the queue area not being done and I doubt that. Just be forewarned, SDC opens to coincide with area schools' spring break period and those that have season tickets are ready to ride the new coaster. Expect it to be like the grand opening of a new chick FIL a.
  2. We quite enjoyed our time at BGW last summer. One day soon, SDC will get rid of Fire in the Hole or Flooded Mine, will anyone claim it's because HFE is floundering. DarKastle's was one and enough for us,. However, Verbolten, Invadr, and Tempesto were the longest lines in the park. All from the failing folks running the place. Pretty dmn solid adds to me.
  3. Makes sense since the other rides seem to be SBF/Visa. And... Italian too.
  4. While the Ferrari Land go carts look nice, I kinda hope that they are just a place saver for a major coaster in the future.
  5. And...in the long run the costs of that culture on the back end will make it unsustainable.
  6. This has gone from I hope we can fit this in between Phantasialand and Efteling, to a must do on the day in between those
  7. When it comes to shopping all Amazon is, if you boil it down, is a digitized version of the old Sears Catalog. And..... they are making the same mistakes Sears started to make in venturing off into other things like buying Whole Foods. That's led to Whole Foods having massive inventory problems and empty shelves as the grocery business isn't dry goods and the inventory system has to have much more flexibility. Sears went off into financial services, home improvement/remodel services and so on. Remember when they bought Land's End? You Millennials don't remember the thick old Sears and JC Penney catalogs, I do. Amazon is just a Big Book. I think kids are cheated not getting giddy over waiting for the new Wish Book every year. And like the Big Book, returns suck butt.
  8. I think dive coasters are neat and enjoy them but favor great hypers but my 15 year old Daughter can't get enough of them She wore Griffon out last summer and is ready to the same to Sheikra in 60days and we look forward to trying Gerstlauer's turn at it at Knott's this fall. There's the outside chance I may ride this one at Chengdu as it's one of the places we want to get to in China in the next 5 years. Chengdu is highly recommended by my friends that go there for business and fun. I hear the new bullet train between there and Xi'an is suppose to offer spectacular views. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  9. Such a small park for.dueling coaster. I could see it as a way to increase capacity at larger parks
  10. I'be given it a lot of thought, if I could obtain rights, I would include a National Lampoon Vacation Land. Two coasters, one a Mack spinner themed to Clark's sledding in Christmas Vacation and a Hyper themed to the original's road trip, an interactive dark ride in a Griswold replica house that would be LIT up at Christmas and a Walleyworld flat ride section with a junior or kiddie dueling coaster
  11. Or you could have so much status like my friend in the auto parts industry, Delta always picks him up in a Porche Cayanne to take him to his connecting flight or door closest to the lounge if the wait is a bit long. He rubs it in all the time.
  12. In case y'all didn't know, the people of KC voted in a new, single terminal last fall. That is, if the city council doesn't screw it up. New Orleans is getting a new terminal and Memphis is completely redoing and then consolidating to their B concourse. (Norwegian has hinted numerous times that Memphis will get service in the future likely with the A32LRS due in 2019, Memphis gets well over 2 million international tourists, Air Canada quickly added a second daily once reentering the market after the Delta dehub) Expect the return of Memphis BBQ joints once that happens, Nashville is supposed to tackle their issues as well. The rise of these low cost European carriers coming to America is putting a new face on air travel. Look at what Norwegian is doing for Denver, United is finally having to fight.
  13. This may help some of our European friends out on the SDC front, Icelandic Air: http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article193716934.html
  14. Needed to be in Orlando or Vegas, at the very least a Casino resort already in place. Would have complimented Hard Rock Tampa or the newer one near Miami that's building the sweet Guitar shaped hotel tower. There was nothing to support it at the location they chose. It was to come later but the Recession tanked everything super quick.
  15. Does Fun Spot America still offer the same day combo pass for both parks at the parks ?
  16. An on site resort with indoor water area and a vastly improved Whitewater or new water park adjacent to SDC would get them over 3 million in short order. I firmly believe that SDC should never play second fiddle to Dollywood but be an equal. The more NWA and Springfield grows, the base will continue to expand. FolKS in Northwest Arkansas basically considers it the local park and everyone goes. Let's see if the rumored non SDC affiliated 100,00 Sq ft indoor water park resort actually gets built. Branson has lacked the Kalahari, Great Wolf, Wilderness in the Smokies scale of that type of resort.
  17. These type of parks are the most likely along with parks like FunSpot I'd love to see a Fun Spot type model built along side a complex of FEC's with bowling and movie theaters to create I still think a Pleasure Pier type of attraction on a unique piece of land like Mud Island here in Memphis with two major interstates (I-40 and I-55) crossing nearby would a prime location. A 400 ft. Star Flyer with a skyline on one side and the Mighty Mississippi on the other with two lighted Bridges thrown in would be some experience. Though I think a more park like setting like Tivoli Gardens would be a better fit.
  18. Hard Rock was a horrible location with incredibly bad timing. The idea was great and should be explored again. A Led Zepplin themed coaster with it's own custom mix ride sound track was awesome even if it was an average B&M. If that park was attached to one of the Hard Rock Casino resorts like Tampa or Vegas or even as part of the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal it would be still be open.
  19. Here's the fly in the ointment on that, the casino has to floating in Mississippi. The Grand and then Harrah's resort had the casino just inside the levee on an old oxbow with a smaller attached hotel. The casino was demolished. In the attached photo, the casino is shown in the upper left of the pic and the hotel attached. That's inside the level. It's taken on water at least twice during floods. It truly is a sprawlings complex, it was the largest outside of Vegas before the recession, the size of it all did it in first because of the cost to keep it open. I've posted before about how Disney should have Mississippi Riverboat cruises and they should have bought this complex as the point of departure. Offer short 3 day one ways to New Orleans or 5 day round trips to New Orleans and back and the same for trip northward. With some grand trips that included it all thrown in. The two big resorts would be a mix of hotel and timeshare for DVC and they would share some attractions with riverboat patrons like a Tim and Huck themed indoor/ outdoor waterpark with dryside ropes courses and such.
  20. Hopefully in two years time after they add something to the waterpark side, they get a coaster. Since this is a low capacity kinda park, the make believe general manager in me sez get a Mack extreme compact spinning coaster with the turntable with a regular train that offers the forward and backward seats. Really three coaster experiences in one. Since the main attraction in Hot Springs is the Oaklawn, I wish they would get a launched bike coaster themed to horse racing, the queue would look like the old grandstand.
  21. The former Harrah's site with two huge hotels and a park area screams for some type of family entertainment. http://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/mississippi-might-be-gearing-up-for-a-brand-new-water-park/649372507 Here's to hoping it's a serious effort Aerial of the former Harrah's property, it's huge. Heck the hotels, like I said a huge. They could phave all the room in the world for even a theme park, especially on the back side of the lake to the east on the abandoned golf course. Harrah's property, New Water Park? Terrace Hotel Veranda hotel Abandoned golf course
  22. It seems to be a catalog item that has small layout options as posted on TPR before http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/files/fireball_427.jpeg
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