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  1. I think it is important to note that HFE appears to be open to doing bidness with Vekoma. This is significant considering the plethora of new products they at producing. Next thing you know is Intamin will make an appearance
  2. It's fantastic, some of us have been stating the ideal Ness of this for some time, the streams get low come July and this will get quite some use by enthusiasts. I've researched the mentioned park in North Carolina before, they can crank the flow from beginner to Class 5. Lots of Cities are turning creeks and drainage streams into courses as well.
  3. Boy, this thing has become more impressive. Indoor Waterpark resort with outdoor manmade whitewater rafting. http://bransontrilakesnews.com/news/article_4504914c-1e4e-11e8-b837-7f13bab4f4c0.html
  4. I want to go to every Disney Park before I die, I don't want them all to have the same stuff. There's too much of it going on now.
  5. bok I live 2 hours away from the park and people are still oblivious to it existing. I can't tell you how many people over the years I've told about Discovery Cove, the experience, the perks (food and beer included), and the free admission to SeaWorld/Aquatica, but most people have never heard of the place and even after praising it I don't think anyone I've told about it has ever gone. And yet they fork over insane amounts for inferior dolphin encounters at stops on cruises.
  6. They should at least do a combo where it shows rides and fun along side their animal work, a place where both are possible. I can not stress the value of a day at Discovery Cove is when you consider the other perks and yet folks where I live are oblivious to it existing.
  7. That wasn't a SDC but some other Italian make that began with S& something or another.
  8. Like Tempesto? Maybe they'll announce it after it opens? At least Sesame Place is focusing on the ride. Tempesto seemed popular enough at BGW, I can see why it was a easy choice for SWSD even thought there's one further up in Cali.
  9. You nailed it. What Sea World does is GREAT for the animals, but as long as they keep the focus on the animals...the cloud of blackfish will hang over them. Just keep building rides and market the rides. People know Sea World has animals already. This is a Corp that has 3 of their park's in the World Top 25 on TripAdvisor. Knock it if you want but it's widely viewed. In Fact, Discovery Cove is #2. Where's the ad touting these facts.
  10. Maybe it's time to start a petition. You'd be completely wasting your time
  11. There's a lot of cool stuff around here these days. The Branson Ferris Wheel (former Navy Pier Ferris Wheel) gives great views of the mountains, and there's a ton of cool mini golf places along 76. Ripleys Believe It or Not and Titanic are worthwhile museums, and downtown Branson has the Landing outdoor mall with good restaurants and an excursion train that goes into Arkansas and give views only accessible by rail. Wilson's Creek National Battlefield is one of the few Civil War battlefields west of the Mississippi, and is historically significant as he site of Gen. Nathaniel Lyon's death. Downtown Springfield is about the only nightlife area in the Ozarks. I love Harbell's on Park Central West for wings and Civil Kitchen on Park Central East for chicken and waffles. Both great beer selections. Speaking of which, we have 3 breweries in Springfield, Springfield Brewing Co. at Market & McDaniel is the oldest. Try the Greene Ghost (with an e for Greene County). Mother's has a rollercoaster inspired brew called Loopteeloop or something like that. Mother's at Grant & Walnut is great, with a variety of beers and a big lot called the Backyard that's open on Saturdays when the weather is good. Hanging out and chatting with new friends, horseshoes, sometimes live music. It's probably the most fun of the three. Try the Loopty Loop there--yep, a roller coaster themed beer! The newest one is White River on Commercial Street, or "C-Street" as we call it here. It's a second downtown north of the actual downtown. It used to be a town called North Springfield that was incorporated decades ago. Cool vibe on that street. White River does not serve beer, but you can find it at many of C-Street's restaurants. I love Cusco, a Peruvian restaurant at Commercial & Robberson. Their specialty is rabbit in peanut sauce. As for White River, try the Table Rock Red. If you are a Civil War nerd, There's also Pea Ridge National Military Park in Northwest Ark along with Prarie Grove Battlefield State Park. Supposedly, the Landing has lost a few stores and restaurants but there's new one's on the way, H&M is opening down there and I think a bowling alley/FEC is going in where Belks is currently. I hear the mountain coaster that replaced The Slide is top notch.
  12. I second this, Infinity Falls actually looks like the best attractions in terms of ride experience opening up in the area over Toy Story Land and Fast and Furious, and they've hardly done ANY promotion aside for it aside from the initial reveal and the raft vehicle reveal at IAAPA. Back to a previous post, I agree SW does need to go back to reminding people how awesome their attractions are and how they are a theme park. SW has a really strong lineup of attractions between Kraken, Manta, Mako, Journey to Atlantis, TurtleTrek, soon to be Infinity Falls, Antarctica and Wild Arctic (Last 2 are arguable but have awesome animal habitats!) Their park to planet messaging is nice, but the aforementioned issue is that it makes them appear more as a conservation group than a theme park. The messaging that SW is a good place for animals should be IN the park leaving people feeling like their visit made a difference, not in convincing people to come to the park. Also I'm still not sure why SW is not capitalizing off of one of their own IPS, SeaRescue is a pretty well known TV show and it's apart of their rescue division! Some kind of simulator where you're on a boat going to save a dolphin would be epic! I agree, very little promo work, Mako flew under the radar outside of message boards. Hell, it's still flying unknown. Exactly. A park like Silver Dollar City, where Joel Manby came from, is constantly putting out interesting little videos about their new ride opening up this year. It's fresh in everyone's mind and anyone who is interested in theme parks knows all about it because the park keeps those people informed, even if you live halfway across the country. I live 4 miles from SeaWorld and I have COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about their new ride because no one ever seems to talk about it, most certainly not the park. In the last six months I've had *ONE* email from SeaWorld about Infinity Falls. I've had at least a dozen about Time Traveler. And I am actually excited about that ride! But if it's not a priority for the park to talk about, it sadly falls off my radar as I'm giving my attention to other parks who are talking about their new rides. Again, IMO, this is part of the "problem" that is going on with SeaWorld lately. I feel like they have forgotten they are a 'theme park.' I mean, isn't SeaWorld San Diego also opening up a new roller coaster this year? I think I've had exactly ZERO emails about that ride in the past several months! No! No! No! God, NO!!! We have enough simulators here in Orlando... Please do not suggest any more! I agree, no more screens. I think even the new out right coasters at WDW and UNI will even have screens.
  13. more ride video Hey that's Chick Fi......... https://blog.silverdollarcity.com/article/time-traveler-tuesday-travelers-stop https://www.silverdollarcity.com/theme-park/attractions/dining/travelers-stop complete with pickles
  14. So the new eatery will be a Chick Fil A ripoff BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT with higher end grilled cheese sandwiches.
  15. yep, stop trying to make nice and sell fun. At this point, it may be necessary to do a restructuring bankruptcy and/or go back to private ownership. I'll say it the umpteenth time, San Antonio has so much potential in a booming area of the country. And....they need to knock off the Merlin LEGO/Sea life Model with SeaWorld branded Aquariums with Sesame Place play centers and add on site hotels with indoor Aquatica waterparks. Places like Nashville, Denver and so on. I'll say this, we went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg last year for the first time and if it wasn't for following TPR I'd never have known this park was going downhill. We hit SF America, Hershey, SF Great Adventure and Morey's and we by far enjoyed our day and a half at BGW the most of any of those parks. We thought it was beautiful and had the best staffing of the trip and I'm spoiled from going to SDC all the time. If SEAS did go the Bankruptcy route, I'd love for HFE to entertain picking them up and taking them private. These parks are value added like SDC and DW. A Merlin like concept like I mentioned would be a good add at Branson and Pigeon Forge as those park are getting ever closer to year round ops. For those that thought they won on the Killer Whales, well Russia and China are laughing their asses off. a whole bunch of places are coming online that will house and host killer whale shows. Good luck persuading those folks.
  16. Imagine that there was a piece of equipment your wife, partner, or mother worked with had killed people in the past. Their employer limited the information about that in order to get them to use the equipment, and it wound up malfunctioning, leading to their death. Do you think you'd make comparisons to automobile fatalities and chalk it up as bad luck? Actually, it does. Lots of people don't drive their own cars, especially in the few cities with real public transit. If you buy a car that is defective in such a manner that someone is maimed or killed, there's liability for the manufacturer. There's also liability for construction companies that they construct roads and signage in an appropriate fashion that it doesn't fall on your vehicle, that guardrails don't have systemic failures that lead to them impaling your car and you, or that your car rides on pavement that isn't complete garbage intended to defraud tax payers. You enter a job with a Killer Whale and don't know of it's inherent risks, that's on you. My Father was a crop duster in the Delta of Arkansas and had two crashes. One from a wind shear event while landing that I witnessed and one from an engine failing. Yet, he still flew afterwards. People make choices on what to do all the time that may endanger them. Swimming in the ocean is fraught with risks from jellyfish to sharks. If someone takes a job as a trainer with killer whales and don't think there is a chance to die well................... Blackfish WAS deceptively edited and full of misinformation but like all things these days there's one's belief and the inability to waiver from it in spite rational dissemination. It was the one thing that cause me to lose all respect for CNN due it it's financial stake in the hit piece.
  17. Their current CEO let Oz Cat stand for years. HFE wasn't exactly broke. It was one of the first things the hat seemed to happen when Manby left. Tidal Wave seemed to close about the same time Lowery Park's new flume was known. Not saying that is the reason it closed but it certainly made it expendable anyways. Before I go all doom and gloom, let's see what they announce for 2019 for both BGs
  18. I've only been on the one at Little Amerricka in Wisconsin, but I'm assuming there's not a huge difference. That ride looked cool, but it was absolutely as described above. It was horrible when it was at DogPatch
  19. Could you imagine what a proper Fast and Furious ride based on this could be. Or just a Ferrari World version.
  20. You do realize that the Water Moccasin and Cottonmoith are one in the same? Take it from someone that goes to war with them on a frequent basis. AnD yes, there's a water snake that is often mistaken for them. It's all about the head or when the pit viper of the two opens that white mouth and that means you are too damn close. There'd plenty of Eastern Diamondbacks over in East Tenn too.
  21. In regard to Tidal Wave, Isn't the new Flume ride that Lowery Zoo building pretty similar with an extended float before the drop with animal displays as part of that? If Tidal Wave needed some major rehab, why with a similar new product alreasy coming. They should go get a Mack Power Splash instead for replacement sooner than later.
  22. I still maintain they should copy Merlin and do a Sesame Place/ SeaWorld Aquarium combo in major markets across North America. I'd go one farther and add a hotel with an indoor Aquatic waterpark to the mix. Think Branson, Pigeon Forge, Denver, St. Louis, DC/National Harbor area, Minny near Mall of America. Offer season passes for those with reduced admission to the big parks or one free visit.
  23. For you western peeps and international folks using using LCCs to Denver. Frontier Air is adding service from Denver back to Branson. That's BKG not the Springfield/Branson airport up the road. It's a beautiful little airport on top of a mountain. Hopedully they add they old Southwest routes as well.
  24. Can I ask, What are you referencing? Invadr at BGW? It seemed to be a hit when I was there last June, longest line in the park followed by Tempest and Verbolten. Much longer than the B&Ms, Lock Ness was deserted. So what, they closed Darcastle, a fave of theme park addicts. My kids and I rode it, it was ok. No loss in my book. We have no idea how much it was costing to operate and maintain and balancing those numbers with ridership. Then again, I think It's a Small World at WDW is a waste of space. I know that BGW is still going through a lethy permitting process for what appears to be a coaster with a 315ft. Hill. I summit that because rhey are doing soIL test on both sides of the faux Rhine. Everyone wants to pile on SEAS as a whole, I think a good bit of that is the PC police that hate the captivity aspect of their animal attractions. They are adding things left and right to the chain. Some are misses like the submarine thing at San Diego but folks will love the new coaster as it's been a proven hit at all the other installations. The adding a raft ride at Orlando on the heels of a B&M Hyper and going straight into a redo of Shamu Harbor. They are adding at what looks to be a solid little woody at Seseme Place. BGW has been covered. They are improving both Florida water parks with new slides. They just got done with Cobra's Curse at BGW and I bet that we'll see something fairly major announced for there by the end of the 2018. I agree that something should happen very soon with the Gwazi area. I imagine the wood was too far gone for an RMC redo and wold have to be a complete rebuild. I think BGT would do themselves a solid and add a Mack Power Splash. So, my rant is over and in summary, folks are acting like SEAS is closing things down and not replacing them. But... they are, all over the place and it's just being dismissed.
  25. Oh and this finally opened back up http://icefishing.outdoorsfirst.com/articles/02.05.2018/11346/Wonders.of.Wildlife.voted.America's.Number.One.New.Attraction/index.htm
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