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  1. We are 48hrs from peak hysteria. Parents are getting pissed now that schools are closing weeks on end considering children seem nearly bulletproof. If a child has underlying health issues like mine(has ITP, low platelet count) accommodations need to be made otherwise keep them open. The average age of those dying is somewhere close to if not over 80.
  2. I'm not elderly(yet) and no underlying health conditions, I'm going to theme parks, I'll fly to get there and I'll take a cruise if the deal is good enough. My take on it is that so few that are carrying it exhibit symtoms and in my personal opinion thousands upon thousands are carrying it by now that containment is a wishful fantasy. Now that it is out in the open and folks are looking for the first sign of anything we can get a start on the elderly and unhealthy until it is too far gone and I think that is the main issue now with this age and condition set. That is they have had it for week or more and by the time they get to the dr it is too far gone. I can completely understand how Italy came down so hard with all the Chinese tourist I personally saw there last summer. I'm shocked Paris is as far gone.
  3. That appears to be a Splash Battle. What did dollywood do with their rafts? Top right looks to be a Rapids ride andsomewhat sharing the same footprint with a coaster but appears to be for a.future expansion. They left a couple of spots blank.for.even more later on. Need a small footprint woodie like the the Fun Spot, or ZDT type.
  4. Update on that New Great Wolf. They are looking at Jackson TN. That is really odd as there is zilch for anything else there and at 150 million not that big of a resort. It is about an hour east of the main Memphis burbs and 11/2 to anything midtown. I gather they are trying to cut Nashville down to 2 and a 1/2 hrs to 3 depending on where in the Nashville area they come from but makes Little Rock AR and Jackson MS further away. Then there's the Birmingham AL factor. If they placed this closer to Memphis in the I-269/I-40 area, it is an easy 3 hr drive, this makes it less appealing.The Memphis area is a good spot for the same reasons it's a gigantic distribution hub and even the reason it was once an airline hub. It is cebtral to many markets and has over three million within a 3 hr drive... many, many more within 4hr.
  5. Great Wolf Lodge is looking at the Memphis Area for it's first Tennessee location. This is great news for the area in building it's weekend get away cred along with the outstanding Memphos Zoo. Now if only the City of Memphis would turn Mud Island into a Tivoli Copenhagen type park
  6. That's because it's from the mid 70s and tells you the state of journalism today.
  7. They are going to feel this on the bottom line for sure, especially with HK getting the redo. Expect to see them push for more Gov't goodies there.
  8. They are going to feel this on the bottom line for sure, especially with HK getting the redo. Expect to see them push for more Gov't goodies there.
  9. Imagine if Waco was actually famous for Dr. Pepper instead of a cult massacre. It'd be a tourist trap. it's both! tho the city doesn't focus much at all on David Koresh/the cult stuff, there IS a Dr. Pepper museum (as well as the Texas Rangers Museum is there) Here you go, explains how Dr. Pepper is handled by 7UP/ coke and Pepsi bottlers alike. https://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-magazine/1975/september/dr-pepper-takes-on-coke/ It is still a tit for tat going on today as bottlers consolidate and independents fade. Some of us still get the the real sugar product as well https://www.npr.org/2012/01/16/145290301/the-last-word-in-business
  10. Just had this along side a ribeye topped with sauted crawfish. I love white ales and hefeweizens so this was a hit with me with it's tangerine and ginger.
  11. Ghost River plays homage to a Memphis classic now parted from us
  12. Sorry to hear your trip was put off.. Research airlines Spirit, Allegiant, Frontier and especially Southwest, all these offer reasonable one way fares but Southwest would be my go to. My focus would be: Disneyland and Cal Aventure Silver Dollar City Six Flags: Magic Mountain, Fiesta Texas, Over Texas, Great America, Great Adventure Cedar Fair Parks: Knotts, Cedar Point, Kings Island Carowinds and Kings Dominion Knobels, Hershey, Morey's Pier Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Tampa SeaWorld Orlando Disneyworld, Disney Animal Kingdom, and Epcot if Guardians is open. If not Epcot would be covered in LA with Radiator Springs and Soarin unless you wanna see the other stuff plus the new night show(I would) Disney Hollywood Studios if you didn't get in Disneyland for Star Wars. Universal Orlando
  13. They are going for the of tin roof look, hopefulle.they give it all the ol' rust look paint treatment.
  14. Didn't get to plops this past summer along with a host of other smaller parks. In about 3 to 4 years time. I'll be back to the Benelux for just the smaller parks not called Efteling.
  15. Too many hipsters and Cali implants, it would never get approved in the city itself and then San Antonio is just down the road.
  16. You do realize that the Water Moccasin and Cottonmoith are one in the same? Take it from someone that goes to war with them on a frequent basis. AnD yes, there's a water snake that is often mistaken for them. It's all about the head or when the pit viper of the two opens that white mouth and that means you are too damn close. There'd plenty of Eastern Diamondbacks over in East Tenn too. Thank You! Yesterday, on our first trip to Dollywood we were crossing the bridge from Jukebox Junction to Rivertown Junction. There are ducks in the "River" that was not even about six inches deep. We stopped for a second to see the ducks- immediately noticed a snake swirling in the water instead- honestly about two feet long. I assumed it was a copperhead. So did the two other visitors from Florida who commented it was like having alligators still at Disney. We went on the River Ride, other water rides, but it was obvious the Snake was swimming further into the Park headed somewhere. I do not know what kind it was now- but can tell you that I wouldn't know what to do if I was bitten or my Son. They honestly should have a sign and better fencing to keep us out and advise of the problem, because another man had a stroller and it is easy for a toddler to wander to feed the ducks, etc. The entire time I was on the River Ride or any ride, the thought that the Snake had friends and family was in my mind. I kept telling myself hopefully the Park didn't drain its ride water out or into where we saw the snake. I personally would have liked to have notice of this. Especially because my son has autism, the bridge isn't high, and you do not expect a snake in a theme park- especially after paying a good amount for entry. We are staying at the Resort also- again a lot if money and supposedly 4 star rated. Last night, (after the Halloween Display and Park closed) so probably 11pm, I told my Son to come to the window to see how pretty the view was of the pool. I saw a rat. My Dad is from NYC and these are "Brooklyn Cats". It definitely was not a possum! Then, my Son could not see that one- which was a good sized rat. He instead pointed to the path- a darker rat was running down the path. We named him "Rizzo" from the muppets. But, these rats were on the paths, in the shrubs, and the resort serves food. I would not want to walk barefoot at the pool where a large rat had been. These were NYC sized- size of a baby possum. Not mice. Has anyone else seen rats at the Resort? Now that I can confirm the Snake at the Dollywood Park, I no longer feel like an idiot! A fence would mean nothing to the snake. Most will scatter given the human activity, with one exception. The Cottonmouth. I've had them charge at me personally, on several occasions. Copperhead will get you cause you stepped on it. Again, impossible to completely avoid in any park with mature trees and landscaping.
  17. Video http://www.fox5ny.com/news/exclusive-tour-of-the-american-dream-mega-mall?fbclid=IwAR0D6fBy-WpwLR04tKFzHwzdJZE1C2FVMM10DvGS8cNcm-TnbACndTh22kE
  18. Some questions, Did you sneak a peak at Aventure Pointe along the freeway between Houston and Galveston? Did you hit up the Space Center with its refurbished Mission Control in this 50th aniversary year of the moon landing? If you drove between Houston and San Antonio, did you forget or intentionally pass by ZDT's. That's a fun little coaster. Great Pics. I just got back from Europe. We dud Port Aventura, Disneyland Paris, Europa, Phantasialand, Tivoli and Eftelinf but I can't find the enerfy to spend hours in reports yet. I, too loved Boadwalk Bullet and Iron Shark. I hope the onwers plans to expand his Downtown Houston Aquarium with rides comes about one day. One of the stated reasons for teplaceing the baseball stadium in Arlington was because of the excessive heat where even at 9pm in the summer it can be 95 degrees without any heat index to also contend with.
  19. I was amazed at Europa Park's level of theming in the queues of many of their rides last week. The Thor hammer in Wodan, very nice. Can't wait to contrast it with Phatasialand on Sun and Efteling in Tues.
  20. How busy is DLP on a Monday or Tuesday the first week of June. That's my window the 3rd or 4th of June. Is both parks possible in a day with or without the new fast pass tickets?
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