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  1. Thanks ---- Can't seem to find the show passes online - I hope I can get them day of somewhere or maybe they will be online in a few days. well on a personal note I despise christmas so there is that. I have heard/read of numerous HORROR stories of traffic and crowds at christmas there so for me it's a hard pass. this will be my last visit down there this year. K Never, ever, go on Sat or the Friday after Thanksgiving weekend and if you are foolish enough to do it, only come from Kimberling City/Branson West. The major coaster lines are usually mild even when packed. Don't bother if it it's going to be under 40, they'll shut them down. The place empties out after the first parade. The nighttime rides are special. All you can eat prime rib, lord yes.
  2. I'm trying like the devil to make Europa and Phantasialand the last part of our Euro trip in Hope of the water park at Europa and FLY at Phantasialand will be open. Last week of June, first week of July.
  3. Maybe the Margaritaville Casino folks get their hands on Buffalo Bill's. Add a large indoor and outdoor waterpark and make it more of a family destination. Redo the coaster and call it Land Shark.
  4. Did you see Don and Betty Draper there at the Cottages? The structure with the camo netting at the lake is simply a Duck Blind. If you are named Donald and have webbed feet, I'd leave town by October.
  5. Wow, I didn't realize that the Mall of America drew that kind of attendance. However, it has been around for over 25 years and pretty much everyone has heard of it. I guess that makes the 40 million number for American Dream sound a little more realistic. But I still think it's going to be years before they pull in those kind of numbers. I do hope it's a success though and I plan on visiting it on my next trip out East. It doesn't hurt that the MOA is connected via rail within minutes to MSP. Many traveling through stay there on long layovers. This American Dream is a bit more challenging because you'll need to uber, taxi or day rent a car from EWR to it. Maybe a local could give the lowdown of transit. This place running a shuttle bus to and from seems to be a no brainer. Case in point. One of the flights I could choose as an award for my Europe trip with the family via United has me leaving Memphis at 6 am and getting to EWR at 9:40. A host of my end points in Europe don't leave till much later. I could have a window from 8hrs to 13 hrs. United does have a baggage hold service there.
  6. Not much of a reason to go there with the proliferation of casinos across the country.
  7. One of these SBF/Visa spinners would be perfect for The Track in Branson. I was thinking how this would compliment Switchback at ZDT's or the Fun Spot in Orlando.
  8. Yep, some serious bank is being made by SBF Visa on these. They might account for 5% of Italy's GDP
  9. I can see them shipping off Apocalypse to Frontier City in either the original Stand Up form or floorless.
  10. So, what are the songs. Maybe I've missed a couple and have forgottena couple Clocks by Coldplay Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper Free Falling by Tom Petty A Skynard song, Freebird?
  11. Is Alton Towers open on Mondays in late May? Trying to decide on whether to go before or after London. If it is, I can fly into Dublin on Sun and have a long 9 hr layover before flying late to Manchester.
  12. They actually have a rv park and log cabins nearby. The topography of the area is challenging plus the road system is nottlenecked. There can be hours long delays on 76 to the park especially busy Saturdays. The old Celebration City Site is still owned by them. They could build a resort and all new water park right there if they so chose to. Whitewater is leased land from the city of Branson.
  13. I rode the Huss Rainbow at the World's Fair back in the day, have a pic of it from a Kodak Disc camera somewhere.
  14. We have done this conversation before. The pattern was large Capex purchases in pairs from a single manufacturer. To play this game, you have to include the now closed Celebration City. Two Arrows, Thunderation at SDC, Tenn Tornado at DW Two S&S Giant Swings at each Two GCI woodies, Thunderhead at DW, Ozark Wildcat (RIP) at CC There was to be Gerstlauer Euro fighter at SDC. The recession and reevaluation of the euro put that off, the Second gerstlauer came in the form of Firechaser Express There was a large gap between Wildfire and Wild Eagle but there is a pair of B&Ms now. Two Mack splash battles. Two RMCS You even saw Manby at Seas buy a bulk order of Premiere Sky Rockets:) There is a clone of Fire in the Hole at DW and once a Flooded Mine as well. A pair of Waterboggins as well. Now, SDC and Dollywood have recieved unique to them rides. Buzzsaw Falls at SDC was deemed a dog and replaced with S&S modified replacement Power keg. Who can forget the topple tower fiasco at DW. Some of the new additions have come as replacements of fairly new attractions. I mentioned Power Keg but Firechaser knocked down a newish ropes course. I have never really bought into the Dollywood is the pet park belief. If Celebration City had made it, Dolly wouldn't have much of an edge on overall number of attractions when you consider it from a combined view of SDC and CC. CC closing gave Dolly the edge. I m of the firm belief that Herschend has let Whitewater fall way behind but until Branson gets some serious comp on that front, they'll milk that cash cow feeding it the minimal amount of hay. Now, I'm waiting of the SDC resort but there a few more issues that seem to hinder that, infrastructure and the two existing parks being separated being the biggest. I think that within the past 5 years the realization that SDC and Dollywood are becoming more of destination parks and not just regional park and that the days of copycat rides or a pair of coasters by the same maker at the same time may be over and going forward, more differentiation. I would love to see a Star Flyer at SDC for the views it would offer up. Niether park has a true steel hyper either. I think the next u announced coaster at one of the parks will be a Mack or Vekoma hyper or maybe one park gets Mack and the other a Vekoma. I think Dollywood's removed Splash Battle appears in Valdosta at Wild Adventures soon.
  15. Sadly, many kids in the US don't want to do these jobs. I wonder why that is? I have my theories but I'm not getting into that here. I just remember my high school football team picking watwrmelons in the weeks before 2 a days. Two a days were then a breeze. Got some spend money to get into shape. The benefit of instilling a work ethic and placing an emphasis on education would be might beneficial to many of the teens these days.
  16. The strip has actually got better in the past couple of years. The lighting package around Time Traveler at night is very nice. Can't wait till later in the year to catch it at night again. The bluegrass version of Clocks by Coldplay is my favorite played while in queue. Thunderation at night is like Expedition Everest, another experience. Well, all the coasters are really.
  17. Haha I was thinking the same thing. I stay on that end of town fairly often and actually like that area but the traffic can be a pain. I would guess that when this resort opens From your room to the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot will be a solid 20-30 minutes if nto more depending on traffic. I live in the area and if you just take the back road behind Chick Fil A you only have to go through one stoplight and can be to Animal Kingdom in 5 minutes. But, you are correct if you are traveling during rush hour or early in the morning when the parks are opening it will take longer. I know exactly the short cut you speak of. I've used it dozens of times when we stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
  18. It should be noted that the former actual Margaritaville Casino is still there (at a different site) It's been closed for a long time. It had a dispute with a land owner and could not build it's own hotel there plus it was kinda out of the way. That property might be revisited for a Margaritaville casino if it can add a hotel. Mississippi is the first state that is going to open up sports books since the Supreme Court ruling. It might bring some life back to Tunica as well. There are a couple of huge former MGM grand resorts just sitting there and one could easily be retrofitted for Margaritaville theming.
  19. I wish they'd add a couple of compact coasters, A SBF Visa Spinner and something like Iron Shark. Kemah/Pleasure Pier this place up.
  20. The Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi was set to expand with rides and a state official was gumming up the works as he claimed it was state land and wanted the expansion pad reserved for casinos. I need to research to see where it stands, was tied up in court last year. Here is something recent. http://m.wlox.com/wlox/db_330810/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=u6PM9gjX
  21. There is definately a timeshare element to this development, wyndham is pushing it. It's going to be fairly close to Animal Kingdom.
  22. Concept art for the connector section in between the theme park and water park. It was my goal to include NYC either before or after my planned big Euro trip. I was hoping for the waterpark to be a go. I hope it gets open before July 19.
  23. But..... Dogfish Head on the other side via ferry. We loved our time in Wildwood/Cape May/Lewes last summer.
  24. Learn the back roads inside and out on Google earth, get to SDC very early on busy days (Sat and Sun), possibly come in fom the west if not. The lights on 76 cause the back ups, why MDOT hadn't addressed these issues is mind boggling.
  25. This is set to open in a couple weeks and adds a couple of credits to the area with 3 coasters, one being a kiddie. Here's the web site https://www.americasfunpark.com Pics are found on their social media sites This could have been quickly set up at the old Celebration City site. Hershend are you paying attention and watching if this gets pulled off and is successful?
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