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  1. Interesting, Uni buying off a politico? Drunken Pirate Child ‏@SchuckJH @Jason_Garcia story all the more awkward when you remember Skyplex isn't even in Buddy's district. It's unincorporated O.C. Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia Le fin. Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia So...Universal got help from Dyer in its fight to stop Skyplex. And then Dyer got help from Universal in his fight to get re-elected. 7 Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia And the Florida Democratic Party paid for most -- probably all -- of Dyer's negative advertising against challenger Paul Paulson. 6 Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia That money went directly into Dyer's re-election campaign. Moving Orlando Forward gave all of its money to the Florida Democratic Party. 5 Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia Universal was the largest contributor to Dyer's PAC in October, which was the height of Dyer's re-election campaign 4 Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia Six days later, NBCUniversal wrote a $20,000 check to Buddy Dyer's "Moving Orlando Forward" PAC. 3 Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia The Dyer aide, like Universal lobbyists, urged county planning and zoning commissioners to vote against Skyplex's proposal, which they did 2 Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia On Oct. 15,Buddy Dyer's administration sent -- at Universal Orlando's request -- a top staffer to testify in a county hearing re: Skyplex 1 Jason Garcia 2h2 hours ago Jason Garcia ‏@Jason_Garcia Hang with me for a few Tweets, because this is interesting...
  2. 2016 SF Fiesta SW San Antonio ZDT SF Texas SF StL SF GA Adventureland SF Georgia 2017 Busch Gardens Williamsburg SF America SF Great Adventure Various Jersey Shore piers Coney Island American Dream if open 2018 Europa Park Plopsa de Panne Phantasialand Efteling Maybe a park or two in Italy 2019 Still thinking, maybe Spain and Port Adventura as part Met Cruise. 2020 Orlando and Tampa 2021 and beyond Tokyo Disney, Disney Sea China parks?
  3. It might be precisely why it gets done, a continued diversifiction of the economy where oil isn't the end all, be all. Correct me if I'm wrong but outside of the Universal and the Seaworld/Busch Gardens/Aquatica Island most everything that was a a stand still has started back up again on the theme park front. I would not be surprised if those two come back around. There's a clear strategy being played out, you see it via their airlines(Emirates and Eithad) and the massive hubs that continue to grow. Bring folks in as part of an extended layover or offer enough to have them stay a few days there as well. I think they are hot and heavy after biopharm and other start ups as well.
  4. I was hoping for a relocation of the ferris well inside the Times Square Toys R Us to a store here, maybe it will still pop up in the FAO Swartz store that's talked about. Add a small coaster launched coaster themed to Hot Wheels.
  5. Announced they are adding a coaster and the brief bit I read at Memphis Business Journal makes it sound like it's another SBF Visa compact Spinner like the Tulsa location. So, there's a credit returning to Memphis [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. AstroDan over on EuropaStreet posted a few bits of information the other day! https://towersstreet.com/talk/index.php?posts/148003 Looks like they're opening it in phases along with extra accommodation over the next few years 2018 is our target date for a month long European trip, hope that date is correct.
  7. Any news on the indoor/outdoor waterpark they were considering.
  8. I do that every night. You pickin up what I'm putting down? The double entendre? Eh? Eh? I'll see myself out...
  9. Another update : https://m.facebook.com/adventurepointepark#!/story.php?story_fbid=886337588108737&substory_index=0&id=501122356630264&refid=17&__tn__=%2As
  10. What are the Orlando folks feelings on the Eye? Is it a failure like some against this particular project is claiming?
  11. I go to a ton of zoos. A *ton*. I rarely see performing animal shows (maybe 15-20% of them?), and when I do, we're generally discussing a single species of animal like sea lions or dolphins. Most zoos are eschewing those sorts of things in favor of constructing larger and more "realistic" enclosure spaces for their animals. That's been a trend ongoing now for a couple decades. Animals are happier, more likely to breed (which is an income source for zoos, let's be realistic here), and it gives visitors a much more thematically interesting area. The African exhibits at Columbus and Binder Park Zoo, just to name a couple in the midwest, are outstanding and can be put against destination themers for content. Oil prices are now diving below $50 a barrel and I don't see them making the call to reverse that decision. No matter what the "actual cause", I think it's the right thing to do and makes them more of a contemporary product. There's something like this in Sentosa too. I'd love to see it. They have already planned for life without the elephants, life with cheaper fuel(at the moment) doesn't change the increased difficulties on the logistics end for just a few elephants in what was once asically a traveling zoo. Back to zoos, it's out of the operational cost for many zoos to not have any shows of any kind. It is a lot easier to bring out a python to let the kids touch than carry a staff of trainers.for a 15 minute sea lion show but your bigger zoos still do. Folks are still adding nice new areas for Sea Lion shows and so on. Zoos,particularly.are getting more inventive, I recently saw one where the Tigers could cross bridge over the pedestrian pathway that separate two different areas for them.
  12. There's a number of reasons why they were chosen, but the biggest difference between them and 99.999% of zoo animals in the United States is that orcas perform tricks and most zoos are long since out of the circus act business. Even circuses have had to change; Ringling Bros. is retiring the elephant tricks after years of complaints about their treatment of the animals. A fair amount of those complaints stem from entirely legitimate causes. Are there some people who would like to see all zoological parks closed down? I'm sure. There's a very long, steep slope from "End orca breeding program" to "close all the zoos and end pet ownership". They were slow to the punch and lack the finances to really gun for this due to being saddled with so much debt from the Blackstone acquisition and spinoff. Zoo's are out of the animal show business? Really? There's Sea Lion shows everywhere. Even the Aquarium in Atlanta has a dolphins show which is a bit ironic considering it's relationship with CNN Ringling has morphed into an arena show not much different fron a Disney on Ice production consisting of two to three different versions out on the road at the same time that occasionally come together for a combined show instead of a more traditional circus act. Elephants are large and burdensome not to mention expensive to care for, feed, train and transport. I'm sure its a logistical nightmare as the whole train transporting the animal concept went bye bye. It should come as no surprise to see them ditched as fuel prices surged thus increasing already high costs during a recessionary economic period where the ability to pass that along via tickets prices was impossible. I don't really give the animal rights folks as much credit as they claim on that, it was 90 percent economic but why not squeeze in some perceived good pub as a result. Too many folk buy the whole ban on bull ring nonsense so Ringling relented spin., it's always about the bottom line in a tough environment and then you spin for the most positive outcome that might sell a few more.tickets. SeaWorld will do the same. If they think it will help the parks more than hurt to keep the Orca shows they'll fight to keep them, which they seem to think is the case. The shows seem to still be a big draw for those that go there. SeaWorld need to come up with a hotel concept that includes aquarium views from the room, if a hotel in Germany can surround an elevator with an aquarium, SeaWorld needs Aquarium rooms as a premium lodging experience. assets3.thrillist.com/v1/image/1136316/size/tl-horizontal_main/the-world-s-most-incredible-underwater-hotel-rooms
  13. Sea World has had an increasingly harder time doing things in San Diego even before this. It's become much tougher to add rides due to restrictions. I world have done this project at the other two parks and used a more peer pressure approach to gain approval at San Diego. Plus that would have given them more time to regain their footing. Trying to appease the crazies in California was wrong, they are not appeasible. Anyhoo, this project is more about expectations the general public as a whole has concerning zoo and Aquarium exhibits. The aquariums and zoos get more and more elaborate with their displays and habitats. This drives competition and diminshes the need to "see" Sea World. SeaWorld has to differentiate itself from the Sealife's and Ripley's and so on by adding over the top exhibits only they can do. Blue World is this type of attraction. It's right up there with the Whale Shark tank over in China. This makes you stand out.l over the smaller places that all have a shark tube that was once exclusive to Seaworld, Same goes for Pengiuns, zoos copied that quickly. Look, what makes Orcas more special than any other animal in a zoo? Elks graze over hundreds of acres yet I some on a quarter acre at the Memphis zoo. To the folks really spearheading this, Orcas are the choosen vehicle that drives the larger cause of closing all zoos down. That's the ultimate goal, the bios of some of those involve in Blackfish prove that out. Google how many trainers have been killed at zoos by elephants. I'm still waiting on BlackDumbo to air. It's a risk one takes on when they sign up for that occupation . It's like a race car driver knowing a crash in the wall may end their life but yet they race. Back to Seaworld and it's increasing competition in sealife. Still don't understand why it didn't developed an aquarium/Sesame Street combo like Sealife/Lego for me to markets. I can think of several places like St. Louis or Nashville where this might work.
  14. In reading some of the recent store announcements like Hermes relocating here, they described a luxury wing with the storefronts being more traditional like a street and with a glass roof and I immediately thought of Milan.
  15. Work has been going on for some time, I think you'll see it hit overdrive as the bond issues clear up. It kinda reminds me of some of the Dubai attractions that just sat there and are now under full swing again. I wonder if this Toys R Us wI'll be like the Times Square location complete with the ferris wheel and the new play areas that are springing up as part of stores in other places.
  16. Didn't someone mention the possibility of two coasters in this area like the old Grand Canyon had.
  17. This a must do park for me along with Efteling. I don't get to pond hop much so I'm looking for quality and uniqueness not really size.
  18. How much room does this park have to grow or is it a case of reinventing what's already there? I understand there's some restrictions on it by the local government.
  19. Can't blame it on the exchange rate between the Dollar and the Euro as we creep closer and closer to parity. That makes European goods cheaper for America by the way, also cheapens cost of travel to and in Europe along with lower fuel costs reducing airfare makes next year a good time to visit Europe, refugee issues aside.
  20. New owner has cleaned it up. Only thing that I know of that survives is the Toboggan coaster at Little Amerika up north. There's no Lil' Abner theme, just cleaned up remains of a ghost park. They have had a couple of open houses and a craft like event and now they are going to offer a two night spook. Since Herschend at SDC doesn't do spook and if you are in the area, a little drive down Arkansas might tickle your fancy. Wonder if this is how the rebirth starts? It's still fairly remote and certainly in the heart of the Ozarks but there's some good zip lines in the areas as well. Dogpatch Heckuva Halloween! We are extremely excited to announce that on October 23 and 24, 2015 from 7pm to 11pm, we will present to you "Heckuva Halloween"...a unique two-night themed event that will showcase a splattering of spooky sights, ghoulish games, frightening food, and fun activities for the entire family, as well as a very special haunted walk-through attraction! From Sytnathotep Studios and Eureka Springs Zombie Invasion. TIME: 7 PM-11 PM Fri and Sat ADMISSION: $10.00 per person/$5.00 Children ages 4-13. Children 3 and under are free! Contact page for group pricing of 10 or more and for vendor information. So mark your calendars, tell your friends, and come out and have a Heckuva Halloween at Dogpatch!
  21. Wooden shuttle coasters that can run two trains, and have a switch track on them at that... This is a stupid comment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. . . No need to call them stupid because you don't agree with them. At least ZDT's is building something unique, and first of its kind. Not just a bigger version of something every other park already has. No seriously, it was a stupid comment. I apologize none. This ride is neat looking but not all that innovative. I think its a perfect small park addition and I can't wait to hear rider reviews. But Cedar Point? Come on!!! Build This next to Valravn and see which ride gets all the attention! His stupid comment was nothing more than a trolling attempt to take a shot at Cedar Point! If Cedar Point were to install this exact same coaster in one of the kid/family areas, you would spend months talking about how innovative it is, how amazing it is, how it is the perfect fit for a park like Cedar Point, but just because it is going to a smaller less known park you are over looking how innovative this coaster really is. How many parks have a Dive Machine?? 9?... Soon to be 10 once Valravn is complete. . . How many parks have a wooden shuttle coaster??? Oh, that's right... ONE. You saying that this coaster is not innovative would be just like saying that Top Thrill Dragster was not innovative when it was built. Both were/are first of their kind. Because obviously that is a fair statement to make. Let's take a 63ft tall FAMILY coaster, and put it next to a 223ft tall Dive Coaster, and see which ride gets all the attention. I mean, per your logic, no park in the world should EVER build another coaster unless it is taller and faster than everything else out there. What is being over looked the most on this coaster is that it was not designed to be a high thrill/extreme ride. It was built to be a family coaster, and it is a damn good one at that, and as much as you don't want to admit it... It IS innovative. . . Much more than just another dive machine, with a vertical drop, followed my an Immelmann, and a turn into the MCBR... The first thing that pops to mind is Silver Dollar City for another bridge coaster between childhood and adulthood. It would replace the complaints of not having backward cars on Thunderation and give them a boomerang of some sort. I don't understand the hang up on capacity. This was designed for a small park with tight space. The smaller cars enabled that. I imagine a larger park I terms of size and patrons would see a traditionally sized train and layout. With two car operation , this is likely plenty for this park. I'm sure they'll get it figured out. If a larger park wanted a dueling coaster, here you go. In slower times the smaller cars allow enough to run two small trains at once that would basically give them normal capacity and during busy times, a four train operation. I see so much possibility into this. How about a larger one with a barrel roll. Going through existing structures gives to oportunities like running coasters under buildings, maybe even a restuarant with a glass floor so you can see the train go under. It reminds me of Kemah using the space under the elevated restuarants for a dark section on their train ride. Made use of space needed for storm surge otherwise going unused.
  22. As a Memphian, I am embarrassed. This was the reason the Mid South Fair thus Libertyland went down the tubes. A dozen folks cast a negative light on the whole city.
  23. I was interested in Rainbow Magic land as a stop to Naples/Pompeii and comtemplating Cinecitta on the return. Hope they are still around in 2017.
  24. New waterpark additions and a skycoaster results in stagnation? I think you're very confused on the subject. I'm no expert on Magic Springs because I've never been but it seems like it's the kind of park that doesn't really pull in a whole lot of excess money. Call me crazy. They're doing the best they can with the money they've got. Small regional parks don't have nearly the bankroll that large chains have. A) I'm not a believer in Dan Koch: General Manager and probably won't be until I see actual results. B) Looking at the history of Magic Springs, the place has barely ever made money and is currently owned by CNL, for whom the title "shitshow" could be a conservative description of their present state. I don't know what specifically they need to do to make big money, or even if there is that kind of demand for a major park there. My sense is that no such demand exists and they should be concentrating on being a really solid mid size park operating really solid rides, of which, I don't know if they have any outside the Skyloop. They seem like competitors/complementary at best to SDC, which leads me to think that festivals and live performing acts would probably be wiser investments than a hyper coaster or another 10 million sunk into the water park. Magic Springs, really Hot Springs as a whole is not located adjacent to an interstate or connected to be an interstate quality road to an interstate even though the town has an interstate quality loop around it. That's drawback #1. Hot Springs has several quality lakes around it with loads of vacation rentals but you get a situation much like the Lake of the Ozarks region, where the lakes and boating are the major draw. Competeing with Ma Nature is Drawback #2. It'a a good hour away from Little Rock, meaning it's not right there. It's the main market for the draw to draw from but it isn't even in a suburban area. That's good and bad. Good in that it's not a babysitter during the week. Bad in that Sat is really the only day the place will get really busy and that effects operations from a staffing standpoint. It's hard to justify additional hires/staffing for just one day. So, that's Drawback 3. I already mentioned that it and Oaklawn miss each other for the most part. All that mean is that it will never be a major park, I don't think anyone is under the illusion that it could be anytime soon. It can be a solid regional park though in my opinion. It does have a solid for what it is summer concert series that targets all kinds of demographics. It's waterpark isn't bad and only a major addition away from being quite solid. The dryside needs love. It needs a better woody and mine train style coaster. This isn't the park for large scale B&Ms but some of of the smaller scale lsms and eurofighters. I think of all the great highly themed additions of smaller European parks and I think "what if" for this park. Take the the new kiddie area of Djurs, or the how Toverland has grown. It's got a great setting, quite a bit of room as well. It's in an area that really doesn't ever gets snowed in and should think about adding a lodge with a sizable indoor waterpark and market it as a winter weekend blues buster to the Dallas as well as Memphis markets plus that would tie into the Oaklawn season.
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