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  1. I had found an article that was for a proposal that was shot down in OKC. Someone wanted to put one up in their Bricktown area. He said it was 2.5 million for the tower and installation for a 220 footer, that's the 70 meter version. The ride itself was a bit under 2 million. So I'm figuring the big boys are between 3 and 4 million in dollars . The base requirements seem to be the same. I'm sure the theming on top adds much more to them. The Tivoli one is blinged out. I'd love to know what that one cost.
  2. Good call on Cowabunga Bay, it's a great waterpark with some unique slides. You may want to check the local Costco (there's one right by Cowabunga) as they had discount tickets for the park last year. Thanks for the heads up. We a doing a one day raft down the Grand Canyon, doing the hike to Angels Landing at Zion and checking out Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings along with the smaller stuff like the Petified Forest, Meteor Crater and Sunset Crater. I'd love to sneak Tucson in for the USAF boneyard. We may do one of the parks in Amarillo or ABQ.
  3. Will get to hit this place up while out doing the Grand Canyon in early June.. Got 4 nights at a condo at lake Las Vegas. Figure this and Cowabunga Bay will help mix up the National Park overload.
  4. Just wondering how the the rides themselves cost to construct. Thanks for any answers.
  5. OKC buys an old Ferris Wheel and slaps converted shipping containers around it yet nixes a Star Flyer in Bricktown only to allow a mini golf place at the same location. That's some confused Hipster thinking right there.
  6. You don't need a wave pool, install a wave river. Don't compete with Aquarica or Typhoon/Blizzard. These are huge hits at Shlitterbahn and I think other manufacturers are copying them now. I would outline the entire water park area with one. Go for a huge all in one structure like Montezuma put in at Cowabunga in Draper.
  7. They will get my money in 2018 along with a couple of nights lodging. This should be a great thing to check out.
  8. What's the status of the proposed law that would open up other parts of Jersey to Casinos. I remember reading that if it passed, Hard Rock was going in next to the racetrack in the Meadowlands adjacent to the Xanadu/American Dream project.
  9. A lot of this traffic is from nearby by places like booming Northwest Arkansas. They wait for good weather days and bombard the park and the park will need adjust to feast or famine like crowds as it's local park base continues to grow. This park may need more major infrastructure improvements than new attractions. I agree. One thing I noticed is how many bottle necks there are around the park. Some paths need widened, but they might destroy the feel of the park. I don't know about messing with what's already there but think more in terms of a new outer loop so you reduce the criss crossing.
  10. A lot of this traffic is from nearby by places like booming Northwest Arkansas. They wait for good weather days and bombard the park and the park will need adjust to feast or famine like crowds as it's local park base continues to grow. This park may need more major infrastructure improvements than new attractions.
  11. Here are photos of the Universal backed flyer put out last week by Univesal Rather pathetic at the distortion they are pulling.
  12. Another facebook update, they recently held a groundbreaking and said that they were finalizing things at the recent IAPPA event.
  13. You want solitude, you do what Disney did, buy it. Universal saw fit to build in town. Now, they need to deal with being in town. Height issues went out the door with the Eye. That genie is out of the bottle . SeaWorld can't complain as they did not ask for a higher height for Mako. Bet they wish they did. Unless Universal shows it's hand as to it's plans for Wet and Wild, others should not be prohibited in going BIG. I don't see this as a threat to Universal. I can see it hurting a Fun Spot, but I like Fun Spot so I will spend a couple hrs there everytime I visit. I love coasters like Lightning Run that's fun and you can marathon.
  14. Oh, Wallace seems to be involved with this as well. http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2015/11/20/acnj-poler-coaster-wallack-boardwalk-shore-vision.html
  15. Geez, Universal is being a real $!#/& http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-universal-skyplex-mailers-20151119-story.html This is really turning me off to them. Sounds like they are out pounding on doors and saying whatever to get what amounts to just a handful of folks to be concerned citizens. It's truly pathetic. Makes you wonder how much money they may be passing under the table to secure the "right" opposition to this, kinda like the obvious pay off already reported on.
  16. With that whole picture, I just don't see the County turning it down.
  17. That would depend on parking. As an example I'll use Peabody Place in Memphis. It was a mixed use development between the original Peabody and Beale St. It had a killer MoviCo complete with Imax, a Jillians(like a D&B), other restaurants, retail and so on. It flopped. The main reason I've been told was parking bY folds that worked there.. It was basically across the street from the FedEx Forum and Autozone Park. With the Grizzlies, Tigers and Redbirds playing along with all the other events, parking was a nightmare. The surrounding lots charged special event prices seemingly all the time and the on premise lot was often packed out by folks just going to the games. The other was lack of full time residents in the downtown area. That's changing now but the main reason was the parking issue. I'm watching thenew Red Wings Arena as it has a huge about of mixed development being built along side it. Which brings me to this, Comerica Park has a baseball themed ferris wheel and a tiger themed carousel, they should have put a small coaster in and called it Roundtripper.
  18. Pretty interesting codevelopment next to Skyplex, on the massive side http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/blog/2015/11/unicorp-skyplex-developers-share-details-on.html?ana=twt
  19. Can't help but think about the hotels at Phantasialand and how they tie into the park,
  20. Yeah, that map doesn't really point out the fact so much of the land within the existing parks can be reworked I hope thy take cues from the parks like Phantasialand and the resorts have direct access to the parks
  21. A Western location but not California or anywhere else on the coast for the matter when it comes to politics? Hmmmmm. Two Locations stick out, Vegas and Phoenix areas for airport access. What about Lake Tahoe? Still think aquarium/sesame place combos like sealife/Lego in metro markets need thought about in places like Nashville and St. Louis.
  22. One of the most outrageous posts I've seen in a while. I think it was satire
  23. In case folks missed it, the addition of Rudolph is interesting considering who actually owns the rights to that. Why, it's Herchend. Hmmmmm...............................
  24. I believe tomorrow is the day Manby gives out a detailed plan going forward.for all of SEAS
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