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  1. I think this park has the most growth potential of all the parks under the SEAS umbrella. There's tremendous growth in Texas and outside of Six Flags and smaller attractions There's nothing major. Heck, they should look at a new Busch Gardens in the area.
  2. I follow aviation pretty closely, The Branson Airport is offering nonstop flights this year from Austin, TX, Cincinnati OH, New Orleans, LA. along with the Denver, Houston and Chicago flights they have in some way or another in the past. The fares are pretty low when booked in advance(under 200 roundtrip) and you don't mind smaller regional jets that seat 30 to 50 people.
  3. Responding to market trends and customers, I'm sure. In other news, Viking has announced it's entering the Mississippi River cruising business: The company says it is beginning the process of building six boats each capable of handling up to 300 passengers. The cruises won't begin until 2017. This is after that American Cruise Lines announced a second vessel to be based out of New Orleans and there's American Steamboat that's based in Memphis. Memphis is sure happy that 4 ships will be calling on it's new Beale St. Landing. Of course, us ride fanatics think it's missing something
  4. I suppose the best question would be if the promotion led to folks spending additional money on rides and activities at Fun Spot or did they come for White Castle, get it and go?
  5. Two of the most whacked out insane fast food openings you can witness is a Chick Fil A and a Popeye's Chicken. Even if there was one relatively close by, folks freak over those in the Mid South. I hear the CFA is a nationwide phenomenon.
  6. Winter seems to have arrived late and seems to be making up for it's Dec and Jan absence. This will affect the crowd level at SDC. Mid March can be cold and snowy in the Ozarks. Outlaw Run's first year had some snow days.
  7. The thing is they are far from awesome, just unique to many people in the area. I would actually rather have White Castle than just about most other burgers, to be honest. I actually really *like* them and we have been known to go out of our way for them when we are in areas that have them. I personally would MUCH rather have a White Castle burger than In N Out, Burger King, Wendy's, Steak N Shake, and many other fast food burger places. While some might say it's an "acquired taste" this most certainly proves there are a lot of people how there who have acquired that taste. Other parts of the country have Krystal's. Little burgers much like White Castle and often considered "closing time" food. I can do without the onions at either place and order accordingly.
  8. We just stayed at Wilderness and Animal Kingdom just a few days ago. We went to Typhoon Lagoon once when we deemed it warm enough(low 70s). You can't compare a well executed water park to even the swankiest resort pool if you love water and water rides. We enjoyed both resorts' pools but they are not Typhoon Lagoon, not by a country mile.
  9. I was at Fun Spot late last Thursday the 12th to get my credits. Caught the Universal fireworks while riding the coasters. Loved White Lighting. A solid classic ride. Every town should have one like this. Freedom is good for what it is. The Gator Spot (love the meshing of names there) seems to be death rolling along. One question, was that area to be the once projected waterpark portion of the park? This park screams for a S&S El Loco or Eurofighter like Iron Shark. Will love to visit again in 2017 But with more time. A White Castle stand make perfect sense there. Maybe a Nathan's Famous stand as well.
  10. There's this: The theme park's winter landscape, which was inspired by artwork from Thomas Kinkade, will be created using indoor snowmaking technology, which is being overseen by Malcolm Clulow. The Thomas Kinkade Co. shares a partnership with the group behind the vision for the park, said John Hasting, CEO of the Thomas Kinkade Co. http://m.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2015/02/09/dreamvision-makes-big-production-of-3-5b.html?page=all&r=full
  11. I was reading a piece in the Dallas Business Journal about the Ft. Worth part of this. Apparently, the Thomas Kinkade Cos. are part of this and his paintings will serve as inspiration in design aspects. Just what I read. This is about the most pie in the sky thing out there in a sea of pie.
  12. There is no humidity "season" in FL. It's always humid, just bearable at times (like this week when it gets "cold"). I don't see this happening outside, as there are way too many safety concerns for the GP. Locals aren't going to use this, as I assume that as the surface isn't snow, it can ruin people's skis. I'll chalk it up as another dream project. But as for the pipe dream that this turns into an indoor ski resort like in Dubai, I'm in! Interestingly enough, there's a recent proposal for an indoor ski slope in the Dallas area in Grand Prairie. The hotel attached to it, wait for it.........................................................................Hard Rock.
  13. I've seen the Virginia facility open in July before with my own eyes. It's year around. Seeing it in person got my attention and why I figured this was the same. Like I said, there were several of these about to be built before the crash like that one I posted from the Dallas area. Plenty of heat there. It's not new, it's decade old tech. I suppose the Turkey installation will be watched closely as it gets a bit warm there in the Summer.
  14. I tend to side with you on this but absolutely see it successfully implemented in places like Pigeon Forge or the Branson area as part of a larger resort. Could absolutely see Ober Gatlinburg converting to this.
  15. It does look like a building with slope on the roof. Sorry for thinking it may use fill to build up a hill. In any case, if it's outside in Florida, it's a safe bet it's a synthetic surface like the one i've referenced. Good luck to them on getting it built. Right now, it's nothing more than an idea with a picture.
  16. The artwork clearly shows jumps on a slope outside. Snowflex uses a water mist to lubricate the surface, it's immune to hot, now the user may not be but simple waterproof ,thin clothing makes it feasible. I'm not advocating for or against, I just know that this product is out there and it was coming before the money spigot got cut off in 08. Now that the dollars are starting to drip again, here come the proposals and likely revivals of pie in the sky proposals. I see this more suited for Pigeon Forge and Branson where man made snow is still a struggle but the climate less intense than Orlando, but it's not my money. Amazingly, this webpage is still active for the Dallas area snowflex project that was proposed in 07 http://www.bearfireresort.com/
  17. What is your basis for assuming using someone like Snowflex? They could make there own snow like they do in Dubai. Isn't Dubai indoors? This is outdoors according to the artwork. I assume they are using the soil from the excavation of the lakes/ponds shown to build up the hill much like they do to build the land for overpasses and so on. There were lots of talk of complexes like this right beforethe 2008 collapse. The Dallas area was touted for one. As for performance, seems like it's very close to the real stuff. I figure this is about as close to cost effective that something like this can get. It seems to host several competitions geared toward snowboarding and extreme games. With the economy better, I think we'll see these pop up more. Search Snowflex on Youtube, plenty out there.
  18. I am going to assume this will use a technology like Snowflex. Google it. Liberty University has a ski complex made of this.
  19. CITY OF MEMPHIS TO LOAN GRAND CAROUSEL TO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM Museum Plans $1Million Refurbishment, $3Million Glass Building to House Carousel Memphis, TN – Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr. signed an agreement with the Children’s Museum of Memphis for the use and care of the Grand Carousel formerly located at the now closed Libertyland amusement park. The Children’s Museum has raised the money needed to refurbish the more than 100-year-old- carousel. The restoration work is to be done over the next two years by Carousels and Carvings of Marion, Ohio. The museum has a capital campaign underway to raise funds to build a glass building on the museum’s front lawn to house the Carousel once the restoration is complete. School groups will be able to ride the carousel free. Also, low income families have access to the museum free of charge through the “Yes to Every Child” program. “I am excited that the City of Memphis is able to partner with the Children’s Museum to make this treasured piece of our city’s history available to all of the children of Memphis,” said Councilwoman Wanda Halbert, who represents District 4 where the museum is located at 2525 Central Ave. Libertyland closed in 2005 and the carousel was carefully dismantled in October 2009 and is currently housed at the now closed Mid-south Coliseum inside secured and sealed semi-trailers ready for transport to Ohio where the restoration is to take place. If all goes according to plan the Children’s Museums expects the Grand Carousel to be up and running again in 2017
  20. Watch Take Me to the River documentary about Memphis Music. Bruno Marr's Uptown Funk, recorded at the Royal in Memphis.
  21. Possible home may be the Children's Museum: Libertyland Carousel to be Uncrated When the Memphis City Council on Tuesday, Feb. 3, gets its second briefing in as many weeks on the proposed overhaul of the Mid-South Fairgrounds, they will hear from Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr.’s administration that the mothballed Grand Carousel from the old Libertyland amusement park is about to be uncrated and reassembled as part of the Children’s Museum of Memphis. No one involved was talking on the record Monday, Feb. 2, about the announcement, but the carousel has long been a part of the administration’s tentative plans for the Children’s Museum, which is on the southwest corner of the fairgrounds property – at Central Avenue and Hollywood Street. The Grand Carousel was dismantled in 2009, approximately 100 years after it was created. Its first stop in Memphis in the 1920s was the old East End Amusement Park in Midtown. After its move from the East End, it became part of a set of rides at the fairgrounds long before Libertyland opened in 1976. The carousel’s hand-carved and painted wooden creatures and bright and elaborate foundation were crated as Libertyland, which had closed four years earlier, was demolished in the development of Tiger Lane from the East Parkway entrance of the fairgrounds to the western side of Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. https://www.memphisdailynews.com/news/2015/feb/3/southwest-airlines-adds-memphis-dallas-flights/#94031
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